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What kind of a name does your tulpa have?

What name does your tulpa have?  

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  1. 1. What name does your tulpa have?

    • A regular human name (Alice, Sandra, Heather...)
    • A common word (Glass, Shy, Soar...)
    • Something else entirely

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He hired a Doctor of linguistics for his language as far as I can remember, just sayin', that shit's dank.


Indeed it is about conlangs. If you have a problem with apostrophes please don't read Shakespeare; that crazy bastard used them left, right and center just for pentatonic what-ever-you-call-thems.


I wasn't aware of that. However, I'm going to kind of only cover the basics at first. The grammar isn't completely established as a set of definite rules as of yet, but as I start making sentences it makes sense. Right now it's on the stage of vocabulary making (So far only 150-ish words, aside from possible future combinations). I have a few rules on making past and future tense verbs, making requests, the basic questions (what, where, when, who, which, how), a number system which is relatively similar to Japanese, a few pronouns (still working on that) and a few prepositions (Just started with them). There aren't defined rules yet but my native language is Spanish, my most natural second language is English and other languages I know a bit are German and Japanese; this means some of the rules will be a mixture of those. The etymology is between arbitrary with what I think first when saying a new sentence out loud and a combination of above languages, a bit of Greek/Latin and other (Italian, Portuguese)


I don't really know why I wrote this post at all.

Tulpa name:Ka'myriz (pronounced: KAH mee-REEZ)


Pure shapeless violet energy, can take any form. Almost always she's like the painting.

Creative, intelligent, witty.

Progress: Mindvoice vocal. Trying to impose, possess/other.

Painting: Ka'miriz tulpa sketch

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Guest Anonymous

In the Future am gonna see if i can legally make that my middle name.


Dude, your power level is showing. As for my tulpas, their names sound like hippy kid names, but then, again, a lot of them do.

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Guest Anonymous

It's elf speak for cheery/hilarious.

The name was a mostly good foundation for the personality.

Plus every time I laugh I think of my tulpa, and every time I think of my tulpa I laugh. Wins all the time.

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Guest kingfisher

I nicknamed my tulpa Mia, from a Latin word that basically means "mine". It could also be Slavic for "dear", "endearing", or "darling". We'll come up with a real name in the near future when we can communicate well enough.

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Guest kingfisher

I'm aware that it's a real name

Also, by 'real', I meant 'official', and I used the term 'nickname' to say 'temporary/potential name'

My bad for wrong word choice

And no, I haven't played Fire Emblem.

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Guest Anonymous

It's really fun, I'm bad with strategy and tact of any sort, but it's story and music is quite enjoyable, the first time I played it as a punk snot I watched all the battle animations, rather cool, but it made the game so slow. I'd suggest skipping them after you watch a few, if you ever play the game that is.


Mia is a cool fighter, Mia can learn much from Mia.

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Khoja actually considered changing her name to Natalie while she was thinking of turning herself human, but in the end decided that she would be "too normal" (Inspired by Natalie V. Adams of Scott Pilgrim, which I happened to be reading at the time)

Ban me if I ever mention Telecasters again.

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