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What kind of a name does your tulpa have?

What name does your tulpa have?  

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  1. 1. What name does your tulpa have?

    • A regular human name (Alice, Sandra, Heather...)
    • A common word (Glass, Shy, Soar...)
    • Something else entirely

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"Faharan" kind of came out of nowhere. Upon Googling it, it looks like there are a few people with the name, but it seems fairly uncommon.

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Serenity. Because Sailor Moon's proper name in the 30th centure is Neo Queen Serenity, and also, because unicorns have a serene, peaceful nature to them.

Will list tulpas when I get things sorted out in my head.

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. . . I just like the name Dante. And he didn't seem to care when I gave it to him. Oh, and it's also the name of the bro from A Divine Comedy. Fun Facts! It means "Enduring." (which is probably why the guy from that story was named it, if you've ever read it or played the game based off it you understand)

[align=center]“From my rotting body,

flowers shall grow

and I am in them

and that is eternity.”[/align]

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Chess Ryder.


I chose Chess because of the game, and ironically he doesn't seem as if he'd be a Chess player. I have no idea what I was thinking for his last name, but I think it has a nice ring to it.

"There are no coincidences in this world, only the inevitable." -Yuuko Ichihara

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Guest Anonymous

My name means snow and happiness. My host thought it sounded nice, and I guess I like it too.

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