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What kind of a name does your tulpa have?

What name does your tulpa have?  

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  1. 1. What name does your tulpa have?

    • A regular human name (Alice, Sandra, Heather...)
    • A common word (Glass, Shy, Soar...)
    • Something else entirely

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Something else: Thunderfall's name (although we just call him Thunder most of the time) comes from a special move in Final Fantasy of the same name. Before I knew of tulpas Thunderfall was a pony OC before he became human, and it seemed like a good name for he character as he was.


A regular word: Melody was a pony servitor with a musical note mark who developed into a full tulpa. She went by a different name and guise for a while but now she too is human and has kept her old name. (Though I suppose technically Melody CAN be a name that humans use, so maybe it's a normal name after all...)

Thunderfall (goes by Thunder)

Male human



Female lamia

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Aliska's name is surprisingly rare, considering how "regular human"-ey it sounds (at least to me).

I originally went with Aleksa, but then I accidentally ended up saying "Aliska" one time and she decided that was going to be her name instead. Or maybe it was less of an accident and more Aliska putting that name in my head - who knows? :P

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December is a regular word, and that's her name. Not much story to it besides me liking it as a name. I used it to address her during forcing in the beginning stages of development knowing she was capable of changing it later on.


She decided to keep it. She tells me it's like a gift from me. Funnily enough some aspects of her personality can be correlated to the word.

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Every one of my tulpas got to choose their own names. To narrow the names down (among many other things) I have them choose a culture (it's not mandatory). 'Alexis Ailurus Fulgens' (youngest) had chosen the English culture. 'Sakae Hayashi' the middle one had chosen Japanese culture. My last, Asena had rejected this notion and instead took the name of the she-wolf from Turkic mythology.

You'll regret it. I'm telling you. Unless you just want to role-play, then go ahead.

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My Tulpa told me that she loves her name (Artha Sundara)

Don't believe the things I say just because I tell you.. Test these things and prove them to yourselves so that you know them to be true. ~The Buddha

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I picked most of the names for my tulpae myself. Troy and Stethen are relatively normal names in a sense, and common enough. Euryale, Medea, and Demetrius aren't common, but they are real names.

Najere decided his own name. Apparently, it's a real but rarely ever used name? I didn't think it was an actual name at first.

[align=center]We are a soulbonding system with tulpamantic influences. Our "host" is Fade, and the general leader figure is Troy.


~ Fade, Medea, Stethen, Euryale, Jamie, Olive, Drewbie, Demetrius, Najere, Troy ~


Najere is being an (extremely charming) narcissist.


Olive is most adorable![/align]

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My tulpa actually got 17 month, but she is still in development (voice etc). When I create her, I call her "Ambre" (I'm french so it's "Ember" I guess).


(Excuse my bad English if I made a few mistakes ^^)

Host : Polus

Now hosting : Ambre


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I'm making first tulpa, his nick name is Ander, short for Alexander.

name: Ander (short for Alexander)

currently working on imposition

been working on since 8/7/2015



“We cling to our fairy tales until the price for believing in them becomes too high.”

― Ransom Riggs, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children



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