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What kind of a name does your tulpa have?

What name does your tulpa have?  

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  1. 1. What name does your tulpa have?

    • A regular human name (Alice, Sandra, Heather...)
    • A common word (Glass, Shy, Soar...)
    • Something else entirely

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Varia just named herself.

Guess it counts as "something else".


§Yep, just popped into my head some day. Dunno, why, but I like it.§

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Yorumi. She named herself. After a while, I asked where did she come up with it. She said, "The green eyed girl that wore a black dress." I couldn't remember who she was referring to at the time but I eventually realized that she was talking about Yomi from Black Rock Shooter.

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that counts as else entirely.

I just thought of that name when I saw a book with that name. Later I realized that Atlas was some sort of god that carries the world on his shoulder. And my tulpa is a crow which could rest on my shoulder when he doesn't want to fly anymore.

~Amicitiae nostrae memoriam spero sempiternam fore~

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Verana Junine. The name Verana stems from a typo of the word name Verena, which I accidentally adopted and has used it since then.

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She named herself Meris early on. Before that the placeholder name I used was Jaden. (Which is actually unisex, even though it's used more often for men.)

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I dreamt up most of my tupper's names.


One of them was created with a random-word-generator, though. I think she still likes her name.


Fun to see I'm by far not the only one with a "Luna"...



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It's a pretty normal name. It has been a name that's kinda been there for me my whole life in the way that my special stuffed bear i made by hand when i was little was named Seymour.

The funny thing was was that the bear kind of named himself.

But that bear was with me through thick and thin and was always there with an open ear.


It just felt right to have my life-long companion be named that too.

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I was sure I'd posted to this thread. The poll says I voted. Anyways, the names and origins:


kerin Zero McCaw is Kevin's first tulpa. Her name is just how Kevin's is written in Japanese. The 'Zero' is because she's taken to heart Azimov's "Zeroth Law of Robotics", and also because she's the first (in computing, you start counting at 0).


Watchdog 1, 2 and 3 are named after the Unix (Linux) Watchdog (8) daemon which checks system function. Since that is what they do for Kevin (amongst other tasks) that is how they were named. They are also hackers of the 'old school', having been created in the 1980's. Note that Watchdogs always have numbers in their name - it's a long-standing tradition from Unix.


Me, I'm Donna Nobillis McCaw. I was named after the ancient Scottish phrase "Donna Nobillis" which [roughly] means 'the noble one' (so my name is entirely Scottish). McCaw is just the usual family name for our clan. Kevin wanted me to be noble in spirit and actions, and so named me that way. Yes, he's a Dr Who fan (ever since the 1st Doctor). Technically; I'd also be Watchdog 4, as I am kerin's "Mark IV" experimental tulpa design.


I suppose ten years from now I'll be designing "Mark V" experimental tulpa. Kevin only averages one new tulpa a decade. Hmm, Mark sounds a good name. And '5' reminds me both of Speed Racer and Short Circuit.

Please consider supporting Tulpa.info.


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Red is just a name that i gave as well.... as a name, i know red is a blue meowstic but she/he seems to like the name red. Beyond that Snow is what i named snow because her underbelly like most foxes are white as ...snow. and she loves winter like me.









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