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So, after a friend of mine introduced me to the idea of Tulpa and linked me to these forums and a few guides, I made my way to the IRC, asked a couple questions (Where the people there were quite nice. :) ) and decided to do my first forcing session today. This one being kind of quick, I am already going to make the next session a bit longer. I recorded everything that happened today in a journal format, shown below:


Tulpa Log: Re -- Day 1


July 18th, 2012 -- 8:04 PM to 8:55 PM


Today, Re and I had our first conversation together. I introduced myself, told her how I would imagine her to be like...her personality...her traits. I didn't want to be all like, "____Is what you are." but rather (like I stated above) talked about how I would imagine and see her as, but also told her she was free to be whatever she wanted to be.


I spent time talking about likes and dislikes, and even branching into other conversation topics from there. I then visualized her appearance. It was here I was a bit indecisive as to how she would really look like, and visualized different styles. Eventually, I settled on a more casual approach, but constantly reminded Re throughout our entire conversation that she was free to choose what she wanted. That if she wanted to change a personality trait or her appearance, I would be totally fine with it.


When I had started, I did run into some trouble finding things just to talk about, so during the visualization for appearance, I visualized a very basic, simple background. To help conversation, I imagined her and I sitting at chairs over a glass coffee table, with blank, white mugs filled with hot tea or something. few moments, it did help make some conversation.


Although I only kept up this for a few moments, I do believe it helped kickstart the conversation when I ran out of things to talk about. Another thing to note is during the visualization, she seemed emotionless, but I swore I saw a slight smile after this could just be me parroting, but I shouldn't rule out the possiblity that it could be her.


From there, I asked her how her day was, how things were, etc. and made some conversation about random subjects, before eventually having to part ways for the time being. I told her I would talk to her again tommorow, or maybe even again tonight, I wasn't sure. But I assured her I would talk with her again, and told her goodbye and take care.




Appearance: Dark blue jeans, flat checkered-slip on shoes and checkered belt, green short-sleeve shirt, neck-length blonde hair, green eyes, gray "Newsboy"-esque hat


Current Traits: Kind, understanding, brave, fun-loving, curious, inquisitive, laid-back




A user in the IRC basically told me I was off to a good start so far, but I ask, what should I do in the future to help the growth of the tulpa, and make things all go smoothly? Am I doing anything in particular wrong? If so, please let me know.


Thanks a million, forums. Stay gold. :>

Listen to my story. This may be my last chance.

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Sounds like you are off to a great start. Best way to keep up growth? Just keep moving forward. Try not to worry too much, early on you will notice some intrusive thoughts, maybe some random things happening as your visualization skills increase. Keep it up.


Treat your tulpa as if she is sentient and she will be! Narrate and chat with her while you go about your day, and always remember to tulpaforce! All the tulpas always talk about how they wished their creators could spend more time with them early on. They understand life can get in the way, but just know--even if you are struggling, being there at all is good!



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Guest applesauce99

wow, hospitable.





anyway, welcome to the world of tulpaforcing...and enjoy your stay.

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You're missing a "tard" in the title. You should fix that.


Well, aren't you just clever? I'm sure so many people are just proud of you.



Anyways, thanks, FF! I've seen many different kinds of dbaggery on the internet, so this doesn't surprise me.


Besides, of course, reading the guides, what else can you suggest to a beginner?

Listen to my story. This may be my last chance.

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Not a whole lot of progress today, but I've been narrating a TON today...pretty much everywhere I go. It's kind of fun, to be honest. :P


Here's a copy-paste of my log for today. I need to start doing longer sessions, but I run out of ideas on ways to fill in time...


Tulpa Log - Ré - Day 2


July 19th, 2012


12:35 PM to 1:15 PM


In this short 40 or so minute session with Ré, I began conversation with her over her personality and whatnot, like last time, covering the major traits, and some of the things she may like and dislike. Unlike last time, I tried to visualize the "Coffee table with chairs" for the entirety of the session. I think this allowed for better practice of my visualization, but I did start to feel my head hurt a little bit near the end. I probably just need more practice. After talking with her about personality, I briefly talked with her about how her appearance is.


Last time, I did not visualize her with a hat, so I visualized a trunk next to me, and, in first person view, knelt down, opened the trunk, and pulled the gray hat out. I then put it on her head and asked if she liked the hat. She still seems pretty emotionless, although I think I may have seen some emotion or something. As I walked around briefly while talking to her in the little area I visualized (I tend to do pace around a bit when talking to people regardless sometimes) It seems she would follow me, as in, keeping eye contact, just like people you meet in your waking life do.


Near the end, I told her I would gladly spend more time and talk with her, but my body was starting to hurt (I was in a recliner chair with the footrest up, and I think I may have been slouching a bit. I didn't think it'd start to be THAT uncomfrotable after a while) and told her I would defintely talk to her tommorow or even later on today. I got up from the chair, said my goodbyes and farewells, and visualized myself walking out of the area through a door before opening my eyes.



What do you think I can do to make my sessions longer? Granted,the environment I was in today wasn't exactly comfortable, and I'm going to make some changes there,but still...


Thanks for everything. :)

Listen to my story. This may be my last chance.

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Ré - Day 3



Today, I laid down for about 30-40 minutes or so... Estimating around 1:10 to 1:45.


It was pretty difficult today to concentrate with Ré, as I had just ate lunch, and made the mistake of trying to concentrate immedaitely after. Because I had just ate, I felt tired, and therefore my mind was constantly wandering during the forcing session...


I went through personality and appearnce once, and apologized to Ré that I couldn't stay long, due to my inability to focus. I told her next time I would stay with her for a longer time for sure, and I was sorry for my early departures the past day or so.

I gave her my usual farewells, and told her I'd make sure to narrate with her all day, on whatever I can. Either tonight or tommorow I'm going to make sure I have a longer session in forcing.

Additontally, I began work on constructing a wonderland for Ré today in a short 30 minute session a couple hours after forcing, so I was totally awake. The wonderland being a nice, small house on a clif, which has a waterfall at the end, leading into a large pool, or a slope on the other side, leading onto an enormous, beautiful plain.


The best way to give a reference for the scenery is something on the Bionis Leg in the 2011-2012 video game, "Xenoblade", by Monolith Soft.

Listen to my story. This may be my last chance.

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Ré - Day 3 Tulpaforce 2


12:40 PM to 1:19 AM


This time, with a pretty alert and focused mind, i decided to do something different. I sat down in the VR'ish room that I"ve been using for the past 3 sessions, the coffee table and chairs and all, and talked her over her personality traits, her likes and dislikes, and whatnot. I then moved onto the appearance stuff, went through the routine and made all the white furniture and whatnot vanish (I kind of gave it a flattening effect, strange enough)


With that, I told her that I was going to try something different. I told her to please follow me, and as we walked off from the place, I had the ceiling sort of "Open up" and the VR room slowly vanish to transfer us into an beautiful peaceful field. It was filled with white flowers, a giant oak tree of sorts in the center, situated on a hill, with the sky a very deep blue.


I immedately envisioned a basket in my left hand, and Sat it in the middle of the field. I told her that today we'd have a picnic instead of talking in that dull room. I pulled out sandwiches (Hey, it was the best thing I could think up of at the time. Bite me. :P )and gave her one. On the blanket, we just kinda sat there and ate. I talked to her about the scenery (Which more or less kinda felt like a test for my visualization skills) and how beautiful it was, how she thought today went, what I might do tommorow,etc. No audible response, but she hears me, and that's all that matters to me.


Afterwards, I pulled cake from the basket (Because who doesn't love cake?) and we had that while talking. I think at one point she had gotten icing on her face, so I helped in getting that off, and we kinda moved under the tree and I just talked with her. I tried to even visualize ambient noises, and it did help make the environment feel alive.


However, to my dismay, it seems Ré seemed mostly unemotional still throughout the whole thing. Although, much like in our first meeting, I could swear I saw a second or so of emotion in some parts...usually a smile, or a short, quiet laugh, or something. After awhile, I stood up, and asked her to stand up. Told her it was time I needed to get going now, and said my farewells. I hugged her, told her I'd see her again tommorow, and opened my eyes.



The strangest part? I had absolutely no headache whatsoever afterwards. Only a slight pain when I was visualizing a lot at once, trying really hard to keep concentration. Perhaps it was because it was a short session. My phone even went off TWICE during the session (Forgot to silence it) and I just tried my best to maintain concentration and to my suprise, things kind of flowed along. Still...defintely this has been the most interesting (And visualization heavy) force session yet. I do recall telling her we had to go to different special places like this more often.

Listen to my story. This may be my last chance.

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