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Tulpa, mental health and handicaps survey.


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Survey taken! Can't wait to hear what you'll end up doing with it.

I'm IBreakGames, a genuine dude.


We gave up on using different colors for each of us, so there's Al, Ollie, and Eva. We're all rabbits, get over it.

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Filled, curious to hear results.

I almost gave up on tulpas after deciding I was happy with my semi-sentient OCs the way they were. Then one of them decided he'd be a tulpa anyway and I pretty much had no choice.

Host/Mun: Micah. They/them. Born 12/13/1995

(Official) Tulpa: Rosty (Rostislav). Him/his. Born (irl) mid Sept '16. (Canon: winter of 1986)

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You guys probably aren't going to hear back, unless someone took over the project when Evil left.

~ Member of SparrowNR's System ~

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