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I wanted my pony to be a pegasus, but it was hilarious to watch her fly - bound by cartoon physics - in a real world. So I made her form a unicron so that she could pick things up easier, but that looked funny.


Then I just gave up and decided to keep working on a tulpa I already am farther along in developing >.>


Anyway to answer, it depends. Do you want a pony that flies everywhere and finds walking almost useless, or a pony with the ability to pick things up and probably be a lot less butthurt about having hooves?

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To start, I have tried making a Pegasi from the start. You shouldn't imagine her as an earth pony, it could make that form stick. Imagine her as she is, a Pegasi. It will help in the long run.

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This is where deviation comes into play.


When I started with Silver, I first made her as an Earth pony with the thought process : "if she wanted to be a Unicorn or Pegasus, that would be her choice."

Just this last week, she deviated from Earth pony to a Pegasus.


In the long run, there shouldn't be any problems whatever way you do it.

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I was originally going to make a pony tulpa, but decided to do a human for my first tulpa. I still plan on having one, just as my second or third.


What I was going to do is make the pony an alicorn - not the horse-sized Mary Sue alicorn, but just a normal pony with wings and a horn, so s/he can fly and still have hands-level manipulation.

Name: Suzy

Form: Like my avatar, but realistic.

Time: 58 hours.

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Note that tulpas can come up with their own mechanics for movement and abilities... they're not really confined by anything, except sometimes their bodies if they want to look at themselves logically. For example, QB sleeps on the ceiling and can jump fifty feet in the air, despite being a relatively normal-bodied feline creature.

It seems logical that if they really wanted to, they could fly or use "unicorn magic" even if they weren't the right type of pony for that. Most notably the last one; floating without means is certainly nothing new. See: Half of the superhero population.

The above post does not contain facts.

q2's the host, QB's the tulpa.


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And you can't forget that being an Earth pony has never stopped Pinkie Pie; I'm sure your tulpa will be able to manage.


Hear, hear.


I'm busy visualizing Dream here as a pegasus, but I've already told her she can deviate and change however she feels comfortable if my idea doesn't suit her. I like ponies, yeah, but I'm not gonna try to force her into a body she doesn't want.

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