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So after a long, long time- I do think this is the last post we're going to make in this thread. This is mostly to give this PR some closure.


It's not necessarily because we're tired of this community, or even angry at it- we may have been at one point, but we respect what it represents and the journey it brings so many people onto. However, for us- we just have been slowly figuring out that at the very least, at least some people in here are a result of trauma, not tulpamancy.


Our system didn't really work the same as others- it always blew up to unimaginable sizes, and those who would pop weren't mere intrusive thoughts- these were fully fledged people who could steal front. Some even having a very distinctive purpose or role they felt they needed to fill- one they just came with, if you will.


I never wanted to believe it because I never felt my childhood was that bad. Granted, I'd suppressed a lot of it (and still am), but I always thought of others who had it worse. The thing is, it was still fucked up. I was effected. And during that time, we became plural. When? I don't know, but I do think tulpamancy jolt-started it, or at least made me more aware.


Raymond and a new addition, Yuki, have been trying to get me to see this for a good while now- months, really- but I was stubborn and didn't want to admit it. It wasn't until very recently when I essentially, quite frankly split that I had to finally accept what was going on. 


I was forced to accept what we are. And, honestly, we've felt so much better about ourselves during this process. Things are starting to make sense.



And this is really why we feel at this point, it's better to stop this PR- because honestly, the direction we're going isn't really this anymore, it hasn't been for a long time, and would give non-trauma systems expectations they shouldn't try to go for.


But this is to say.. if any of you are questioning- if any of you have the inkling of suspicion you might be partly formed from trauma- do explore it, look into it. Don't be afraid of the possibility, or be afraid of being fake.


For those who might want to chat with us, also feel free to message us on discord- PM us for our name or something. I can also direct you to more all-plurality-encompassing servers that will help you in just, figuring you out- whatever that is.


Who knows, maybe we'll re-visit this if we ever plan on making a tulpa again, but for now, probably not. We also won't entirely be gone- might even make a post from time to time in other threads. Maybe.


I wish all of you the best, and we all thank you for the time we had here. Stay strong, y'all.

Hiya. Member of the Horrible Hosts Club (HHC). If you wanna learn about my system, here's my PR.

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Is it the trauma that brings some to the idea of tulpamancy or the trauma that brings tulpamancy to some willingly or not. For me, that moment I decided to start tulpamancy, they were already there and talking, later we allowed other members who were also, already there. I'm not saying we're all traumagenic, but we're thinking Ashley was as a loving presence to a child who felt more of a burden than a loved. I can't thank her enough for that btw, but I don't think we're outside the realm of tulpamancy either, though we're not exactly typical either in that regard. Others have had similar experiences to us without the trauma. We can 'make a tulpa' in the snap of a finger (*ahem* Ren), and number of walk-ins are pretty convincing. Still, a lot of tulpamancers just already put in years of time imaging and speaking with characters, writimg books or playing characters, so it's hard to know for certain if trauma in necessary.


We did enjoy reading through your PR, and we're richer for doing so. So thanks for documenting it for us all.

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