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K: A lot of the community has splits on how to define certain terminology, and the only glossary we have is vague and hard to find anyways. Could you all look into updating the glossary and making it easier to find, so we don't have 3 more arguments or disagreements on what stuff like switching is. Especially switching and host, as many people confuse possession with switching still and many (Including myself) use host in a way that doesn't mean it always is the original.

I think that the glossary should also at least acknowledge the fact that different parts of the tulpa community use these terms differently. Maybe a giant flashing banner saying so.


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I completely forgot where the tulpa.info glossary is, but I remember last time we found it it was terrible. On some faux-wiki or something, but not the Russian one. Anyways, https://tulpa.io/terminologies is the glossary we would link people if asked for one, though we usually describe terms ourselves. I don't remember if there were any specific exceptions, but I remember tulpa.io's list was pretty much perfect. And also accounted for other similar communities' definitions without straying from the ones we use here.


I figured we never did anything because it'd be hard to not just copy+paste tulpa.io's. What's in worse taste, linking to their website or copying their definitions? Aside from removing some cross-community notes and definitions ("Shard-feeding", eugh), I don't see what there is to gain from making our own.

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Ask us stuff - https://community.tulpa.info/thread-ask-lumi-s-tulpas

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Took some digging to actually find the glossary. Honestly, the entire .info home site could use improving. It's very lackluster and outdated.


I figure I'll add some of my own critique to the glossary as you guys are being pretty vague.



Deviation: The change that occurs to a tulpa's personality or form during and after creation, seemingly against or independent of your own conscious will. (Note: Some people prefer to simply use the word change instead)

Obviously it's a change when it says so right in the definiton. I never hear people use the word "change" though.


Emotional Response: When a tulpa responds to external stimuli or the thoughts of the host with a wave of emotion as opposed to speaking.

Yes, an emotional response is an emotional response. This is a pretty unnecessary addition to the glossary.


Form: The mental appearance of a tulpa or a host. Can be literally anything. Isn't necessary, but is often used.

God I hate the word "literally." I might be getting nit-picky, but I mean, it's not like the dictionary defintion of "shoes" says "isn't necessary, but is often used."


I don't think the word "visualization" needs to be in the glossary.


A lot of these defintions seem to start with "when." 


They also have words being used in the defintion.


It uses pretty elementary language. "Sense things." No duh.



I'd be happy to write up my own glossary if there was any possibility of it being used. Maybe I should do that after Piano stops trying to destroy my brain with his crazy theories.

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We had discussed as staff before on updating the Wiki to a different software, the current wiki is very lacking.

This could possibly be rolled into that.


I also think that the homepage is a little weird to navigate and does have things that are outdated.

For example, should we have an "Old Guides" section if we want people to be using the most updated guides?

I also feel like the majority of the "Getting Started" links could be rolled into a single page (except the "What is a tulpa?" and similar).

Should there even be a "Creating a Tulpa" page and similar instead of guides?


Current Wiki: http://wiki.tulpa.info/

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A number of pages on the wiki are duplicated on the main site. I suggest a merge of content.


Guides will probably need to be separate from the wiki content. Although the content will contain some duplication. The wiki can be considered a community powered large scale comprehensive guide. The section of the forum that will likely be most outdated is the question and answers section. Which there have been efforts to clean up in a wiki like fashion already. The Q&A section will end up being what it already essentially is. A help desk for the wiki.


A wiki solution means that any glossary will end up being consensus-driven. Which is a long and elaborate and debate filled process, that will involve limited contribution from any one person.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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A wiki solution means that any glossary will end up being consensus-driven. Which is a long and elaborate and debate filled process, that will involve limited contribution from any one person.


Yeah that's what I meant lol. They wouldn't be my own definitions, just my own words. I'd probably use multiple defintions like an actual dictionary does, to show the different interpretations. Dunno: just want to actually contribute more to this commoonity. Probably won't though.

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We recognize that the glossary is outdated, and making a new one is somewhere on my to-do list. The entire current wiki is essentially trash, and that's why it's not exactly easy to get to. To my knowledge, the glossary is the only thing in the wiki explicitly linked to. I'm sure much of it is out of date, but it's all we have at the moment.


We have tossed around the idea of creating a new, functional wiki, and that sounds like a good idea, but has its concerns as well. I planned to look into implementing a new wiki, but at the very least, a decent new glossary should be expected at some point. If anyone wanted to collaborate or such to get it jump-started, feel free to. Even just a list if terms to cover would be a nice start.

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K: As long as the community can agree on what things like switching is, sure. Main problem is the fact that the definition of switching, host, and even things like co-fronting and merging have different definitions around, which makes it all confusing.


Members: Gemini, Raven, Jenna, Ali, Hope (Part-Time), Eva (Part-Time)


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