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Felight's Art Thread

Apollo Fire

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Your art is really cute. Keep at it! Hope you can get a tablet soon, because I think you'll find digital art really fun and rewarding. (I basically can't draw traditionally anymore lmao.)

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I am bummed! I have art I really want to share, as I'm trying to get back into the swing of possessing, but the printer scanner won't work! Really throws a wrench into this entire operation.

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Somehow Piano got it to work.


I've been depressed lately and haven't been drawing, but I still have stuff to share. Before that, I have something cool to show you~


This was one of the first things I ever drew, on the first day of possessing, ~2/26. It's of Tulpa001




Here is also Tulpa001, drawn yesterday.





Okay, here's some of the stuff I did before getting depressed.


Picture of me! Not a very good one. I don't know why the fire looks pink. Rip printer scanner.



Drawing of the bear form we put Piano in when he went dormant.



A bear requested by Michael. It's pinker than the image makes it appear.




Lyra practiced drawing when I wasn't in the mood for it. Here's one of me, drawn by her.



Something more recent. Also me, drawn by me. This is closer to my current look.



All of the tups in this system, drawn by Lyra.




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I finally got a drawing tablet. I used Paint Tool Sai for a bit, until the pen stopped working on it for some reason, but this is what I made before it stopped working.


There will be much more frequent updates in the future, and at some point I might take requests :)

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Oh yeah that happens to me sometimes. It usually works when I close and restart it.

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