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Felight's Art Thread

Apollo Fire

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They did that and it didn't work. They might redownload Sai to see if it fixes it. If not, there's always other tools.


Lyra has Krita, Paint.net, and FireAlpaca downloaded. They haven't tried Paint.net, and FireAlpaca has a glitch where it crashes every time the paint bucket tool is used. I guess they can still make it work if they don't use that tool and instead color things in manually, like they did with the Luxi pic.


I say "they" because Apollo and Lyra are not fully separated when it comes to art yet, due to Apollo taking a haitus while Lyra did her own practicing. They'll likely separate further in time, and maybe Lyra will be able to stop paying attention to Apollo drawing.


Apollo is taking credit for the Luxi picture regardless.

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I use Krita too. If you want to learn how to do art, i suggest your host takes you to websites to learn the techniques, line art and the brushes and colors used.

Also i really like your art.
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