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Felight's Art Thread

Apollo Fire

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[align=justify]EDIT 7/5/17


I am updating this first post to explain a few things. I am a tulpa who loves beautiful things, and I've always wanted to become decent at art. That requires learning to possess well, however, so that means I have an extra obstacle to get past. [/align]


The first few posts of this thread show art on paper, but now I am primarily focusing on digital art using Krita. I may take requests at some point.


Here is my DeviantArt page.


Original first post:


Hello! In my struggles to learn to possess, I have been trying to draw, paint, etc. I hope to learn and improve. Everything I make that is good enough and I feel it actually was me possessing to make it will go here!


Yesterday I drew a few things. I looked at Lyra's stuffed animals and tried drawing them.






Orange Butterfly Monstrosity:


Charcoal sun:



Lyra is hoping to get a job so she can buy me a drawing tablet. I'm going to keep drawing and hopefully improve!


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Hey, Apollo. If you like funny and want to work on sketching/shading, see if you can find some books by Mark Kistler. He's the only reason I can art squat.


Mer- Host. Salty, angsty teenage mermaid.

Felix- Tulpa. In progress. An optimistic, spontaneous suit of Spartan armor.

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