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Pranayama: Shared Breathe Meditation



This is a submission to tips and tricks.


Intro: Forcing can be difficult, we all want to make our tulpa(s) a little more vivid each and every day. I , like many others have had problems sustaining consistent progress. I unfortunately, have adhd , and even though eve is very much "there" when I focus on her, I find it difficult to begin focusing on her in the first place. To work on this i try to keep a meditation regiment, and when I manage it the benefits are tremendous. This lead to a realization, I needed to figure out a way I could work on Eve while meditating. Specifically i wanted to gain the capacity to focus better while increasing Eva's presence. Thus, this exercise was created to fill these ever present needs.


The Technique:

Step 1. Lay down, or sit somewhere comfortable. Some people fret about posture and suggest you sit with your palms straightened, and utilize the mudras(body positions) and asanas(hand positions) of yoga. I think such things are optional, but can be beneficial, they are more something to look into once you are already a frequent meditator. I find I just like to be comfortable yet not tired, so I lay/sit how I feel and don't perform this technique while I'm tired, unless I'm ok with possibly doing more sleeping than practicing.

Step 2. Once comfy, but alert you are ready to begin the Pranayama (prana=breathe/life force yama=control). Don't fret the fancy title, its simple when you get down to it. Breathe slowly (but at a comfortable pace you can sustain) in through your nose. Make sure to breathe with your stomach/diaphragm, let your lungs expand and get as much air as they comfortably can. Then breathe out through your mouth, and repeat. Focus on the sensation of this breathe the air coming in and out, let your breathe and the sensations of it be the focus object. Continue until breathe slows down and you begin feeling calm and focused.

Step 3. Keep meditating, by now you should be in the zone and peaceful. If distracting thoughts are preventing this, so not fret, simply pay them no need and continue focusing on the breathe. Without stopping what you are doing as described in step 2 (as much as possible at least), visualize your tulpa laying/sitting in front of you. Picture that air you are breathing as blue energy( or any colour you feel appropriate), this symbolizes your life energy. You can believe whatever you want about it(purely symbolic, representative of a mental conception, metaphysical), but that is what it is intended to represent. Now have your tulpa get close and as you exhale it, see them inhale the coloured energy through their nose. Then as you inhale imagine that they are exhaling this energy and you are breathing it back in. This should mentally look like a loop, like you are circulating the same "energy" through each others respiratory systems. One breathes out while the other breathes in. Continue for as long as desired. Cuddling and affection is fine here, but keep the breathing the main focus for optimal results. You want to continue entering that tranquil focused state as the session goes on.


I find this technique allows me to meditate effectively while also strengthening Eva's presence and vividness, and to get a little visualization practice in on the side. To me, the symbology represents the sharing of life that the host offers to their tulpa, through their directing of mental energy to the tulpa.

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But meditation goes in the tips and tricks section, not resources, along with all the other meditation guides.


Have you ever actually taken a look at the resources section, the place where we have the meditation stuff people have submitted?


Edit: sands, you have an error in your correction. Once was the correct word.


That was a typo on my part, thanks for pointing it out. Has been fixed.



Back to the guide stuff!


As far as step 3 being optional, that I don't agree with. The only reason it's something new at all is the novel combination of pranayama and the tulpa being present.


Alright. Well, I consider it optional as far as pranayama meditation goes, so if that's what people want to do, they could stop at step 2. Saying that step 3 is optional doesn't mean I'm saying it's bad or useless, it's a pretty nice addition to the exercise.


But if you consider it a very important part, then it should be revised so it's not all just symbolism. I already gave a tip about how you'd go rewriting it, all you have to do is state what you do without the symbolism, but then give us those additional symbolism ideas afterward, yeah?

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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