The effects of psychedelic drugs on tulpas

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Has anybody here tried psychedelics when forcing? What effects did it have? Has anybody tried to impose their tulpa when on psychedelic drugs? Did the imposition become more powerful and lifelike?


I have never tried any sort of psychedelics, I'm just curious

I have a tulpa named Miela who I love very much.


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There have been some reports that (drug name) made the experience more vivid, and possibly fulfilling, but not exactly lasting. I've not heard of, say, going on wonderland adventures with their tulpa while on a hallucinatory drug. I have however heard of someone who frequently did pretty strong drugs having a spiritual experience and merging with their tulpa, or something.


Can't speak for drugs and especially not any certain types of them myself.

Hi, I'm Tewi, one of Luminesce's tulpas. I often switch to take care of things for the others.

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We have done acid 3 times after having tulpa.


The first time we found that we couldn't talk in the mind at all there was so much going on. My first tulpa Trixie was able to stick around but had to talk using our voice. The other two (lilly and spritzy) went away almost immediately and I didn't hear from them again for quite some time. Trixie got to introduce herself in person for the first time to a couple of my friends that we were tripping with. Which while it was a nice experience to share, made them uncomfortable and we think it's a large reason we hardly ever talk to them anymore. We were both upfront so long and the trip was so powerful or the experience was so new Trixie and I ended up co-fronting(merged?) for about a week or so afterwards. It took us awhile to sort out who was who, but we got back to normal after awhile and it was only then that Lilly and Spritzy came back.


The second experience was similar to the first, Trixie was able to stick around, Lilly and Spritzy vanished again until the trip was over. Trixie and I were able to talk in our head a little bit, but it was much more convenient to just come forward so we could talk that way. Because talking in our head was really difficult to get around everything else that goes on while you are tripping.


The third time was a long camping trip weekend where we re-dosed a couple times and the trip in total lasted around 48 hours. Much like the other two times Lilly and spritzy were nowhere to be found but Trixie and I were able to communicate very effectively in the mind and unlike the other two times I could actually visualize her as well.(the other two times she was just a voice, much too much going on to try and visualize her) and again my other two at the time(they have since merged and have been renamed Sweetie) disappeared for the entire event.


None of these times was visualization any easier. In fact the reverse seems true. We were starting to get the hang of it on the third experience but we are completely unsure if we were getting better at it through repetition or if it was some other factor at work.


No idea about imposition, we tried and nothing happened much on the third trip.


Havnt touched the stuff since. Not that we wouldn't given the opportunity. But for that to happen the stars would have to align in an unprecedented way. And at this age something like that would have to be planned months in advance for it to go well.

There are few things more confusing in this life, than trying to figure yourself out.


>The tulpa that I created this account for no longer wants it. So not having an account myself, ill take it.<

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