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I simply need insight - dream world

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This is what I've written on a thread on 4chan, asking for questions. A user mentioned "tulpaforcers" and a "wonderland." That eventually led me here. I'd simply just like some insight as to if this is the right place to be, and if so, could someone provide some advice?



"When I was little I used to have a kind of "dream world" id go to when I slept, just something that was always there, it was like some kind of lucid reoccurring dream where I can still recall some of the places id go to, it was like an extended mix between the two towns I grew up in, and when I went into buildings, it was like the real versions of the buildings but with extra doors that would lead to more, with the same architecture and all that, there were these ant hill things that if I got too close all the bugs that lived in them would very slowly chase me anywhere I went, i could even run and jump really high and slowly kind of glide back down, when i remember some of the places i used to go to and think about them for too long, i get very emotional and even almost had a panic attack once (the real, actual crappy kind) because of it.


the thing is that i havent gone back to that place proper for years now. I put a bay leaf under my pillow because i heard that it encourages "prophetic dreams", well i keep having dreams about really bad shit happening to cats, like one where i stumbled across a bloody pile of newborn kittens with some alive and most dead, another one i had where i found my lost childhood cat but she was beaten horribly and i brought her to the vet and she died, i looked this up in some dream books and found that in a way im losing the kind of mind that gave me the dreams i had when i was little


id love nothing more than to go back to that dream place but im scared that ive lost it forever, any insight on how i could bring this back would be extremely helpful."

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A dream world is in no way an actual "place" to go. It's simply an imaginary construct in your head - ie not real or tangible at all. Going back to that imaginary world would entail you visualizing yourself there, be it through meditation or plain day dreaming. If you want to go there while sleeping then you'd have to practice lucid dreaming, which as Breloom said isn't really related to tulpas, and isn't what this site specializes in. You may find better information in the DreamViews forum, as it specifically revolves around dreams and not thoughtforms.

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yeah that's nothin tulpa related lol, idk why someone brought us up? seems like straight-forward lucid dreaming (or vivid dreaming with minor lucidity) to me


basically just work on lucid dreaming until you can (do it, and) control the dreams well enough to make them like they used to be. Lucid dreams definitely feel super real like you described and you can do whatever go wherever, as long as you could imagine it your brain can make it while dreaming based on your (subconscious, or conscious) expectations

here's our post on lucid dreaming,

but yeh DreamViews is the forum to go to for this sorta thing

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If you're open to spinning some of this in the direction of humor, I intend to make an observation that I think could help you shift some of this in a more positive direction.


The first dream place you described seems like an interesting place to visit. but this next part is what you wrote:


"the thing is that i havent gone back to that place proper for years now. I put a bay leaf under my pillow because i heard that it encourages "prophetic dreams"..." Well, the 'first place' you described is a location dream, not prophetic dream. I don't know about bay leaves, but I am open to the idea that if you believe if you put one under your pillow it might give you a prophetic dream, then you will likely get what you asked for. You will smell it unconsciously and so it could influence outcomes- but if you're soliciting 'prophetic' dreams, you're not likely to return to a specific location dream.


You then wrote: "well i keep having dreams about really bad shit happening to cats..." That's probably not a hard thing to channel. Really bad shit happens to cats all the time. Seriously, it's so bad for cats that pet adoption agencies will not adopt black cats out during the month of October. Outside cats have a life span of about four years. Inside cats can live twenty years. Do the math. Real world sucks ass for cats. You clearly like cats. You asked for random prophetic dreams, and you're channeling cat lives, well, ta daaa! yay you. bay leaves work for you.


You wrote: "im losing the kind of mind that gave me the dreams i had when i was little..." you're not loosing the mind that gave you the location dreams, you're just focusing your mind in the wrong direction. Your brain will go in the general direction you direct it, and if you're vague about that direction, you tend to get vague results.


So, you want the location dream, you got to think location. Draw pictures of it. Draw words maps of it. Put those maps under your pillows, not bay leafs. Also, realize as bad as cats have it, some cats have really great lives. Focus on that. Watch funny cat videos to cheer the F up, because though it's not's all good, it sure as heck aint all bad.


this is my all time favorite cat fight video. Star trek and cat fights. That's funny ass shit there...




also, if you want to increase the odds of lucidity in dreams, start reading lucid dreaming books. You clearly already know about lucid dreams, and you might object, but seriously, read a new lucid dreaming book every day or week for three months, either from the library, or buy them to keep on your shelf and cycle through them. Pile them up by your bed. The more you do this, the more likely you will get back to some great dreams, but if you do nothing but what you're doing, you're likely to just keep getting the same results. Lucid dreaming is not a passive thing, it is an active thing. No more bay leafs for you. Stick to real stuff, like cannabis, provided it's legal in your area. Seriously, don't get it from the street, cause you don't know what they're mixing with it, and if they cut it with bay leaves, you're going to channel more cats. goto California and get the cannabis gummy bears.



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