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The idea for this thread was given to us by Albatross_



I think there needs to be a stickied thread where mods are required to write brief reports on actions taken with regard to forum members.


E.G. Teedass returns and begins spamming all threads with "SHOW ME YOUR DESKTOP, BITCH". Glitch only likes Touhou and not Final Fantasy so he bans Teedass. Everyone wonders why the hell Teedass got banned.


We shouldn't have to wonder about stuff like that. A three line post would take care of it.




Member: Teedass

Action: banned

Reason: likes final fantasy


would be sufficient.


This would only be required when serious action is taken on members. No need to report things like "stickied xyz thread" or "moved xyz thread". Warnings don't really need reporting either. Just bans, actually.




So there you have it. Obviously, not all actions should be recorded here. If we had to report on every move and merge we did then we would get little to nothing actually done. Unless you think that deleting a thread warrants a report, then that doesn't necessarily have to be reported either. If a ban is because a user made the account to troll, that shouldn't need a report either. However, banning an active member should be reported here so that the rest of the community knows why they are gone, and how long they are gone fore before they return. Also, hot threads that are deleted should probably be reported. If the thread is closed, then the moderator can just post in the thread with the reason.


Anyway, this is just an experimental thing. While all moderator actions are recorded on the mod's control panel, the normal users have no way of knowing what the mods are doing. Let's see what happens if we give our actions some transparency.

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So anyway, to break the ice I'll start.


Member: Helix

Action: Banned (2 days)

Reason: Because he was away for 10 days, and didn't touch his tulpa. The ban isn't out of spite or because he did anything wrong, it's to take away the distraction of constantly browsing and posting. I stated this on his ban. I'm not sure if the ban message tells him who banned him, so if somebody wants to let him know it was me then go ahead. Anyway, we all know that he quit on tulpa before. This is just to try and make sure that he keeps up the work on his current two.


I'm not going around banning people left and right, so don't freak out over the possibility of yourself being banned so you will go force. However, if anybody actually does want a ban because they can't leave the forums for an hour to force I'll help them out. Just know that the minimum ban length is one day, so if you only want to be banned for an hour then I may be off a few minutes unbanning you. I'll keep a tab open so I don't forget. Worst care scenario is that I lose power, forget your username, and you're banned for a day.

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Nobody else is giving the report, so I'm doing it. The people need to know.


Member: Fede-lasse

Action: Banned

Reason: Fede has been a member of this community since before its inception. However, since its inception, he has refused to follow any of the rules. He would reply to topics outside the off-topic board with explicit and off-topic content, usually just throwing a flamebait to myself or another member of the moderation team. If one of his posts were to be removed, he would begin harassing the administration team about that action taken, then continue complaining about it in other mediums.


When he's not spending his time replying to threads saying "Use my tones," "Suck Pleeb's dick," and " Fuck you," he's submitting moderator reports such as this one.


If a moderator takes correctional action against Fede, he usually sends moderators things such as:

Stop putting the blame on me, faggot. People always derail threads whenever I in particular respond. I always say "use my method" or "use my tones", and people are pretty used to that."

If I take correctional action against Fede, he usually starts complaining in the shoutbox and IRC, then he begins messaging me with things like:

21:54 I knew it! Once I ask for democracy, you shun in fear!

21:54 Typical Pleeb.

21:54 And you're careless, too.

21:54 Typical Pleeb.

21:55 The elite decided it, though.

21:55 Elites are bad, Pleeb.

21:55 You hear me, you

black negroid


21:55 They're bad.

21:57 Thought so. Stupid




The chances he has been given -- since the days I would stick my neck out for him when Irish and Dane asserted he should be banned to last month when I removed his ban from #tulpa.info -- have been numerous, and I would have hoped he'd clean up his act after the new rules were pushed, but he didn't.


The words Fede said were not originally spoilered.


The ban was initialized by




A discussion of the length of his ban began around an hour ago. The initial length of his ban was permanent, but this may change. It is important to note that the mods are not ganging up on Fede. Some of the mods want him banned for good, while others want to lighten his sentence. Any requests for the length of his ban will be ignored and/or deleted. Any personal insults against Fede will also be ignored and/or deleted. We know what he did, we don't need anybody to tell us.*


*The exception to this is if he has been assaulting you with private messages which we, as moderators, can't see. If he has, and you want to let us know, send us an image of the messages via private message. If there are any good messages he sent you, like helping you in private, you may also send them. DO NOT post them here please. Thank you.

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After discussion, we've agreed to lower Fede's ban from permanent to 2 weeks. He will also be under moderation. This means that a moderator is needed to approve all of his posts before they will be visible to the public. If his post is unapproved, it will be similar to a post being deleted before anyone ever saw it. We believe that this is in the best thing to do. Since this is Fede's first ban, not counting Irish's, then banning him permanently was soon tossed out. This 2 week ban will act as a warning that the moderators can and will ban him if he continues to act up. The moderation of posts won't be used to harass him. It is not to be used by mods who dislikes Fede to derive pleasure from watching him type up large replies just to be unapproved. It is only to be used to disallow truly negative posts, like the ones he was banned for. This will allow him to continue posting, as well as hopefully getting rid of his negative posts. As these were the only arguments the mods against banning Fede permanently had, the next ban will likely be permanent.

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Thread Closed: There's not much of a reason for anybody but mods to post here.

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Regarding the case of Albatross_:


We at the moderation team apologize for taking as long as we did with this. However, we have modified the guidelines for banning so hopefully only the issues that cause a relatively large uproar will have to go through long discussions like this one.

Now, here is what we have decided:


Albatross_ never tried to murder a tulpa. His advice was to cut off spood's head, not the tulpa's. It was an unnecessarily bloody and complicated solution to stop parroting, but it was a solution that would have worked if spood believed it would have, which would have been the case if spood had not been so paranoid about it. The advice involving the boat and map were the same. According to the IRC logs we received, Albatross_ is innocent in this regard. Additionally, Albatross_ told spood not to perform any of this until after he was done explaining it. Since spood never did anything Albatross_ told him to do during the trolling spree, we believe that no damage was done to spood's tulpa.


In short, Albatross_ never attempted to kill a tulpa, and his advice was bad because it was purposely too complicated and violent.


We have agreed that Albatross_ is only guilty in that he was trolling during that half hour. For this, he will be banned for one week. Also, Albatross_ created an alternate account to avoid his ban. For this, he will be banned an additional week.


Altogether, Albatross_ will be banned for two more weeks.


Now, for those who played along with Albatross_'s troll. There were several users who joined Albatross_ in his trolling spree, which only served to feed the fire. Their involvement created a herd mentality, which made things worse than they would have been. Joining a troll like this willingly is unacceptable. We have read the logs, and have agreed on the users who we believe are guilty of this:






These three, as well as Serena|T, will also be banned from #tulpa.info for one week. We do not claim any other tulpa channel as ours, so they are free to continue chatting in #tulpa, #ponytulpa, etc., unless the moderators of that channel decide otherwise. We will not ask them to take any action, it is up to them.


Finally, the users who were online but did nothing to stop the trolling spree. While we will not ban them, we are extremely disappointed in them for not stepping in to stop the half an hour spree. If they had stepped in, they could have stopped this at any time. The moderators can not be online 24/7. We are not your babysitters. When we are offline, we obviously can't stop things like this, but those who are online can if they simply step in and get the harasser to stop.


In the future, we would appreciate it if anyone who witnesses trolling or otherwise harassment would step in to stop it. It has been proven that, in the long run, users who harass other users are more likely to listen to you than to us. However, if you do not feel comfortable stepping in, you should immediately contact us via report system, private message, or other form of communication. We are not asking you to backseat moderate. That is still against the rules. In other words, do not threaten to ban the harassers, and do not ask us to ban them in the thread. We are here to help you, not to serve you.


Again, we apologize for the length of time it took us to come to our decision. This case happened at the worse possible time, for multiple reasons.

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Jimmy is temporarily banned from the forums for publicly posting personal, identifying information about another user without their consent. The duration of the ban is being debated, but will very likely be temporary.

We don't get much in life. But we do have this.

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A lot of the users say that the shoutbox is a quality alternative to the irc, but that's a lie. The shoutbox is just as bad as the irc. No, it's actually worse, because when people log in for the first time the first thing they see is stuff like this:


» Glass - 16-01-22:23 -- no at least you get something good out of that until he tricks you into dying to get your soul

» Christopher Bane - 16-01-22:23 -- That's what happens when you sign a contract with satan.

» Glass - 16-01-22:23 -- >my little spaghetti

» Sands - 16-01-22:23 -- aaaa

» Christopher Bane - 16-01-22:22 -- I believe he lost his soul many years ago.

» MegaBusta - 16-01-22:22 -- like he lost his soul

» MegaBusta - 16-01-22:22 -- lifeless

» MegaBusta - 16-01-22:22 -- he sounds so

» Christopher Bane - 16-01-22:22 -- Stop raping dem. ;_;

» Christopher Bane - 16-01-22:22 -- Mai ears.

» Christopher Bane - 16-01-22:21 -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95gTJOEO0Yg

» Christopher Bane - 16-01-22:21 -- Worse.

» Sands - 16-01-22:21 -- wub wub wub

» MegaBusta - 16-01-22:21 -- was it some dubshit?

» Christopher Bane - 16-01-22:20 -- *ears bleed from terrible beat*



For a comparison, here is what the shoutbox was like in its infancy:


» - 18-05-10:58 -- The only questions/problems I have are finding different answers for #2 & #3 on the trait guide, and how morality (#9) ties in with the tulpa. And then I have to do 10 emotions, and finish up the dislikes, likes, hobbies and topics of interest. Gee, that'll be fun.

» - 18-05-10:56 -- I need to work on them. I'm going to have some time this weekend (school trip today[friday] and a holiday on monday) so I hope to work on them.

» - 18-05-10:55 -- He's talking about personality traits, look at the guides.

» Sheep LI - 18-05-05:14 -- What do you mean 'only 35 traits left'?

» Pleeb - 18-05-01:33 -- Yay, only about 35 traits left!

» Sheep LI - 18-05-00:29 -- but just 'cuz you've been pushed back, it doesn't mean you can't do it.

» Sheep LI - 18-05-00:29 -- So you're more experienced than I am

» Lulu - 18-05-00:28 -- I mean I've started and quit twice

» Sheep LI - 18-05-00:27 -- Sent BACK?

» Lulu - 18-05-00:08 -- I've been sent back to the drawing board twice

» Lulu - 18-05-00:08 -- nothing's done

» Sheep LI - 18-05-00:06 -- What's done and undone?



It's clear just how much has changed. Something needs to be done here.


One of a couple important differences that Phi neglected to mention in the above quote is that the IRC is moderated in order to give the user base as a whole a better experience. With the limits on the shoutbox, that can't happen with any sort of efficiency.

Also the IRC doesn't tax our site resources like the shoutbox appears to.


The shoutbox is dead, and I know there's going to be quite a few disappointed users, but it had to be done.


Feel free to send me your hatemail.


Update, by Pleeb:


I'm making a followup on Amadeus's latest report, real quick. Amadeus said that it was taxing on the server, and it could have very well been one of the most taxing parts for our server.


I will just reiterate what I posted in #tulpa_ot:

20:54 <~Pleeb> OH WOW

20:54 <~Pleeb> Before shoutbox removal,

20:54 <~Pleeb> CPU was running at 18% for the server.

20:54 <~Pleeb> After shoutbox removal,

20:55 <~Pleeb> CPU is running at 1%-3%

We should have less downtime and less of those internel server errors now, this was a much bigger strain on the system then we thought it was. Though by this point, the shoutbox has been starting to brea anyway. ~Pleeb

We don't get much in life. But we do have this.

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For the record, until probably after the redesign, I'm not the one in charge of tulpa.info.


Contact Amadeus with your concern; at the very least, he's the front face to handle that stuff.


An image in a signature behind a hidden tag! 



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Member: Fede-lasse

Action: Banned

Reason: Fede still has yet to follow the rules of these community forums and the moderation team is sick of dealing with things like this on a daily basis:

The following are posts in the last short while posted by Fede. They all have been reported as warranted with the reason as "off topic post" or "harassment" or whatever is appropriate.


My subconscious wants my d­ick. Also it farted on me when I tried to enter it.




You traitor, Yotslut, you, joining the shoutbox IRC but always abstaining from #tuppers so Colonel and I can't do things with Tea's hair.




Fede, Sands,

Your life is ruined.


Your life is ruined.






Oh God look at that banana.





Ruining a thread are we?


Avalanche, reporting for duty.


Also, I agree with Sock, but any general rule is that- general. You can't say something for certain that applies to everyone on this sort of topic.


Isn't it?





Isn't it though?




I'm the admin of #tuppers. Give me my fucking badge already. Give everyone else in the channel a badge as well because they are involved in the voting process.


Beat my get-banned-30-times-on-the-forum-and-in-at-least-three-tupper-IRC-channels achievement, and he shall become a fellow Fede.


It better be Applebloom.


This ban will not expire and Fede is no longer welcomed on the tulpa.info community forums. If he begins to register new accounts like he did the last time he was banned, those new accounts will be deleted if we discover it's Fede-lasse.

We don't get much in life. But we do have this.

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