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Find the Worst Flavour of This Snack Brand

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Ehh found this when I googled. Probably not the Doritos I'd eat.. It's okay when hiding it, right? 

Insectphobes beware!





EDIT: Apparently there's a weird animal called "armadillo" which is like a giant insect thing.. I dunno. I don't want to think about it anymore. 



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Cheezels..? what even... I've never heard of those

wikipedia says there's cheese, pizza, bbq, bacon, and burger flavored, which all sound fine but I'm gonna go with burger flavored chips as just sounding gross


anyways WAIT WAIT WAIT we have specifically a Doritos image saved and I missed my chance to post it so re:doritos

Find a flavor worse than this!


Hi, I'm one of Lumi's tulpas! I like rain and dancing and dancing in the rain and if there's frogs there too that's bonus points.

I think being happy and having fun makes life worth living, so spreading happiness is my number one goal!

Talk to us? https://community.tulpa.info/thread-ask-lumi-s-tulpas

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For some reason i can’t get the picture on mobile, but Cheese & Almond is a Dorito flavour in Japan.


Also if you don’t know what Cheezels are be glad you didn’t know me in 2014. No idea why, but I almost used to say that every second word. I’m a strange person, forgive me.


Let’s go with CC’s: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/CC%27s


Edit: We did it again! Now let’s see for Kit Kats: Strawberry Cheesecake. Again, it’s a thing. Who knew that a silly idea from Damien (he’s alright with me saying that) would actually reveal the existence of all sorts of weird flavours...

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Okay, because B was so good to me today, I'm going to do one.


Here's your next dry heave... i actually don't have a problem with this one.




Now someone else do Zingers.


EDIT: I had B erase our conversation on the previous post because I felt like I was being unfair to him yesterday.


[bear] Sorry for the double post, but it I'll make up for it.

I hope you find success in your endeavors and love in your heart.

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