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I feel that way too, sometimes. It makes me think of roleplayers and greentext stories. But, it is self-expression, and people are generally allowed to do what they want. That's the default position.

I'd feel better if hosts either (1. had a color of their own or (2. weren't the one with the default text color 90% of the time.

Also, colored text is just a bit unprofessional to me, but again, people don't need to be professional 24/7. You were just shouting "reee", so I have to assume you agree with this philosophy. Also, come on. And I have seen Reilyn not use green when it's a really serious post, just like punk rockers might tone it down for grandma's birthday. Unless grandma IS a punk rocker. In which case... rock on.


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Lol, cuz i wanna. Why would I want to be like anyone else? Besides, white is all colors so why are you so indecisive, unlike me who is dedicated to good ol 0,255,0?


EDIT: I don't like getting all serious either, it quickly makes me feel like I'm just screaming or preaching. You are totes free to your opinion and I love you for it but judging a text's worth based on it's color makes about as much sense as judging a person's worth based on their color. Despite how much of a precocious know-it-all I am, I am still a kid and don't really expect anyone to take me seriously about anything. I'm me and I'm not changing for anyone. Never once tried to be professional. I send 3000-word long PMs talking about the state of reality and thought in all green. ;P

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Why always see the world in black and white when there's all the other colors too? I can think of numerous reasons why to use colors, like differentiate tulpas from hosts which is a good deal for some, especially newer people. Some systems may find it easier to write in color like a reminder that they are writing and no one else. And it looks nice. I want to be different. I'm me and I want to express myself as me.


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Hey Matsuri!


We use colours to differentiate who’s speaking and also because of that emphasis that I’m the one speaking (or Damien or Jade in the case of orange or green text), plus then it helps a little with possession while typing.

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I can do serious. I just don't like to.


So, I've been mulling it over a bit, Indigo and decided that though I was taken a bit off-guard at first, and took the comments as personal criticism, I've never really talked to you guys much or put an effort into getting to know you so hey, that's my fault. That aside, I decided I don't have to defend my person hood or choices to anyone, and you are of course free to disagree with them if it suits you. It would be disappointing if we can't be friends, but I was way too naive to assume that I was the lovable rascal everyone enjoyed having around. I had real rose-colored glasses on around here and I think I've learned something from today and grown a little bit, so yay for that. Nobody here is my boss, teacher or parents and as simple and silly a thing as text color is, it represents something I choose to do and my actions and the reasoning behind them define me. I'm not going to give you some lecture or deep insight on why I do what I do, I'm just gonna leave it at we are gonna have to agree to disagree and if you don't like it, well, tough. Till a good friend asks me to or admin/mod tells me I'm breaking some kinda rule, I'm expressing myself how I choose to.


Feel free to shoot me a PM if you wanna discuss it or just get to know each other better. And hey, if this was just a misunderstanding, sorry I got snappy and it's not like I'm angry. In hindsight I think it's actually kinda funny and helped me learn something. But then again, it's because I choose to let it go and not let negativity/doubt/etc get a hold of me.


But yeah, strait back to green after this.

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No I mean it's like tulpas are less than normal people so they can't type normally and need some special thing to show that they're not people



[hidden]You're looking into it too much. Color coding is a fun way to express yourself in an almost exclusively text based environment. I find it a positive thing because I can't focus a lot, so big texts elude me. However, Viper likes, for example, Reilyn, so seeing the green text (which my scattered brain literally can't miss, unlike, say, an account) excites them, brings them to the front and makes me 100 times more likely to be able to focus to read it.


That doesn't matter though. That's my issue, not everyone else's. But it's literally self expression, from tulpas, on a tulpa centric forum. Why should tulpas not be allowed to express themselves here, to make it SCREAMING clear that it's them and not their host in a place that is literally dedicated to them. It's cute, it's easy, it's fun, literally harms no one and it gives each one an individual feeling. Why should a tulpa try to blend in and be like "normal people"? To prove some point or something? Why should they try to look "like normal people" in the one place dedicated to them, where they're free to show off their individuality and special-ness that makes them unique from normal people, proudly.



Why not think of it as "It's like tulpas are more than normal people, so they love expressing themselves using colors and fun text that makes them pop out and shows that they're clearly tulpas, proudly!"


Just my 2 cents. People judging innocent, harmless ways of representing one-self upsets me a little. :(

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