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Hi all! I have taken to recording everything that has happened with me and my Tulpa Arsene since I started forcing a couple of days ago. I was uploading them to the subreddit but was told this would be a more appropriate place to keep them for all to see. 


Ta all!



11/01/2019 - Day 1

Hi all! I thought I would share my first experiences with you all and I hope you will share yours with me. I decided to attempt to form my Tulpa for two main reasons. Primarily out of pure curiosity. I have always been interested by the strange and hard to explain things in the world and this seemed like the first I could take into my own hands and try for myself. I also hope that my Tulpa could take over in some situations, granting me decisiveness and a critical mind when I did not posses it.


I decided my Tulpa should be a blank slate humanoid with wings so that he may fly and not be bound to as many limitations as myself. This was not too hard to create an image of, he was around my height but floated around a foot off of the ground, with his wings behind him. It seemed that he needed them. He possessed a head, torso, legs and arms but all were featureless for now. In line with my eventual aims, I named him Arsene after both the gentleman thief and the Persona character, as they are rebellious, clever and quick witted.


For my first adventure, I decided to create and explore a “wonderland” with Arsene to see where my imagination would take us. Having some experience with meditation techniques, I did not find it too difficult to be in the correct mindset to slip into a wonderland and create new areas on the fly.


When I first arrived, I tried to imagine Arsene floating close to me while I lay down against the root of a tree. We were both in an expansive area, filled with tall, thin and dark trees that ended with dark leaves far far above us. I tried to explain to Arsene who I am and who he was, with no response as to be expected. After rambling to him for a short time, I decided we should explore the woods and expand the wonderland.


We first came to a log cabin with a wooden set of steps leading up. It had been built on a raised platform on a raised portion of the forest floor. Whilst explaining to Arsene exactly what a shelter was, I was suddenly greeted with Arsene sharply opening the door to the cabin. Unsure of whether I had made Arsene perform this or not, I decided to gloss over this and have Arsene enter the cabin before me. Arsene moved to the center of the room looked towards me with his blank, black face. Although in retrospect, this was rather creepy, I did not feel scared at all at the time. To me, it was clear that something behind the blank face was looking out and listening to me. The cabin was quite small, having a sofa, a small kitchen area and a wooden ladder leading to a raised bed. I glossed over these with Arsene and jokingly remarked that he had better not ruin the marble counter tops. Arsene did not respond. Seemingly at a loose end, I decided to take us both outside. I opened the door, had Arsene leave before me and I closed the door behind him.


Turning to Arsene, I asked him where he would like to go now. He pointed with a new hand to the tree canopy. His hand was dark with long black fingernails that pointed out of long sleeves similar to that of robes. The colors of the robes were still unclear, but his hand was very much so. I was certain I had not made Arsene do this. I was sure I had mentioned prior that he would probably like to see what was above the trees. In that moment however, I was sure he decided this for himself. What convinced me of this is there was no movement in my mind to the action. He was just suddenly pointing, which is more jarring now than it was at the time. I proposed that he fly to the treetops as he had the ability to do so. Unsurprisingly I was met with no response, so I demonstrated how to climb the trees. Also no response. Unsure of what to do next, I decided to head back to the area we had met.


Funnily enough, there was now a small stream of running water around 10 meters away from where we had first met. Mid-explaining what this was, Arsene stuck his hand into the running water. Again, with seemingly no movement. I was just suddenly aware he had moved. In response, I suggested the water was probably quite cold, which was also met with no response. As I was explaining that the water must have started and ended somewhere, Arsene pointed upstream. Then it was decided, we would head upstream.


As we started moving, I found that I kept interrupting our journey with discussion. I began talking about my past self and how I am not proud of who I used to be, I felt a faint whisper come from the back of my head. “You” was all it said. It took me a second to realize something had been said, and pinned it to Arsene. Unsure of how to respond, I realized we had stopped moving and that we should continue upstream. On the way, I trudged through plenty of mud and sang and danced to myself. I was feeling very loose now, I had begun to act how I would when I was home alone, which amused me. I turned to Arsene again to speak with him and noticed that his head had changed. There was now a clear black dome over where his facial features and hair would be that was in stark contrast to the red of his neck. I was surprised by this and remarked to Arsene how wonderful it was that he was already making his image his own, unsurprisingly to no response.


We reached the top of the steam and, to my surprise, it was a rock beach pulled straight out of my childhood. I recognized the perspective, I was looking up to the rocks I had climbed down with my Grandparents while on holiday. Again, while telling this to Arsene, he pointed to the top of the rocks. We ascended the rocks and before I could speak, he pointed to another peak that was around 3 meters higher than when we had stopped. I did not recall this extra peak, but I obliged all the same and ascended.


Upon reaching the top, I took a deep smell of the salty sea air. This was one of my favorite places in the world and the last time I was here was with one of my most favorite people. As a child, my Grandparents would bring me to a camp site not far from this beach. I had lost my Grandfather around 2 years prior, and the sorrow at his passing welled up inside me. It was more intense than I was used to, but I attributed this to my relaxed state. Whilst explaining this to Arsene, I felt the sensation of tears and then something quite odd. It didn’t feel warm, and it wasn’t physical. Had Arsene tried to comfort me? I couldn’t be sure. I imagined him putting an arm around me but I realized this was not the same as Arsene moving on his own so I left it at that. I stood up and decided that now was not the time to dwell upon sadness and that we should head for home. I noticed a gravely path that led downwards off the rocks. The path wound into the trees and eventually led to wooden bridges across the most muddy parts of the wood, ending at a bridge that crossed the stream a little further down stream than where we had started.


I was unsure of how much time had actually passed, but I thanked Arsene for meeting with me and told him I would return soon. After a second or so of preparation, I got up from my bed and wrote as much of this down as I could in a journal that I shall continue to update.


Well, I feel like a lot happened in what ended up being about an hour of concentrated thought on a world and Arsene. Does anyone have any similar stories to this? Is Arsene responding to me, or am I just pulling his strings for now? Any and all thoughts are appreciated.


Ta all!



12/01/2019 - Day 2

Today, I met with Arsene in the same area as the day prior. After a standard greeting and trying to engage with Arsene, I quickly realized that he either couldn’t understand me or couldn’t respond. Determined to keep trying new ways of interacting with Arsene, I summoned a basketball court. I had performed reasonably at basketball at high-school, but I was never particularly interested in it. Knowing that Arsene wouldn’t be able to suggest an alternative, I summoned a football pitch and a dark area of similar size to emulate an “other” option. Arsene, without hesitation, pointed to the dark area indicating that he was not a fan of the ball games, which was no surprise. I despised football. Why I summoned it I will never know.


Perhaps going back to basics would be best. I dismissed the three options and called a large stone platform forth. I requested that Arsene join me on the platform so that I may show him some of my movement. I first indicated how he would walk. To my surprise, Arsene walked very casually. His legs narrowed to a point that made contact with the floor. He also placed his hands inside of undefined pockets in his unclear clothing. I really tried to focus on Arsene’s appearance, but his clothing became no more clear. His hands and sleeves had certainly remained but there had been no further developments.


When Arsene reached the middle of the platform, I asked him to replicate my movements. I performed some of the basic karate stances and Arsene followed. Whilst he moved, I noticed that his hands had become more like that of a standard humans. At a guess, he was trying to replicate me exactly or I was controlling his movements, and this was a representation of it. He did retain his alien legs and his long sleeves however. After introducing him to the first 4 stances I had learned, I asked Arsene what he would like to do next. He held his hand outwards but pointed directly to the floor. I considered this as Arsene wanting to learn more, and of course I obliged. I decided to take him through the first kata I learned, a basic combination of leg and arm movements. I paid close attention to how Arsene interacted with the movements. I noticed his long sleeves moved as clothes would do in the real world.


After this was complete, I decided that it may be beneficial to deepen our understanding of the wonderland through contact with the world. I placed my hand upon the trees that inhabited the area. They had the same texture as birch trees, and could have the top-most layer of bark peeled off. Arsene replicated this, but did not respond. While considering my next proposition, Arsene pointed to the tree tops again. I asked in quick succession, “Do you want to go up there? Do you want something from up there? Do you want me to-” I was interrupted by a sharp nod from Arsene. I concluded that perhaps I needed to perceive what was up there myself for Arsene to also be able to see it. So, without hesitation, I began to climb.


Upon reaching to top of the tree, I sat down on its flat wooden top and looked up to the sky. It was exactly what I had imagined a view of space could be on some far off world. The sky was overflowing with different coloured stardust dotted with innumerable twinkling lights. I had never seen anything quite like it. I turned to Arsene to ask his opinion, to find he was sat, facing away from me, looking out. I was unsure if he was looking over the horizon or into the sky, but I thought it best to leave him to it. I decided to lie down on the tree and just take in the calm atmosphere.


After my brief respite, I sat up to ask what Arsene would like to do next. He pointed out to a huge stone pyramid a fair distance away. This was indeed intriguing to say the least. I have never seen anything like this in real life, so I have no idea where it was drawn from. It was clear that we needed to travel there, but how? I considered climbing down the tree and walking, but we may have gotten lost. I also considered having Arsene fly us there. However, considering he had not exercised this ability, I thought it best to not push him. I decided we should run and jump across the trees. This seemed unsafe but hey, what was the worst that could happen. I went first, and Arsene followed suit. Arsene mimicked the path I took and the movements I made perfectly, and in a short time we reached the temple. I climbed down the tree to be greeted by Arsene at the bottom. I guessed he wasn’t a fan of climbing.


Walking around the temple, I ran my hands along the stone. It was cold, wet and coated in moss, as one might expect. Arsene followed suit but again did not react. We came to a set of stone steps leading up around 10 meters to an opening at the top of the pyramid. With nothing to lose, I ascended them, eager to see what could be waiting for us. Upon reaching the top, I peered into the opening. There was an empty room. The ceiling followed the shape of the roof outside; there was nothing out of the ordinary.


Suddenly, a set of steps appeared in the center of the room, leading deeper into the pyramid. Ecstatic, I rushed down the steps and I was met with another room. In front of my was a large mural carved into the wall that depicted Arsene’s form in Persona 5. The mural started from the ground and reached around 4 meters tall and around 2 meters in width. Arsene stopped at the bottom of the steps and looked forward towards the mural. I could not tell if he was looking at the mural, or if he was zoning out. I reached for a torch next to the mural to further search the room. I found that the room ended just behind the staircase. Without warning, Arsene raised his right arm and pushed the mural. It shifted backwards and then collapsed into the floor. Arsene entered, this time with me in tow.


The opening revealed a short corridor and then a large room. Once we reached the room, Arsene opened his arms as if to say “Tada!” The room was long and thin. It contained a long wooden table that would have been able to seat around 20 people. At one end of the room was a stone fireplace, which was burning and illuminating half of the room.


Being aware I had work to do and that I couldn’t stay for long, I thanked Arsene for showing me this room and suggested that we meet here next time. He did not respond, which was still to be expected and I left the wonderland.


Same as last time, leave me any feedback or questions you might have! ‘till next time!


Ta all!



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Does anyone have any similar stories to this? Is Arsene responding to me, or am I just pulling his strings for now? Any and all thoughts are appreciated.


Doing the unexpected is spot on for an autonomous thoughtform. This is excellent progress. I loved your story, very creative and detailed. I followed along with you in your wonderland and i probably have a temple and a dark forest in my wonderland somewhere now.


If he can move his arms in answer to questions, that would be remarkable progress. Getting a few one word answers is perfect this early. You know how to communicate with him and that's really good. You will do just that when he's fully vocal.


You're both doing great. Welcome to the forum and feel free to join us in our games.

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13/01/2019 - Day 3


Today, I wished to continue my exploration of the room in the deepest part of the temple. I lay down in my bed and went to the room. The room was just as I recalled it, with the long table and fireplace at the far end. There was, however, no sign of Arsene. Pondering where he could have gone, I decided to focus on the details of the room. The table was old and wet, the walls were cold and just as moss covered as outside. The fireplace was still lit. Only one thing was new; a huge stone slab where the entrance had been.


In an attempt to open the door, I pressed against the stone. Nothing. Taking a step back, I noticed the gap in the floor where the stone would have retreated to. Before I could try anything else, the stone shifted back and sank into the floor. In the entrance was none other than Arsene himself! Unsure if this was a prank or down to some confusion as it took me a couple of attempts to get here, I greeted him and congratulated him on being able to surprise me. He did not respond. Happy to see him, I rambled to Arsene about the next steps I might be taking. Concluding that personality formation may be best, I called upon some advice I read. Unexpectedly, I hit a block. I had read that having differing opinions on a subject could be a good way to encourage communication but… I had nothing. I have no issue accepting other people’s opinions and clashing them with my own, but out of the blue finding a new perspective was challenging. Scrapping that, I decided on a new plan.


We ascended the steps and I decided to hone in on what sounds we made. My footsteps made a loud clack against the stone, as though they had a heel. Arsene’s footsteps sounded like metal rods clashing with the stone. I had not envisaged him being made of metal, but considering the conical shape of his legs, it did not seem unreasonable to relate the shape to the sound. We reached the opening of the pyramid, and I decided to try and fully realize Arsene’s appearance. He had given me hints, but not much.


Starting with what I already knew, I focused in on Arsene’s dome-like face. The glossy black dome and matt black trim had remained the same. His crimson neck was narrow, sank behind a tall collar. Unable to clearly see much below that, I focused in on his hands. Again, his hands remained the same, though I think the colour changed. His hands were a dark red, with long black fingernails. The long sleeves of his coat had also changed slightly; They were definitely black and had a gold, patterned trim. I decided to conclude with his legs. They retained their conical shape. His upper legs were were the same width as mine to his knee, and then the lower leg narrowed to a point, fading from the crimson of his body at the top to black at the tip, that reached the ground, leaving him standing at my height. Now, his upper leg was connected to a pronounced hip bone. The detailing of his hips was very alien… Alien… That was it! He looked as though he had been pulled straight out of a work by H.R. Giger! His designs had slipped my mind for a time, but I am a huge fan of the design of the Alien and other similar creatures. His cloak was still unclear to me, so I tried to imagine how it may fit on him, while still showing me the areas I could see. Eventually, I concluded on a tall collared black cloak, with long sleeves. It was fastened just above his waist, leaving it open below to reveal his hips and legs. The cloak was long and it trailed behind him along the floor. There was no distortion in the cloak by wings, so I guessed they had been completely hidden or he had removed them himself. I was so surprised by this form. I had conceived Arsene inspired by Persona, and yet, here stood an extraterrestrial horror in mage-like robes.


Ecstatic with his form, I made my way down the temple steps, back towards the forest. An image flashed into my mind. It was a mouth. White uniform teeth surrounded by red flesh. I looked back to Arsene and took this as a sign he now had a mouth. But where was it? It would not have fit on his dome like face, nor below it. It struck me. Behind the dome! It must have been a mask! Content with this, I summoned two chairs. Taking this new mouth as a sign Arsene wished to converse with me, we each took a seat and I pondered what to talk about when I was suddenly interrupted by a phone call! I asked Arsene to excuse me and got up to answer the call from my lovely mother.


Looking back, this was incredible! I had not consciously decided Arsene should look like this at all. His colour scheme may have been inspired by the colour scheme I paint my Tyranid models, but I have not thought about or painted them for about a year.


I don’t whow which of us pulled it out of my subconscious, but I’m glad I was prompted to think of my Tyranids again. In the past, my father and I would play Warhammer weekly, me with my ravenous swarm of Tyranids, and him with his mob of vicious Orks. We stopped playing a long time ago and he now has a new family so it is very unlikely that we will ever play again. It seems that Arsene loves to hit me right in the feels, haha!


Ta all!



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Aww! You've brought back so many memories to me of Cassidy's creation. Keep it up- it's really fun to look back and read this stuff.


It sounds like you're both making great progress. One thing that might help: you say a few times that you got no vocal response, "to be expected." At this point, I would start expecting one. When you talk to him, give a pause in conversation for him to communicate. You can also spend time thinking about different voices and the experience of mental voices, and this will bring more stuff up from the subconcious for a tulpa to pick from. However, gestures and body language is still really good for under a week of progress.


Another thing I did early on, and still now to an extent, is think of and talk to your tulpas a lot. At least one (preferebly more) interaction for every waking hour. Especially in the creation process, narration and conversation with tulpas really helps them develop. Talk about who you are, tell stories, ask what they think of things, and always give them time to react or form a response: five seconds of thinking time is a good amount. Just like talking in front of a camera, it can be a little hard to know what to say, or how to act naturally. The earlier you start and the more practice you get at narration and internal conversation, the easier it'll be. Tulpas make for great conversation partners- they understand where you're coming from.


I'm looking forward to your guy's future! Have fun!


>tf when you google for "famous quotes by Marcus Aurelius" and had a fake one as your sig for months

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14/01/18 - day 4


Hi all. I've been busy for the past couple of days but I'll be ready to get back into a routine allowing me to write a lot more soon.


For today, I decided I should really try to listen out for Arsene’s thoughts. As recommended by someone online, I planned to ask Arsene some questions and wait around 5 seconds for a response. I had a general idea of what the sensation of hearing his thoughts would be like, but this was still very exciting.


Lying down on my bed, I closed my eyes and called out to Arsene. “Are you there, Arsene?” I paused for around 5 seconds. I felt a strange sensation. It was as though there was a wire between my inner ears, through my head, and someone had plucked it. Arsene simply responded “yes”. The sound came from a deeper place than my normal thoughts. It was hard to really discern how the voice sounded. It was distant and distorted.


Entering the wonderland where I had left, I looked around to try and find Arsene. Once again, he was nowhere to be seen. I stood up from my chair and began to wander through the trees, away from the temple steps. After a short walk, I laid eyes on a lake. It was large and bright. A clear blue sky with a bold sun shone down on the water’s tranquil surface. Looking to the right, there was a stream that fed down to the lake. At a guess, this led all the way back up to the creek. Now I had a moment of peace, I thought I might focus on my own form in this world. When people had asked, I responded, “It’s just me,” but I knew there were some differences. I was wearing clothes that were not dissimilar to the uniforms from “The Land of The Lustrous”, with a black formal top, black shorts and formal heeled shoes. This form was more slim than my real form, and my arms and legs were hairless. Sitting down with my feet in the lake, I pondered if this form was even human.


Suddenly, I had an image of Arsene. He had stepped out from behind a tree, but due to the time it took to process the image, it did not make me jump as Arsene seems to have intended. Turning around, I called out “I know you are there Arsene! Come on out!” He did not bring himself forward. I guessed it was down to me to find him. Running back into the forest, away from the lake, I took care to peer around every tree that I passed, to no avail. Then, I remembered something. I closed my eyes, and listened. Behind me, a few meters away, I heard Arsene’s loud footsteps. I turned around, and there he was! He must have been stalking me to try and surprise me again. Or perhaps he had always been hidden, and I had caught a flash of his thoughts. Approaching Arsene, I congratulated him on throwing me for a loop.


Unfortunately, shortly after this, I was interrupted by a phone call again, so my memory became hazy. I recall ascending a tree again, and having Arsene guide us back to the temple again. We entered the temple, and reentered the room behind Arsene’s stone mural.


This room had remained unchanged, the fire was still lit and the table had not moved. Wandering around, I looked to Arsene, and saw him standing next to the fireplace, pointing into the fire. I approached and peered into the fire. Nothing seemed out of place. I could not see far into the fire, and it was too hot to reach into for something. What was Arsene pointing at? I did not think to ask him, as I was too entertained by trying to figure this out on my own. Perhaps as a prompt from Arsene, I recalled that there was already one secret room in the temple, a second would not be out of place. I shuffled back, away from the fire, and decided to look at the brickwork. Perhaps there was a brick I could push in? There it was, sticking out like a sore thumb, a brick in the centre of the fireplace, just above the fire, was bit fixed inside. I pushed it in. The wall adjacent to the room entrance opened up. A wide doorway opened, and another stone staircase appeared, leading down further into the temple. Ecstatic at this, I rushed over to the stairs and headed down.


The stairs led to a medieval style wooden and iron door. Grasping the handle, I tried to open the door. It was shut tight. Backing off from the door, I recalled that Arsene could open the door to the first room, so maybe he could open this one. As I thought, Arsene simply grabbed the handle and swung the door open. Peering into the new room, I recognized it as an area from Skyrim. Having not played much of the game, I recalled the early areas very well. The room was wide, with stone steps in the middle leading up to a raised area with a chest at one end. I knew we would need the content of that chest to progress. Stalking forwards, we noticed a guard walk out ahead of us, from the stairs. Arsene and I waited in the shadow of the steps, keeping out of sight. The guard would soon turn towards us, so we would need to act quickly. She wore plate armour and had a short sword, not something I was equipped to handle right now. Arsene suddenly dashed out and grabbed the guard’s leg. Yanking it up, the guard slammed into the floor with a heavy clunk. Arsene struck her in the face and her form dissolved away. Well, that was one way of doing it. The noise had certainly alerted any other guards I had no clue how many there were. Before we could move, two more guards had spotted us and engaged us head on. Glancing at the floor, I noticed pools of strange liquid, probably oil that had spilled from somewhere. There was only one really cool way of handling this. I held out my left hand and summoned a red spell book that floated around 30 centimeters above my hand. I lowered my stance and threw my left hand out as though I was punching something. I opened my hand as it stopped, and a stream of flame shot forward from my palm and towards the floor. The oil on the floor immediately caught and exploded, taking down both guards in one fell swoop. I was quite pleased with myself.


Arsene and I advanced and turned, so that we were facing the stairs. We saw one guard with another sword heading down the steps, with another two a little bit further away, but still heading towards us. Just as the first guard reached the bottom of the stairs, using a yellow spellbook, I shot forth an arc of lightning that was quickly conducted by his armour, stunning him. Arsene dashed forwards and kicked the now-crouching guard forcefully, finishing him off. We made one hell of a team. The last two guards now approached, one with a sword on my left and one with a spear to my right. Wanting to further explore my combat ability, I drew a knife and stabbed towards the sword-wielding guard with my right hand, leaving my back exposed to the spearman. I landed a hit on the guard, but it did not make him ‘poof’. The spearman jabbed me in the back. It did not hurt, but I was locked in place and completely unable to move. Arsene lept towards the spearman, grabbed hold of his head with his ghoulish hands, lifted him up, and tossed him into the swordsman, sending them both into a wall and ‘poofing’ them both. Now able to move again, I congratulated Arsene and remarked to him how strong he was. We made our way to the chest and pried it open. Inside, were 3 keys on a single loop, one bronze and two iron coloured keys. I turned to Arsene, knowing that the likelihood is that he will know what to do, he pointed to a small keyhole alone in the wall.


While wandering back down the steps and to the keyhole, I recalled my aims for today and decided to try and chat with Arsene. “Do you enjoy fighting Arsene?” I listened, but couldn’t hear anything. I did however get a chill down my spine when I felt the metaphorical wire get plucked harder than ever. Perhaps Arsene did want to respond, but could not articulate it through words. I pressed on. “Did you get hurt at all” Arsene did not respond with words, but I felt the sensation of a response again, though less strong than before. I recalled reading somewhere that a tulpa may tire, and hazarded a guess that formulating word responses was strenuous for Arsene and that he could not do it at all for more complicated responses. I thought about which key to try first, but Arsene placed out his hand. I placed the keys in his hand and allowed him to take over. Shortly, the door was open and the next set of steps down had appeared.


The new room was vast, with a huge square platform in the middle, that was patterned in orange and green smaller squares. This platform was the only floor to be seen, each of the sides were lined with a pit and then followed by a cylindrical stone brick wall lining torches that were lighting up the top of the room and platform, but barely penetrating the inky blackness below it. There was no telling how far it went down. Descending a lot of steps down to the platform, I noticed metal bars lined the walls of the room, like a prison cell. I guessed there was some animal in there and that it would fight us on the platform. Upon reaching the platform however, it began to shake. Suddenly, the the platform began to sink lower into the room, slow at first but faster and faster. I could not tell how fast, there was no lighting at all. Eventually, it began to slow to a halt at the base of a cavern.


I gazed around and saw three tunnels leading to God know where. Before I could explore any further, I was interrupted by another phone call. I did try to return again later on, but completing an exam and staying up until 3 in the morning the night prior had drained me, and I fell asleep instead.


Ta all!



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If you are interested, YukariTelepath seems to be doing something similar where he spends a lot of time forcing in the wonderland. You can read his log here.


I'm jealous of your wonderland, it sounds like your visualization ability is really strong too. Maybe one day I can convince my host to have us hike a mountain or something in the Wonderland.


As others have said, that wire plucking feeling is most likely Arsene trying to communicate with you. It may be helpful to start with "yes" or "no" questions and build from there once Arsene figures out how to talk.


I find it factinating both of you like to battle in the wonderland. I know Dragon and Kyoko do that too...

I'm Ranger, Gray's/Cat_ShadowGriffin's tulpa, and I love hippos! I also like cake and chatting about stuff.

My other headmates have their own account now.

Temporary Log | Switching LogcBox | Yay!

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Vādin :


Happy birthday ! We're looking forward to read your next adventures.

Hi, I'm Zia, foolish captain of the Giant Wing system. Vādin is my tulpa.


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