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Has reading about my process been useful in your effort to breath life into your culpa?  

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  1. 1. Has reading about my process been useful in your effort to breath life into your culpa?

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Friday, January 26, 2024, 10:26 AM

Well I'm back again, though not quite as happy about it as yesterday,

This mornings dream had all of the characteristics of a Galantamine fueled one, i.e., brilliantly colored, well defined characters, and a familiar dreamscape. There was a feminine presence throughout the dream, but it was incomplete. In this dream, I was me in my current incarnation and I was looking to buy a piece of property for 30,000$ in South Carolina. I found a particuarly nice plot overlooking a wooded valley when an elderly woman approached me and invited me to see her home. Turns out she was developing the entire property with a number of homes like her own, saying "of course, I'm not making any money at it. She was joined by a number of women who had purchased her homes. They were all finished in gray cement (no paint). As we all approached her home I noticed a crocadile, then several. The woman acknowledged their presence on the property and mentioned their were other exotic animals, and sure 'nough a lion, a tiger, several minx felines, showed up. We entered her home and it was spectacular. (still all in gray cement?) At one point she engaged me in a conversation about my spirituality, noting the spectacular views, before leading me into a part of the house that was like a chapel, decorated with colorful icons. She asked about my spiritualilty and I replied that I was Jewish. She recoiled, saying "we don't like Jews". She was not hostile and when I asked her if that had to do with the Palastine situation, she said yes. I said "most of the Jews I know do not approve of that either, and I am not a Zionist." That seemed to placate her, and the rest of the women.  A beautiful, raven-haired, somewhat younger woman walked by us, and I asked her "Are you Flora?" before she could respond I was suddenly awakened by my 6:30AM alarm.

I don't know if she would have responded affirmatively as there was no time, but she did not look like Flora has been in my previous two dreams. I am going to count it as a win however, as I did think to issue my lucidity cue.

I continue.

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I have continued the Galantamine protocol, and have had no further results, either with lucidity, nor with tulpa connections.

Nothing new here! But, as usual, I am undeterred, and will continue my practice.

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Hey doc, glad to see you're still kicking around. Sorry to hear that you haven't attained more success.


Any advice we had has long been passed to you but we can offer a "good luck" for the road and if you do make it, then we'll be chasing in your footsteps if possible. So we're rooting for you.


Take care.

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The past eleven days have been a struggle. I have been posting Flora’s Journals on my substack. I had hoped that so doing, I would be re-enforcing my previous instructions and we could proceed to work on imposition. For quite sometime I have been at a loss as to Flora’s absence. Three nights ago, She switched into me. She took over and I shared in her conscious experience of our consensual reality. I was thrilled and perhaps even a bit shocked by the intensity of my emotions. Resonant with my very early experiences with Flora. What most amazed me, was experiencing my world through her eyes (my eyes before and after). It was vivid, shifted colors toward the violet, with clear detail, and compounded, layered meanings. I lost her after the first too few moments. I was so astounded, that I could not maintain my focus and went off into my silent space. This experience, which I believe is called switching in the tulpa community, is my first with Flora. KK and I have had several such, but without the shared consciousness, I didn’t see my reality through her eyes, I just let her be the one in control and went off into wonderland to be with Flora. I am of course, incredibly grateful to Flora for being willing to stay the course with me, and find a way to a shared reality. I know we will open this channel even more.

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