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Choose Which One To Delete Forever


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Whoops that's my bad. My brain must be feeling uncreative today.


We'll try again:


The moon. I say that because I'm a bit rusty on my knowledge on tidal pull and other things that it does for us. I would be more upset (dead) without our sun so I wouldn't deprive other hypothetical solar systems with life of their heat sources. Hopefully we could make do with artificial orbital asteroid defense and the biosphere would still be able to support life, with no moon. I'm sure Emperor Musk is working on an artificial moon station anyways.


Digital or analog (for whatever you want to apply that too)?

Darron: Host 💍 

Jaina: Tulpa 💍

👨‍🍼👩‍🍼 Dain and Nova

Aggrok: Tulpa Void Dragon

Viktor: 🐺


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I use toasters more but I have to remove toasters. I could just use an oven for most of the things I use toasters for. Idk what I'd use for blending things besides a blender.


Key chains or paper clips?


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