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Parents think I'm crazy


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May I ask your age?



Char's Harem:
Host- Max 37 yo Male
Tulpa - Char (Charlette), 22 yo (4 days realized) Female/Futanari 
Servitor (active)- Precious, Female baby girl/ sister-sub

Servitor (inactive)- Joc Male Bull


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   I was in a similar spot about 10 years ago; told my parents and friends at school about the "alters" I had. My parents chalked it up to me being lonely at school and home, barely mentioning it again after a few long talks. Friends teased me for a few months, with a couple of them bringing it up every now and again but less maliciously. 


   Your best bet is to tone it down, let them think it is/was a phase. In a few months act embarrassed about it, try to change the topic. Talk about it in past tense after a while. I'm not sure what website you showed them, but I would be careful about posting there if you think your parents may check it out.


   And in the future, keep it on the downlow. I know incorporating your tulpa into your daily life sounds fun and is exciting, but it will at best be a letdown and at worst result in serious backlash. I'm sorry this happened, as I relate a lot to your position. You'll get through it and things will get back to normal if you don't double down on this.

Slipper (cringelord host) and Mordecai (the brain gremlin).


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