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Reviving old threads


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People make good points.

Just to be clear, reviving an old thread is fine so long as you have something reasonable to contribute.


I've been seeing a fair deal of old threads being bumped with posts of questionable value, usually by new members. There's no official policy on this that I know of, since the posts are typically on-topic, just not worth bumping a two-month-old thread to say.


I would say that bumping an old thread to contribute real information should be acceptable. For instance, if a thread asked a question that wasn't sufficiently answered, and you think you have an answer for it.


An example of something that should be discouraged is if the poster is having a similar-but-not-really problem and a suitable answer isn't in the thread; better to create a new thread instead of reviving the old one. And "thank you, that worked" should just plain not be posted in a dead thread unless a "do not bump" checkbox were added.


EDIT: I'm used to a couple forums where it's severely discouraged. Phi makes a good point -- it makes sense to allow here because of the type of discussion.


As for obsolete advice, I would want to keep it for historical reasons rather than deleting. A reply saying it's obsolete may not work because a user might stop reading when they get to the seemingly good advice. Perhaps editing the bad-advice post to stick a "this is old, bad advice" warning at the top of it?

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I've never once thought about necroposting as something bad. Bumping with a "lol" in an old post is just as bad as bumping a new one with a "lol". There's really no difference. Even if the thread is old, it probably has academic value just like the new ones, so the worse that will probably happen is that somebody reads through an old question and gets an answer to that old question. I do understand the possibility that somebody bumps a thread that has an answer that is now considered 'wrong' or 'obsolete'. Those shouldn't be necroposted, and the moderation team should think about doing something, like deleting them, so no new user will read it and mistakenly use the information.

Or the moderator could simple reply to the necro'd thread stating that the answer is now considered 'obsolete'.


As for off-topic, progress reports, and the like, I couldn't care less about necroposting.

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This seemed like pretty standard practice on GameFAQs (which is the site I frequented before joining tulpa.info), and the mods never did anything about it. And afaik there are no rules against it here either, provided of course that the post used to bump the topic is constructive and doesn't just say "Bump" or something like that. That will get you modded, since bumping a topic is not constructive posting.

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Guest Anonymous

I don't want to post, but tfw no gf was requesred to be lockwd because it was answered and suddenly a new member posteds hit worse rhan my post.

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