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Do your friends/family know about your tulpa?


Who knows about your tulpa?  

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  1. 1. Who knows about your tulpa?

    • Every close friend/family member knows about it.
    • Some close friends/family members know about it.
    • Only one or two close friends/family members know about it.
    • Nobody knows about it, but I may tell some in the future.
    • Nobody knows about it, it will be my secret until the day I day.

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Among friends only Jake knows and i don't think he counts for the purposes of this poll.

My dad is the kind of man to find weed extremely scary, i don't think a tulpa would go over very well.

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Guest Anonymous

>day I day

I might if someone notices me talking to air.

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Guest Anonymous

I'm keeping it a secret until the day I... day. However, I frequently do all kinds of psychedelics/dissasociatives with a group of friends, so I'm sure at some point I'm going to slip up and end up talking to my tulpa in front of them. I guess I'd just try to blame it on the drugs if I didn't say anything personal.

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Don't really intend on keeping it a secret, but I don't intend to talk much about it where it's not relevant.

Only one friend knows of it so far.

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I've got at least two friends who would be definitely interested, so I plan on telling them.


That's the thing, I have a lot of friends who are the type that seem to really benefit from having a tulpa (male, lonely, kissless virgin) but I really doubt they're open-minded enough to try it. They'd probably think I'm a freak or something. So I'll probably just end up "hiding my power level".

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