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Tulpamancing Roleplay: An exercise in visualization.


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So, is it too,late to join this? It sounds like a bit of fun. My tulpa isn't fully developed yet, but I get the feeling she would like to be inserted. As a matter of fact, just a few minutes ago in a forcing session we were running through woods, hunting deer with bow and arrow. It was quite intense. Then, I open up the forum and this jumps out at me.


I get the sense she wants to be an archer. It fits her, I believe.

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As a matter of fact, just a few minutes ago in a forcing session we were running through woods, hunting deer with bow and arrow. It was quite intense.


That is pretty intense. goddamn. anyway mines just 1 and a half hour old, I think he died after I stopped forcing for several weeks.


It's not really too late, it's just I doubt many people are going to take part, it was a pretty silly idea after-all.


If you want to do the real time one add me on Skype (username stated beforehand).

Alright lets just start the forum-based RP now, here's the setting:


Perhaps we could add in some floating mountains and such, I don't know.


Character Bio:

Name: Leo (OC, not a self insert or tulpa)



Wizard. Fights with a wooden staff.



He is of average height and build, dressed in a blue cloak and matching wizard hat made of cloth, the cloak extends almost down to his sandals.


Attributes: (D6 is masterful, D30 is retarded monkey, D12 is average (half and half chance)

1. strength: D14

2. Agility: D12

3. accuracy: D8

4. endurance: D12


Traits (maximum of 2)

1. Basic Fire magic, low level fire bolt spells, immolate ect.

2. Intermediate Frost magic, ice bolt spells and area of effect cone of cold.

These traits will be used based on attributes, for example I fling a fireball, I'ma need to role accuracy to see if I hit.


Our hero's appear in the tepid autumn forests in an unknown land of magic (and other shite).

Now I'll just wait for you and anyone else to create a character bio. We need two people (including myself) to start.

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(I'm sure people will enjoy it. It is a good visualization exercise and a great way to pass the time! I know I'm exited for it. Also, I doubt your tulpa is gone. Just start giving him/her some attention again and they'll come back.)



Character Bio


Name: Miah Kuroha (Tulpa insert. I will be controlling. May give the reins to Miah after she develops further.)


Role: Ranged Damage. Equipped with an oak bow, quiver of arrows, and a knife sheathed at the hip.


Appearance: A woman in her early twenties. Average build with a pronounced bust. Short, chocolate brown hair, icy blue eyes. Fancies a dark grey cloak and cowl, rugged leather pants, boots, and a small pack hanging at waist level with the strap running to and across the opposite shoulder.




Strength: D20


Agility: D8


Accuracy: D9


Endurance: D16


Charisma: D14




-Wild Child: Is at home in nature. The world is her oyster and she loves it. -2 Points from all skill rolls, sans Strength and Charisma, while in the wild.


-Night Owl: Has an affinity for darkness. Is comfortable in the shadows and prefers the night over the day. -1 Points from all skill rolls, sans Strength and Charisma, at night.




The woman is spat out from the magical vortex and tumbles through the leaves on the ground, throwing up dirt and dried grass as she goes. Her momentum carries her to base of a tree, which she hits with a loud thump.


Rubbing her head she grumbles, "Oh yeah, because a concussion goes so nicely with teleportation sickness. Would it have killed them to drop me in something soft? A nice bale of hay, maybe?"

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I'll give it a shot, my sister (chloe) will join.




Name: Chloe Vermillion


Role: Shadow warrior, damage dealer and tanker who relies on her mastery over shadow manipulation to defends and attacks. Can be very vulnerable without shadow power.


Appearance: Teenage girl, 160cm, average bust and hip, relatively thin, with red ponytail. Wears a black combat boot and a slim fit black jeans, a simple red shirt and a black scarf created using her control of shadow. Also carries a 2 meter long naginata.



-Strength: D18

-Agility: D18

-Accuracy: D14

-Endurance: D16



-Shadow manipulation:

passive effects: Shadow armor

+enhance strength and agility and by -6, and endurance by -8 as long as her shadow armor is active.

+Sentience: The shadow have a mind of it's own, loyal to no one but Chloe. It can execute various action on it's own by shifting into spears and armor. The shadow stats are: Strength D12, Accuracy D10. Cannot make action based on agility and endurance.

Active effects: Amplify Shadow

+enhance her strength and agility by further -1.

+enhance the strength of her shadow by -1

*She can activate active effect repeatedly at anytime by rolling less than 8 in endurance for the first activation and 7,6,6,5,4,3,2,2,1 at each repeated activation. Active effect will last for a brief moment.


If she fails, the shadow armor dissipate and all active and passive effects are lost and Chloe will be dazed for a brief moment unable to do anything. She will regain passive only by successfully activating active effects again.

Without her shadow, she is just a fragile little girl


-Pole-arm mastery, if any long weapon (spears and the likes) are used in an appropriate event, -1 to agility, -4 to accuracy.


*Maybe her shadow armor trait was too complicated?*


A cloud of darkness appears near the top of a tree. A girl with red ponytail appears and fell onto Miah.


"I thought I could teleport with my shadow... Now i'm lost in a forest.", she said as she looked around.

"At least I fell on something soft... Why is there a women lying under me?"

Chloe - That cheerful girl with ponytail.

Aigis - The male cyborg that looks like raiden in MGR.

Vixen - Half dragon female who looks like Mary in DMC3 when in human form.

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((Shadow armor? Interesting! I like it. Also, did I mention that I'm currently watching this thread with the attentiveness of a thousand boarder collies hyped up on Ritalin?))


After a moment, the woman picks herself up off the ground. She stretches out, relieving the tension in her sore muscles. Flecks of the autumn leaves are caught in her hair, seeming strangly appropriate. She stretches one last time and, with a slight groan, a pop is heard.


"Ahhh.... There we go." she says with a sigh. Tilting her head upward she asks, "Now, would someone please inform me as to where we are and what we are doi-"


Just then, an odd darkness apeared above her. A second later, what appeared to be a youg girl fell from it on a collision corse with Miah. The most the woman could get out before finding herself on the ground again was, "Well shi-..."


The two women collide, sending another frenzy of dried leaves into the air. The gently fall and settle on the both of them. Finding her face thoroughly buried in the girl's lower back, muffled speech could only be heard before Miah attempted to push the girl off.


(Roll for strength: D5 Success!)


With quite a hard shove, Miah sends the girl slightly off the ground and off her person. Immediately she sits up and tests for her worst fear. A groan confirms it.


"Aaaannndd now the crick in my neck is back. Joy."


She stands and, once again, begins her regiment of working the crick out. However, she is now noticeably scanning her environment, on the look out for any other magical mishaps.

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-Strength: D18

-Agility: D18

-Accuracy: D14

-Endurance: D16


The girl with red ponytail stood up, brushed off some leaves, did a few stretch and checked her belongings. To her delights, her keepsake Naginata given to her by her brother is still with her.


"Yay! it's still here!"


She noticed that Miah seemed a little upset, without any means to help relieving her pain, she apologized to her.




Chloe also noticed that her shadow have already dissipated, being in a forest and all, a tiger or any sharp-toothed furry animal could leap at her anytime, so she decided to summon her shadow again. She closes her eye and focused.


Summon shadow

(Roll for endurance: Target is D8)


(15, fails)


Nothing appeared at all, with a trace of disappointment, Chloe said "Damnit", before trying again.


(5, succeeded)


New stat

-Strength: D12

-Agility: D12

-Accuracy: D14

-Endurance: D8


A cloud of shadow appeared above her head and shifted into a black scarf before resting on her neck. Satisfied, Chloe asked the archer.


"Do you happen to know where we are?"

Chloe - That cheerful girl with ponytail.

Aigis - The male cyborg that looks like raiden in MGR.

Vixen - Half dragon female who looks like Mary in DMC3 when in human form.

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Miah continued to work the ache in her neck. It was close to coming out, she could feel it.


"Just a little more... Come on, you bastard!"


A moment of slight pain, a pop, and then relief.


"Ahhhh...." She sighed out loud.


Behind her, she heard the girl was apologizing. Shrugging it off, Miah responded with an apathetic mumble and something along the lines of, "Just don't make it a regular thing..."

The ranger took a moment to check through her belongings, looking to make sure nothing was broken. She did not have much. She only carried what was necessary, save a few odd trinkets such as a pipe which appeared to have not seen tobacco in ages.


The girl behind her cursed. Turning around, the girl now had a black scarf. "Oh", she said with a smirk, "too chilly for you? Good, now we won't have to amputate your leg from frostbite."


The girl then asked, "Do you know where we are?"


The response was a curt, "No idea. I just got here myself." She took a moment to survey her surroundings. There were no landmarks to speak of. Just the warm colors of the autumn.


"Yep... No idea..."


((*Cough* *Cough* Maybe someone will tell us? *Cough* *Cough*))

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God damn, I've wanted to play D&D with Pruria for months but then I'd have to write up dungeons and shit. I'm tottaly in on this. I'm going to use a stand in—don't like my personal info!—Pruria, on the other hand, will be herself; we love going on adventures in the wonderland, fighting is common on said adventures.


Read the last few posts after, don't want no bias...



*G and Pruria join the game.*




Name:Pruria Joal


Role: Bard-barian (Oh, what a terrible title on my half...)


Character Bio:With an everlasting affinity for music, Pruria finds both peace and power in the four wound metal strings of the bass guitar she's owned since she was born (receiveth upon to her by her father who left her with no information about his leave.) The wood, of the bottom of the body, whittled into a very sharp, serrated blade; and then enchanted to make the wood almost unbreakable and give the user good luck.


Appearance:White, pegasus pony. Sky blue hair; hangs down to hooves, straight. Green eyes. Taller and longer than other ponies, four head height, three head length. Chalky black hooves.


Attributes: Strength — 8d

Agility — 14d

Accuracy — 12d

Endurance — 16d

Charisma — 8d

Intelligence — 10d

Luck — 7d


Traits: Cleave — An aimed hit meant to deal extra damage. Roll accuracy

Melody — A song the summons a shield to protect a party member (or anything else of choice) for one turn. Roll intelligence




Name: G


Role: Medic


Character Bio: Lived in fear all his life; G was raised in a town of constant attack from dragons, titans and others of the like. He began a practice in medicine, to better ease the pain and suffering of his family and friends, and soon found a good hand in the art of medical magic. He later found the ever so beautiful Pruria—or, rather, lured to—after he found her playing her bass around the corpses of an invading group of knights; and totally wooed that madin like a bawws. The two have travelled together ever since, seeking evil to destroy.


Appearance: Average height, skinny, angular. Jet black hair. Black trousers and button shirt, White leather coat and shoes. Carries a white satchel.


Attributes: Strength — 20d

Agility — 14d

Accuracy — 12d

Endurance — 20d

Charisma — 12d

Intelligence — 6d

Luck — 12d


Traits: Basic medical magic — Stop bleeding; Close cuts; heal brusies, swelling; cure basic sickness, etc. Roll intelligence

Small chance to heal broken bones, damaged organs, viruses, etc. Roll like a monkey

Hide — From practice as a child; can hide almost anywhere without being detected. Roll d6

Can hide another. Roll Luck



If there's any problems with this, that anyone has, let me know. Reading the other posts now.



''This is G''

[This is Pruria!]



The pony watched, from behind the bushes, the two women fumble about on the forest floor only to them pick themselves up and make acquaintance.


The red haired girl cast some sort of shadow magic unknown to the pegasus, she looked around at her foraging, and oblivious, partner; deciding the two girls were of little harm, she steps out from the bushes and confronts them on her own.


[You're in Epends Forest, place of eternal good. My name is Joal, love.]

Pruria Joal (Pegasus)

Working on: Imposition

Hieldy (Moogle)

Working on: Possession/imposition

Samantha (Griffon)

Working on: Deafness/form


And please, call me G.

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Guest Anonymous

Can this be moved to the arts section, since its telling a story, and is fanfiction because of that?

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Hearing a rustling behind her, Miah whips around like a whip. Like a flash, her bow is drawn and an arrow is notched, aimed at the source of the disturbance. Her eyes narrow as she bears down on what she now recognizes as a stark white pony.

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