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Tulpamancing Roleplay: An exercise in visualization.


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I'm relatively new here and thought we could do a roleplay as part of a visualization exercise, it's for anyone just starting out to people who have fully developed tuppers.


The game:


First of all Character creation:

You and your tulpa can either make their own OC's (Tuppers can do some inception shit in that regard) or play as self inserts. Proto-tulpas and servitors can also be inserted. Pretty straight forward. You can only have 1 OC/self-insert per sentient being, that doesn't mean you can't share one. Be sure to vividly describe them so others can see them in game.


The world:

The world will be elaborately described in vivid detail so you can visualize it as a sub-wonderland shared by multiple people through text (I don't believe in metaphysics before you ask). This will include surroundings, background, humidity, wind, temperature and other things. Like I say apart from being a game this will also be a visualization exercise.

The game world will be first person, imagine it as a wonderland. Try this, create a marked door in your wonderland, when you open it it leads to a non-euclidean blank white space (or do whatever you want, it's only a suggestion). This space will be the roleplay area, and it will be actively shaped by whoever is playing on the forums, A kind of shared wonderland if you will.


Turn based RPG:

It will take place on the forums and therefore won't be real time. You'll have to visualize it then make your move, leave for a while and come back to it. You'll have plenty of time so spend as much effort describing the surroundings as you like.



We'll be playing a window style Role-play (assuming anyone is interested) http://www.mimgames.com/window/rules/quickstart.html (incase hyperlink does not work)


The rules are very simple:

Your character has a bunch of attributes such as strength, agility and precision ect. And a trait (which can be an ability or learned skill), such as hacking or fire breathing for example). The attribute's value you use will be the number of side to the dice. Your goal is to roll a number lower or equal to six, thus being successful in whatever action you take.

Skill levels:

6d= Masterful, your character will always be successful.

8d= Expert

10d= Above normal.

12d= average.

16d= sub-par.

30d= retarded monkey.


In game-play, once you take an action that could be dangerous or challenging you roll a dice program (theGamemaster will roll a dice, don't worry I'll be subscribing to the thread and I have no life). Before that you can take as many actions as you want (you could strike up a chat with another player and post it on the thread. I doubt anyone would do this but still)


For example, you roll to slash another player or NPC with your sword.


you have a skill level of 16d, your character finds carrying swords difficult and therefore makes wild uncontrolled swings.

You roll a 1, by some incredible stroke of luck you decapitate your foe.

You roll an 8, you nick him with a glancing blow, its pretty much completely ineffective.

You roll a 16, he sidesteps your made swing, you fall off balance, having missed completely and end up leaving yourself wide open.

Rolls will be subject to fuzzy logic.


Two players fighting each other as opposed to one attacking the other:

Player one is a brute and rolls based on strength (8d): he rolls a 3.

Player two rolls based on agility (6d): she rolls a 2.

Player two succeeds.

Whoever rolls less wins, makes for interesting battles.


A finial note on characters:

It is of course your self-insert/ OC playing, so the decision is up to you, but I ask that you do not make your character overpowered as this will ruin the fun. Instead you should limit yourself to one masterful trait, or preferably non at all.

Also for traits, no existential threats or reality warping abilities are allowed. Keep it simple and specific like frost breath or tail blade. You can be pretty creative in their uses anyway.


Note: Sentient tuppers will be treated as separate players, if any Tuppers are playing get your host to type your part separately with a line-break separating your turns, just make sure we can tell who's who.

Players may also get something to spawn out of nowhere, such as a dragon swooping down from overhead or an Eldritch abomination (E.G Cthulhu) coming over the distant mountain ranges. I only ask you try and not kill everybody with ridiculous suggestions.



And finally, are there any suggestions for the RP's starting landscape? I was thinking a Skyrim type landscape due to it's nice winter-esk art-style, that and we could pick a place with screen shots and start from there (throat of the world anyone?).

It isn't really going to have any over-arching plot, and the player characters will know it's a shared wonderland (NPC's if any, won't). Feel free to create servitors for use in game.







Edit: Here's a character sheet:






Personality (very basic overview, we'll find out in game anyway)



1. strength:

2. Agility:

3. ect:

Traits (maximum of 2)

1. Fire breath.

2. Flying.


Starting items:

1. Sword

Sword description:

2. Sandwich

Peanut butter and jelly, no need to describe that.



Hopefully this roleplay will help improve tulpa personality as well as visualization skills.

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So, we're basically playing D&D as a group to help with our tulpas? That actually sounds kinda fun.

I think we already have something similar, but it's not as in depth compared to what you're suggesting:


My Tulpa

And then it cuts to a scene where you're sitting in a padded cell.


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Although I never found this kind of "roleplay" to be needed or desired, one related thing I used to do with Louis in March and a bit with Pinkie later on was reenacting videos. Just plain taking a video and assuming the different roles, then saying the associated lines, like some sort of rehearsal. Plenty of fun, and much simpler.

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This does sound pretty fun,although I've never really played this type of game before.

Gumdrop has already decided he'd want to be a cat of some sort if we do play.





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We're totally game, the whole sample character sheet is... lacking... iincluding ect in the attributes instead of giving us any real parameters as to what to include? Do we use numbers, Your #d system for them descriptors?

Refine this a little and we're totally in.

Scratch what we put for the attributes, I didn't read properly, still, give us a full list of what needs to be included.

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Guest Anonymous

Why not move this to the section where the other game is? I think its in guides.

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give us a full list of what needs to be included.

Sure, you'd need things like strength, agility (includes speed and acrobatics), accuracy (for when you need a gun to shoot down that pesky world eater), endurance (covers stamina ect) and whatever you'd want really if you can be bothered to state it.


You also get up-to 3 traits. Hell it's all optional anyway.

Anyone interested start Submitting character sheets. I've changed my mind and decided to do this real-time (we could also do this on a forum as a separate adventure, the skype call with have significantly less detail in it, but the forum will still be as vivid if you guys still want to do that).


Give me your skype Id's (unless you want to use a IRC client such as mIRC) and we can meet sometime. Preferably either tomorrow or Sunday the 30th. Depending on your location it will be, shall we say 8PM UK time, which if you happen to be in the USA means it will be held at roughly 3PM. This is probably going to inconvenience some, let me know if it does.


Anyway I'll be on early, log onto skype and contact me at Wrath...AHopelessEndeavor or if that doesn't work try it without the dots. I'll add you to a shared conversation then we can just sit around waiting for people to join (get there early if you want, you'll just have to browse the internet for a while).


Well be using this website to roll the dice:


Just put your skill level as the maximum value and click generate.

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