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Removing Doubts and General Meditation Technique

Guest Lanpc


Guest Lanpc

Hey I have a useful technique for those that sometimes feel like the doubts they're having will negatively affect their tulpa. This technique will also help with distracting thoughts during meditation/LD's/Kundalini stuff.


Note: You do not have to go through the whole process that I narrate, this is more of a guideline to help you find the exact "muscle" used when forming thoughts, and allow you to manipulate it.




A major problem/stumbling block that people run into when trying to create a tulpa, is doubt (What if my tulpa can't really talk? Am I just insane? My tulpa doesn't really exist and I feel crazy talking to nothing [lol], etc.). A great way to deal with this is to first get relaxed, and in a meditative state. Pay attention to your mind and all the thoughts flitting by, but in a third person perspective. Examine where these thoughts are coming from and where they go when you forget about them. Now every time I had a doubt about my tulpa, I would visualize my tulpa reaching into my head grabbing the thought (I visualized the doubt as being a black worm), pulling it out of my head and using a flame thrower to incinerate it. I would do this constantly. As soon as a doubt formed in my head my tulpa would kick it's ass. Eventually I got so good at this it would become automatic Doubt > Tulpa ass whooping > no doubt, but at the same time I was getting tired of visualizing the whole scene in my head so I cut it down. I changed the visualization so that every time a doubt worm formed, my Tulpa would stick a gun in my head and kill it before it got out. As I was doing this something clicked in my head [Not the gun ba-dum tshh]. I realized that thoughts are just another action similar to moving a hand or a leg. It starts with an intention. As soon as I noticed this I changed the visualization again. As soon as I felt the impulse [intention? Not sure what to call it] that a doubt was forming in my head, I would visualize a spark going off where I thought the doubt originated and I would immediately suppress the thought before it fully formed.


Eventually I did this process so much during the day that it became automatic, Doubt forming > Spark > Doubt gone. I believe my subconscious took over censoring my thoughts, but I would still feel the beginning of the doubt before it sparked and I didn't like that. So I changed it up once again, but this time a bit more subtle. I examined my thoughts again, and realized that where I thought the thoughts were originating was actually not where all my thoughts originated. Eventually I found this sweet spot, that i determined was the origin of the intention to form thoughts about my doubts about my tulpa [mouthful]. I found I could flex a muscle [or something like a muscle?] and it would kill the thought before I even knew what it was. Again I practiced this a lot with different thoughts that I wanted my sub to filter, and eventually the process would become automatic. At the same time however, I could actively enforce a "blanket ban" of all thoughts while meditating (Not for long, I feel like I can filter specific thoughts much easier than all thoughts) to effectively have a calm and quiet mind while my sensory awareness was greatly enhanced.


Remember that you do not have to follow the exact process I did, the end goal in this excercise is to be able to identify the region of the brain where your thoughts are formed, and control it. Any questions, let me know!


**Quick edit to add an exercise [thanks Lacquer for pointing out how confusing this can be]**


If you want a quick exercise, try this:


1. Say the word "Hello" Loudly and clearly in your head

2. Now repeat the word, but cut it off halfway through

3. Repeat and cut off at H

4. Repeat but cut off the instant you hear a sound

5. This is the tricky part, now you have to intend to say the word "Hello", but cut it off before you hear anything. This can be made easier by saying "Hello" twice and cutting off the 2nd "Hello" before it is vocalized.

6. Finally, as soon as you feel the "impulse" to say "Hello", cut it off.


This exercise should help in identifying that "impulse", and hopefully help you figure out just what I am talking about.

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