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Could I get some tips/info on possession please.


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A friend of mine told me that it's okay to start possession if your tulpa consent to it.

Reina is sentient and can talk to me via mindvoice, and she is okay with doing it. So I have been working on it for about a week and a half in the morning before I go to school.

So I was wondering if this is okay (I've gotten responses from her :D) starting early, and if anyone has any tips they could give me (or information).

Thank you :)

Also you can tell me any of your experiences with it and how long it took you to get a finger to move or lift etc.

it would be great to read about it.

Reina: human, female, 17.

Began 26th of April

Can talk to me via mindvoice. :D


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There are guides everywhere on possession, just use the search bar you'll find a lot of tips



Form1-Arctic wolf, big blue eyes

Form2-Long white hair, blue eyes, pale skin, white wolf ears/tail, light blue jacket

Personality-Compassionate, calm, sarcastic, playful, protective, introverted

Stage-Sentient, vocal, working on possession

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