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Scared of fronting

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On 10/17/2023 at 11:29 AM, Bella_Petra_007 said:

I'm new to this and I've been wondering if there was any connection between creating a Tulpa and Dissociative Identity or Multiple Personality Disorder.

take this whole response with a grain of salt, I'm not an expert; most of this is just from reading random articles, blogs, and other stuff online. From what I understand, both tulpamancy and DID both fall under the general umbrella of plurality; any brain with more than one person/self/consciousness/personality/alter/members/one of the other myriad of words for it (seriously there's so many). but besides that, they're pretty different in terms of like, everything else. for one, DID systems are almost exclusively traumagenic, and as said previously DID will not form from doing tulpamancy. DID is typically a lot more problematic for those affected, because (i) trauma is bad, (ii) members won't necessarily have great communication (leading to many problems), (iii) some members may actively try to harm the body, (iv) memory is often not shared, (v) "losing time" may happen a lot, etc etc. It should be noted that issues like this in tulpamancy systems are extremely rare, at least from what anecdotal evidence I've seen, so it overall should not really be much of a concern (although caution never hurts). and that should make sense; in DID, alters form as a response mechanism to external trauma, so of course there are going to be mental health issues. but with tulpamancy systems, members are created (mostly) intentionally, and start out on good terms and with good communication; and with the host being there for a majority of the brain's existence before then, they still keep a lot of control. there also exists just natural plurality, it's somewhat rare but some brains are just naturally plural without any external factors (like how most brains are naturally singlets). plurality, I believe, (and remember, this is just my opinion) is the same mental phenomenon going on between all of its different forms; so there is a relation between DID and tulpamancy, but it should be noted that the distinction between the different forms of plurality is made for a reason: there are pretty big differences between each type of plurality.

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system members:

Ivy [formerly Daemon] (host, any pronouns)
Amaba (tulpa, she/they)

Mythril (walk-in, he/him)

maybe more but those are the significant ones

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For us, it's happened a few times. Blending and that sort of thing can be freaky, but it's not super hard to separate it out again. Some of us have been front stuck before, but it doesn't really last long. I wouldn't worry.


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