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My testimony about a paranormal experience related to soulbonding

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Dear all,


I already shared my testimony through several medias or on social networks.

But, I sincerly want to obtain feedbacks from experimented tulpamancers about this event, even if it is closer from soulbonding than tulpamancy for I do not find trustable specialists of soulbonding.


I wrote I concluded on the paranormal/spiritual/magick aspect of this experience. Nonetheless, I am open to a skeptical analysis of those facts.

You are all welcome with your comments!


Besides, I am aware the concerned fiction and its iconic character at the root of all this stuff have a huge and involved fanbase.

I really do not want to hurt their feelings and to create dramas, I am truly troubled and I only look for answers and solutions.


You have my testimony in the attached PDF.

Have a nice reading!


Best regards,



Paranormal Testimony.pdf

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Hi all!


To feed a further discussion if some of you want so, I want to confirm my case is not an exception.

I have mentionned other testimonies in mine but there are several that confirm both this fiction has generated an unusual number of soulbonding cases and a few of them have astounishing aspects.

I recently found other testimonies to confirm this assumption. I give you links to them below:


Have nice readings and have a nice day!



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Dear all,

I am a little disappointed: I found that an user on another forum is looking for testimonies like mine and so I wanted to share it with him.

But, I cannot access this forum and all my attempts to contact this user have failed for a few days.

So, if some of you have accounts on this forum I will be glad if they inform this person I try to chat with him or at least point him out my post here.

His thread is below:


In any case, thank you all!

Have a nice day!


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