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Ashmo's First Tulpa

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[Okay! So I joined a furry rp site to have a place with some more socializing. I'm going to present myself in a way that the tupper thing won't have to come up because I'm just a hard core role player who doesn't break character :D I'm really hoping to make some friends. And Owen is dedicated to letting me play this out as long as I want to!]


I don't think I've seen him this excited for anything since Pete's Dragon...

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Sounds like a great way to socialize. Glad to hear it.


I've thought of joining a witchcraft site before and just kinda blending in. Nothing should really come up that I couldn't skirt around.


Let us know if it goes well!

"...the last thing you wanted a witch to do was get bored and start making her own amusements,

because witches sometimes had famously erratic ideas about what was amusing.”

   - Terry Pratchett


Discord: Ivy#8937

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