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Intrusive Thoughts and its Dangers


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I have been at this for a couple of weeks now. Mistakes were made, I've learned things from trial and error along with extensive research. However, there is one very dark problem I've run into, and I can't seem to find the answer. I'll just quote this from my journal.


"During my session, I decided to use parroting as a form of personality development, but something extremely sudden happened. I have ADD and suffer from frequent intrusive thoughts and it happened during the session. I don't care to say what it was, but it makes me a lot more wary of tulpaforcing. Tulpae are living entities separate from oneself, I'd hate to bring one into this world with the demented thoughts that escape from the back of my head and into a session. It scared me to the point where I didn't want to tulpaforce for the rest of the day."


I don't know what I should do at this point. I've always been that person afraid of the dark, the one who can't help but imagine those insightful demons in the mirror, and heard footsteps that aren't there. I did a small amount of research on this, but it didn't seem too important to me, as I've fought back these thoughts for years. Now they're back, and it makes me wonder what might happen to my tulpa if I continue this. I see tulpae almost as children, and thus I worry deeply for its fate. Should I continue this, or forget I ever even heard of tulpae?

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I'm going to say...


I think you should have more faith in your tulpa.


An intrusive thought is just that--a thought. Everyone has them, everyone thinks things they don't mean or gets spooked by things that they imagine. If you don't give power to the thought, it can't do anything at all.


Early tulpaforcing often means you'll have a lot of them--why? Because you're noticing them. You've always had them, these random thoughts, but usually tv or the internet drowns them out. But when you focus on your thoughts, you see the background silliness. And that's all it is, silliness.


Your thoughts aren't going to harm your tulpa. You can explain what they are to your tulpa, brush them away, and keep on forcing. In time your tulpa may even be able to brush those thoughts aside.


You aren't the only person with these random dark thoughts, even the best of people suffer from them. Just talk to your tulpa about your intrusive thoughts, get your mind centered again, laugh it off, and go about your forcing as usual. A thought is a thought, it only has power if you give power to it.



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Yeah, attachment towards those thoughts can make even the best of people in mental endurance have contemplation in giving up. Even I go through those stages, and the more you train youself to become aware of those thoughts, the more chaotic it can get. Which is why unless I'm just forcing/narrating, I focus on what I feel needs to be done and just go through those random thoughts without lending too much attachment to them. It's just a part of accepting and embracing the complexity of our minds and how it can suppress, repress, and create all sorts of things.

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