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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread

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Guest Anonymous

Hmm... i may be back, I've no idea. It's been incredibly difficult finding the time and energy to keep up with my tulpa, with so many people around all the time and I'm busy with trying to find work. It's been many months since I've been actively practicing tulpamancy and i feel my tulpa is now simply a shell of all the progress we had made before. I don't want to give up though, having a tulpa would be incredibly helpful for me in many ways, so I'm gonna make at least one more effort to start up on this again. Need lots of encouragement and probably much advice. If my motivation for this doesn't perk up in a week or two though, I'm probably gonna leave.


Holy shit man. Just talk to your tulpa on your lunch break and in the shower or while driving/riding in a car, bus or whatever. Force before going to sleep. Try keeping a daily journal about your tulpa.

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Hello My name is Roxas. I'm here to post my journal and what not. I've known my host for about 7 years so far. My host calls me Ventus but I prefer to be called Roxas. Nice to meet ya!

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Well hi, I'm Thunder. I've been here before, and I check this website all the time. So I figured I will join the ranks of this site because I actually want to create a legit tulpa for once. All the other ones I have ever tried to create might have well been raindrops or lightning strikes, things that are there for a moment and gone the next. I'm a blank canvas again right now, and I don't have a clue what I'm going to do. No rush though. I might not even make this tulpa until 2016.


Oh, and looks like some of you might have seen me outside this site.

my PR

my art thread

tumblr tulpa log

my DA

White will talk in this color.

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Hi there everyone.

I'm Saul Laski (of course it ain't my real name.), and i've been interested in making a Tulpae for almost 2 years now.

Time has always been in the way, and i just couldn't kick myself hard enough in the *ss to start doing it.

Well, i did try twice, but for a few days, maybe a week or two, straight. But now i feel like i want to commit myself to make a soul-bound, life-long companion to share my life with.

My personnality's a bit broken, and i think that having a friend always at my side would help me feel better. Not about myself, but about the way i see the world and society in general. Having a friend able to feel and know all of what happens in your mind, one i can't lie to, and who won't lie to me, feels amazing. It's like Communism; a freakin' great ideoloy, but unlike that controversed political view, it's a pretty realistic goal. Won't tell you much of my life, but doing something and not giving up half-way would do wonders to my psyche right now.

Also, i'm pretty familiar with energies and ''magic'' (what i call energy manipulation to heal faster, visualize things and making them happen in another side of our reality- pretty weird stuff, but i might have been imposing stuff on my mind since i was able to think.)

I like to thinki'm a medium, even though i can't claim to have any real powers. But maybe those abilities could be a good imput and advantage to have in making a Tulpae; and i'd like to share that particular information with a community, as well as having a support in making myself not-giving-up while working on a Tulpae.


So... Salutations, Everyone. Nice to meet you all. Hope i don't sound too creepy but hey- no offense- from the viewpoint of society, we're all weirdos here. I know we can all understand each other on another level- a way deeper and true level of understanding.


I strive to find real friendship by making that Tulpae. I'd like to meet one and talk to it for a few minutes too- i think only a tulpae might hold answers for my questions, such as their link to the ''web'' of psychological connection between other tulpaes and people sensible enough to see it. Might even help a lot for other new tulpamancers (that's the term, right?) such as i, in the future.


Feel free to contact me whenever, even by Facebook if it's easier for you.

Again, thanks for welcoming another crazy *sshole in your friendlist. I promise you won't regret meeting a Canadian Weirdo with amazing hidden skills. I often have that effect on people (note the sarcasm in this sentence- it's primordial if you want to understand the way i write).


See you all soon enough, and in the hopes of forming a good, lastinf relationship with y'all!

Undergoing Tulpa: Silence

We shall rule the world out of Evil, with Kindness as our main weapon.

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Hi everybody. This is Light, Dracky's tulpa. Yes, I used to be called Lyra, but since dummy can't remember that it's "LIE-ra" and not "LEE-ra", we decided to change it to Twilight. You can call me Light, though. Pleased to meet you all!


Anywho. In light of recent events, Dracky has been wanting to quit the forums, but I feel like posting here is helpful toward my continuing development, so we agreed to stay, with me taking over primary posting duties. Also, since I'm the account owner, I get to be the white text and Dracky has to used colored text. Muahahaha.

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Hello everyone.

I'm Reuel. a.k.a RJ and I live in America.


I started making my tulpa the last full week of August and therefore am over two moths in. I did a lot of research and thinking before I started so I knew what I'd be getting myself into including just surfing the forums and irc chat. But just last week, I felt a need for a refresher so I'd know exactly what I should be doing. I decides to read this guide I hadn't seen before and when I did, it really and truly opened my eyes. And afterwards I was able to get some non-vocal responses from my tulpa. Before then, I got seemingly nothing from her except one voice about 3 weeks prior calling my name when no one was up or around and it didn't sound like anyone I knew.

Now you're probably wondering why I now decide to go in the forums. Well reason being is because I have some questions and might have some in the future that I feel would best be answered here than on the chat so I get different viewpoints. Hopefully I made the right decision going on here now rather than later.

Thanks for your time.

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Hey, I'm Cook. I've been lurking for a good year without an account, so I sucked it up and made one.


I started making a tulpa three days ago. It's my third attempt, and I hope I'll do better this time, haha...


So, yup. I thought I should start here.

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