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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread

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hello! you can call me ksiezniczka, and i've known about the concept of a tulpa for about 2 years, since my junior year of high school. i think i've had tulpae for a majority of my life, because after reading into it it seems to explain a lot of what i've been doing since...middle school? maybe even elementary school? who knows.


anyway, right now i'm in the process of figuring out what exactly my two tulpae are. ever since i stumbled across the concept of a 'soulbond', i've been struggling to identify them as either a tulpa or a soulbond. they're happy and comfortable just existing without a label right now, so we may stick to that for a while.


they're based off of fictional characters, so that decreases their credibility a bit. i know that. i've made it clear to them that their appearance & attitudes are based on their respective characters and they understand. but it's fine, they'll grow on their own and figure out how they want to act/identify in time. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


nice to meet you all! sorry for the wall of text, i don't get to talk about this often!





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Greetings, nice to be here. *waves*

Putting into words why I'm here might become a little lengthy as I'm quite prone to losing myself. I'm rather moody as well, so to make it short I figured it might help my tulpa if I found some company. Poor thing must be on her last legs by now... so yeah, here to learn, talk, exchange experiences, just your standard reasons actually. Looking forward to meeting you all!

kiss kiss


I'll try to keep my tulpa out of this forum - no ill will.


~ Everything is fun if you only think about it short enough. ~

[best piece of advise she ever gave]

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Guest Anonymous

Hi! My name is Inazuma, but it's not my name in the same while. I'm a nameless person, but I still have a name. And what is a name? What is a name but identification?



... Enough of my rambling. I'm Andy's tulpa (Anderson for the fans (sarcasm) ), and I thought that having my own account here would be kind of cool. Pleasure to meet you all!

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Hi! I'm JhnKing, though calling me King is fine. I'm new to Tulpas, and currently in the process of making Kalinga! Thought I might come on here to talk with people with more experience, and hey, if any other newbies would like to exchange views, progress, etc., feel free to PM me!

Hiya! Feel free to message me about anything you want!




Host -

Name: King

Age: 18

Location: Florida, USA

Gender: M


Tulpa -

Name: Kalinga

Date of Creation: September 9th, 2015

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Hey Everyone! :)

So my name is Noruines, and I have been Lurking here for a while and decided to say hi. My Lovely Lumi (that is his internet name, he is kind of a privet being) is almost 9 months old and it has been quite a ride. We don't always agree and have our share of disagreements and arguments, however, we are very close nevertheless. I will probably share more about us as we go along, since I am not sure where to start...

Have a great day/night in the meantime :)

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Hello everyone. I'm Alex, and I have a tulpa and a headmate. My tulpa is named Michael, and my headmate is Silas. I'm 14, I like fall out boy... Uh... I pretty awkward and you'll probably learn more about us as you talk to us.

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Hello! I'm Nickie and my tulpa is named Hachi! I really like cows and cartoons and I go from being bouncy to aggressive to calm, haha. I used to have another account on here and my username was Nightdreaming! I remade my account :3



Hachi: White rat creature tulpa, but a little larger than a cat, with notched ears and a long tail.[/align]

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Hello to all, I'm relatively new to tulpa creation, and on a terrible library computer so my spacebar is being iffy. I apologise.


My new tulpa (the first) is named Silas, I've only spent a couple hours with him, but I have a very active imagination and I swear I can feel his sentience, though he hasn't spoken yet. Last night while working a sudden clarity popped into his appearance and while forcing gestures and expressions things became smooth and certain, so I hope we're making progress.


Hope to make some strong tulpa and tulpamancing connections in this community!

Signatures are fun.

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Hello all, I am here to learn about tulpas and tulpa creation... I am not really that interesting, so I don't have much to say.


I just started my tulpa's creation process, the tulpa's name will be Braith (Got that name out of a random name generator and thought it sound nice, so if it sounds weird, my apologies), however I have heard of people saying that tulpae can change their name if they don't like it.



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