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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread

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Yo, names ThreeSevens! More commonly known as Ez in other parts! Just call me seven though, it is easier!


I discovered Tulpas about 4 months ago and after some research decided to try it in order to improve my cognitive functions as well as my overall emotional well being. I tried this for two weeks the quit altogether due to major changes happening in my life. I felt guilty for stopping, feeling as though I killed my Tulpa effectively. But I have as of late found reason within myself to believe a part of her survived and reached out to me. I felt a powerful (but not painful) pressure in my forehead. And until just recently when I affirmed myself to revive her, the pressure became noticeably more pronounced whenever I thought about Tulpas or about her. Or when negative feelings arose.


Now, the scarriest part is my emotional state now. Im not in a bad way or anything, but I have this overwhelming sense of urgency in creating her. And almost a sense of dread for if I don't. Its like I am chasing a friend I am about to lose. I can feel it.


That said, my current progress is non existent. And I fear it is due to a dull sense of invisionary prowess. I am currently attempting self hypnosis and meditating in order to increase thought control and direct focus as I am a very focus on the things in front of you kinda guy. It is time for me to stick my head in the clouds for once.


Also, do not expect frequent posts as typing quality posts is incredibly difficult from a PS4. And I have rare access to a normal computer to use.

Like a flower beneath the concrete

Pushing up under the weight

Put a crack in the back of the pavement

And break through into the light of day

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Um hello I'm Nihel. I first read about Tulpas a few months back and it reminded me of kinda what I do. I guess I made a Tulpa a few years ago and never really had a name for it until a friend showed me your main site. So after reading and working up my courage, (Along with nagging from Dante) I have made an account here I guess to talk with other people who have Tulpas. So yeah hi!! ^.^"

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Hello everyone. I think I'll be coming back, at least for awhile (not that anyone really remembers me). So yeah. I also like talking to people so PM me for whatever. :D

Niteo and Amber Take On the World


Amber speaks in italics right now.


Talk to Niteo on here or on discord


We share the body, we share a life. I'm not an accessory to his life...



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Hey all, I'm James, Bambi's tulpa. I'm new here in the sense that I've never had my own account, but I've made a couple of posts before using this font. I'm open to conversation from anyone, so if you want to talk to me (or to Bambi, for that matter), you can!

Hi, everyone! I'm a tulpa, and if you want to ask me questions you can either PM me here or send me an email at jamesthetulpa@gmail.com.


My host, Brandi: Hey, all!

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Hi everybody! I'm "wannabe aaron fechter", but people just call me Jon.


Before I knew what tulpae and tulpamancing were, for some reason or another I ended up making one without knowledge of tulpae or much intent or drive for it, then left it. She had developed a very weak voice, for want of a better word, and I've known her presence for two years. She's rather stunted, but glad that I've returned to developing her again. She has a face and a name [Tatum], now! When we left off, she mostly communicated through feelings rather than words. I think she just isn't very talkative. She's confident, bold, and sweet, though. She's pretty great. We have a lot further to go, since you never really "finish" a tulpa, haha.

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