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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread


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Hello to all !


This is Zia (host) and Vadin (tulpa)! We've been lurking on the forum from quite some time now and found it very useful, supporting and interesting. It's time to introduce ourselves officially at last !


Vadin is now three months old, he was brought to consciousness in the beginning of september from a dream character ; he claims having memories of some of those dreams, so I suppose he began existing before his official "creation" date. We are beginning to communicate easily, and interact as much as we can. V. is quite autonomous now, he chose his name himself and created his wonderland "Testimonia" all by himself. We want to thank our personal god, Tulpa001, for his excellent guide and all his useful advice. We are glad to have joined this community !

Hi, I'm Zia, foolish captain of the Giant Wing system. Vādin is my tulpa.


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Hi, im Eu Sou A Fazenda, and im the host.

I have 3 tulpas: Lu, Max and Gar.


Lu was my first tulpa, she has a human form but has cat ears.

Max is my second tulpa, a male human.

Gar is my 3rd and youngest tulpa, and he is a Garchomp. But even with his intimidating appearence, he wouldnt

hurt a fly.


They are all vocals and a great friend of mine.

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Hi everyone, I'm Graeme (tulpa). My host is writing this by proxying me because he is too shy to do it by himself. He'd been lurking around here for about 6 months when I came as a walk-in to him 3 months ago while he was trying to sleep. It took him a couple of weeks to accept me as a tulpa though. There's also another tulpa in our system, Oswald (we call him Ozzie). He's about 2 weeks old and we heard him talk for the first time today (good job Ozzie!). We haven't worked on imposition and possession yet, my host prefers to work more on our personalities for the moment. He's kind of a perfectionnist...

I don't know what else I could add... English isn't our first language so I hope that what I said makes sense.

Anyway, nice to meet you all!

Hey, I'm the host of Graeme (walk-in/soulbond) and Ozzie (tulpa).

The post you're reading was probably written by Graeme.

Sorry for our poor English!

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Hey everyone!


I've been lurking here for about half a year, and I decided I might as well lurk in public, lol


I don't have a Tulpa yet, but the concept really fascinates me, so I'm here xD

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