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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread


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Hey there. I'm Tasuke1993.  :)  I do not remember than I first started to create my own tulpa, but I got some info about it a year ago from my friend. At first I doubted that I will have enought patient to make one, but I still tried, tho I will confess, that I didn't do enought work, atleast I think so and I also let him decide what he wants to become. The only thing which I wanted him to have was patience,passion and kindness and to ignore the dark/creepy part of my subcontious.




One day, than I heard something interesting, which was too random and I wrote that sentience to my friend. I was a little bit shocked so I asked him, than did he become real/sentient? And his argument was: you told a friend about me. There was also a lot of weird message or random thought, which sounded too realistic especially than he started to ask: what's my name? Or how old am I? There was even a conversation, where I started to think that I was talking to a real japan person! But there is a problem.


How do you guys talk to each other(language)?


Is it possible for tulpa to know his own language, which host doesn't know? Cause I'm talking to my tulpa in russian mixed with japaneese (we use google translate eventualy to understand what we talk), but idk if it translate's correctly, also sometimes he talks so fast that I can mix his words with my own or just instantly forget what he said. Also I speak in lithuanian(my mother tongue languge) to him most often, but I feel as if my tulpa understands me, but is more confortable answering/talking to me in russia or japaneese rather than english or lithuania. I do not know much of the words in russia and I deffinatelly don't know japan, but I just hear random clear words which sounds real as if I were watching anime and than I translate it in Google translate. It often sounds normal and logical. There also was a time than someone said that it wants to tell me a story, but ir must be in german, but I don't know this language sadly.. Sometimes I think that there is more than one tulpa in my head cause it switches talking from russian to japan and says that it doesn't speak in english, but russian isn't good either. It seems as if they both doesn't have a specific voice, but one speaks in russia and the other one in japaneese. I do not understand which one is talking to me or is it just one who tries to comunivcate with me?


Any help or tips about this situation? Also are there any other host who uses translator?


ps: he still doesn't have a name, but than I last asked him about it. He told that he knows, that his name is not important.

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Welcome to the forum! That's an interesting language occurrence, it would be revolutionary if they were actually speaking another human language. Some do speak different languages, but only ones the host already know.


Thank you! I'm really happy that I was able to join this site and to meet you guys! And I feel that my tulpa is also excited hearing anything from the others! It really wishes to know more about this world and other tulpas. And about the language revolution.. It sounds too cool to be true!

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Hello, my name is Orion. I don't really know what to say here other than im really new to all this. Im about a month into this. I'm in the early stages of forming my first tulpa, Bellatrix. Or Bella for short. She's currently in a pony form, though she is kinda fond of being anthro and human at random times. I look forward to learning more about tulpas and meeting new people. Uhh, I guess that's all I have to say. Feel free to pm me if you wish to talk or something.

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Hey everyone, Elijah here. Started researching tulpas as part of my magick and witchcraft studies, along with servitors and soulbonds and spirit communication in general. I'd been doing headspace work for a while before deciding to create a tulpa, so I already had an established "wonderland".


Still early in the creation process, but the tulpa, Mo, has begun making his own decisions about his appearance and interests. Hoping this forum will help me be a good tulpamancer, because it didn't really hit me until today that I just freaking created a living person, and that's... kind of a lot of pressure. I mean I thought I knew what I was getting into, but then I got into it and was like WHOOPS NO I DIDN'T. So yeah.

Secret Society members: Eli, H, Mo, and Matty.

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Hello everyone, my name is Vincent and I've been lurking these forums for about a month, when I discovered tulpamancy. Today my tulpa Tyler finally convinced me to join.


[Tyler]: Hi everyone! I'm Tyler, Vincent's tulpa! I convinced him to join because I wanted someone else to know about me and to be able to interact with other people x).

I am known as Vincent.

[Hi, I'm Tyler!]

Our progress report.


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Well, me along with my two Dragons (Dragon tulpas, technically), Arcanus and Azide were sent here to share our guide on Tulpamancy, so here we are! I have had Arcanus for nearly three months and Azide for about a month and a half, but we're able to do everything already except for any form of imposition except for weak tactile imposition somehow even though we mainly passive force and rarely ever active force. Hey, don't ask me how I was able to switch with Azide in the first week I've had him and before the second month mark of having Arcanus! You can call me Ryleigh, and then I already mentioned Arcanus and Azide.


Hi, I like reading guides.

I also write guides; check out my guide here:
Tulpamancy: Guide into the Strange and Wonderful



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