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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread


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Sorry if I come across as odd I'm new to forums. I stumbled upon this place while looking into tulpas. First heard about them about a year ago. It sounded like a neat concept, but I had just gone through a deep depression so I had no motivation to start anything new. The idea was reintroduced to me about a month ago and I have been doing light research ever since. Anyway I figured this would be a good place to start. That's my story I guess. I'm really bad at endings. :^(

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Greetings everyone from cold and snowy Russia! *glances outside and sighs*... or not snowy...


I was introduced with tulpa concept a year ago by my Moscow friend, who also happened to be the one who got me into MLP watching before all of that... ah, the irony!  :cool:


I've tried to start forcing also a year ago but got stucked. I won't be excusing myself trying to find the reasons why I stoped cuz there is only one true reason, imo, the name of which is laziness and faithlessness... ok, here are two reasons actually but who cares ;)  Don't ask me why I've made a decision to come back for I can't answer it by myself. Really. It was much of emtional choice, not the logical one.


So here I am determined to fullfil all my plans... no, not my but our plans. And I see this forum is just the thing I could get help from.

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Hi! I'm Atatakakatta, you may have seen me elsewhere as bduddy. I first read about tulpas on Reddit, oh, about two and a half years ago at this point. After a significant amount of research and just lurking around I decided I probably wanted to make one... and then procrastinated/delayed/waited for about two years. Don't ask why. A few months ago I finally decided to go through with it. A couple months later of generic conversation and failing to think of a good name/form/personality and... Diana introduced herself to me. She made her name and form (just a human girl...) all by herself. I honestly don't think I was expecting anything to happen, but it did. I've known her now for about 1.5 months and it's been great... but we want to get stronger, better, more able to communicate and do all the other fun stuff. So, yeah.


{Hi! I'm Diana, bduddy's tulpa. That all sounds about right! I want to communicate with other people more, and bduddy wants to let me too, but he keeps getting distracted by other stuff... We're still working on it. I hope to meet many more of you!}

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Hi. I'm Draim.

I guess i'm new here, but story first.

I've tried for tulpa two times now, three and two years ago, but first one was just interest for two weeks and th second for month and a half. Each time it was matter of interest, i read about tulpas, then got here, found guides and literature. After the interes was gone so were my forcing sessions. Besides i felt like too young to make decision about creating tulpa.


This time i'll try to take it seriously, well i've taken it seriously from the first try but now i'll go all the way, hopefully.

I guess i'll start thread in progress reports right away, to keep myself in line.

Also, hello everyone, i see there is quite tide of greetings in a last few days.


ps: i'm from czech rep. and male, just a thing that confuses me in english

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Hello, we’re the SOULs. We currently have 11 people in our system right now. You may have met two of us a while ago under the names of A and Chara, so I guess they’re returning. Made a new account because there’s been a change in their lives and they don’t want to connect to the past, if that makes sense.


Anyway, I’m Jay (short for JUSTICE). I’m the third main host so I’ll be explaining our origin story, I guess! It’s probably gonna get long, so please bear with us.


Our host, who goes by “Frisk” now, has a rather unhealthy obsession with “Undertale”. Yay. In the midst of their loneliness, Chara was born. Chara is the leader of our group, if you will. Then Asriel was born to accompany the two.


One night, according to Frisk, a new Tulpa under the name of Blaire appeared. Blaire became Percy (PERSEVERANCE). Percy suggested that Frisk bring about the other SOULs from Undertale, so they did. In no particular order, Pate (PATIENCE), Avery (BRAVERY), Rye (INTEGRITY), Nest (KINDNESS) and me, Jay.

Frisk has this... “ability”, if you want to call it that, to create sentient Tulpas relatively quick. We were all were active within the day.


The last two Tulpas are Papyrus and Sans. They really just chill in the wonderland, but they’re nice. They’re not that old yet so there’s not much to talk about regarding them.


Thanks for listening, we just needed to get all that out, lol. Will probably see you guys around. Happy holidays!

Frisk/Host, Chara, Pate, Avery, Indigo, Percy, Ness, Jay.

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