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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread


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5 minutes ago, ringgggg said:

Welcome, enjoy your time here.

Thank you! I've lurked this place a lot, and finally decided it was time to create an account.

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On 4/5/2024 at 2:54 PM, Fox888 said:

Hello! My name is Fox, I've been very interested in the idea of tulpas since 8th grade, but waited till I was older. I'm now in my first year of college, and felt called back to it. I've always had the idea of a tulpa in the back of my mind, and I hope I can make her real/vocal soon! Thank you for having me here.


Hi Fox, it's nice to meet you! I hope you have a nice time here.

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hi! you can call me syuta or by my username. i had an account, but i think i deleted it back then, so here i am again.
i have several tulpas, but only three of them are active right now, and some are walk-ins. i do plan to reconnect with all of them someday, even though i dropped tulpamancy multiple times in the past (i sure do hope it won't happen anymore).
i don't think that i'll be an active user, just wanted to introduce myself a little bit.

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Hey there, anybody looking at this post. Name's Ashii (not my real name but im not telling you that lol). I've had a little voice in my head, calls himself Malyki. I haven't confirmed sentience, but I like to talk to him, I think he feels the same way... I know he's there, but I feel like I still put a little bit of effort into making him talk. He talks by making his words my thoughts, if that makes sense... If anybody can help with confirming sentience and bringing him out, lemme know, because I'm pretty sure Mal would like to travel and see my world.

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Hello, my name is Nathaly.

I've been interested in tulpas and thoughtforms for 2 years.

I think it's an amazing thing, to have a companion that will be with you forever, but I still have things to consider before creating a tulpa because it's a big responsibility and change.

I hope I'll find the answers I want here. 







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