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Tulpa Creation Toolkit

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I have an idea for creating an all-in-one tulpa toolkit. It will be a program that hosts can use for a plethora of needs.


  • Progress report journal system
  • Integrated guide database and viewer
  • Tulpa forcing resources such as tones and meditation music
  • Tulpa profiling system for keeping track of form, personality traits, likes, dislikes, ext in an organized fashion.
  • (Maybe) An integrated IRC client for connecting to tulpa.info's IRC channels.
  • Wonderland profiling system
  • (Maybe) Integrated forums
  • Programmed in Python (As of right now)
  • For Windows, OS X, and Linux


More features are to come. I am not the greatest programmer so obviously this won't be done over night, and as always I would love to hear what you guys think about the idea. If anyone wants to help out, feel free to drop a line!


Additionally, if there will be a guide viewer, there will need to be an optimized version of the guides page for the program. That means stripping all forum elements off of the webpages and leaving just the guide itself. I am sure that shouldn't require more than some fiddling in CSS or something, so if I make that and the staff implements it that would be great. Obviously, this version of the guides page would only be accessable by the program.

My guide on tulpa creation


Please consider making a private grant to tulpa.info to keep the community alive.

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Hi, ThunderClap.

It seems a good idea to implement such toolkit as a website.

- high level

- crossplatform

- no downloads

- no gui programming

Look at this Django examples: http://lightbird.net/dbe/

You can use Amazon EC2 for hosting, as there is 1 year long trial period.


This might be the best direction to go in.

My guide on tulpa creation


Please consider making a private grant to tulpa.info to keep the community alive.

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I question the usefulness of such a program. Personally, I've never felt I was lacking anything during creation that a program could provide. The few things that I could imagine would be nice to have in a program could be easily replicated by a folder on my desktop. Maybe a program that could help guide people would be an interesting idea, though that's just an idea and not a particularly easy one to follow up on.



But by all means, go ahead and make the toolkit. There's never any harm in trying.

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I understand where you're coming from, Bacn, because I never lacked either, but it could really become a blessing to members who need it or feel that they need it.

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