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I'm a Professsional 3d Mangaka willing to do requests for free


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Oh my god this is hilarious and absolutely terrifying at the same time. Please keep it up.



'I say 'soul making' Soul as distinguished from an Intelligence- There may be intelligences or sparks of divinity in millions- but they are not souls until they acquire identities, till each one is personality itself'

-John Keats, 1819

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Sorry if I post too much. Here is update.





Next is to rig her.


Can I see your UV map? I need to study the magic of your seamless textures and amazing texel density.

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Requesting drawing of me with my tulpa Sara.


I am a big, strong man, who wears nothing but thin, translucent briefs. I have tight abs, with small nipples.


Sara is a big dragon, with a saddle so I can ride her. She has big teeth and happy ears, with eyes like sky and hops like hootch.

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