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[OLD] Survey (and stylometric test) for fluently speaking tulpa

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Note: Please make sure I can easily tell your name and your tulpa's.

I need to know what to put in an entry here, and I rather not have to look through your past posts to find out. ~Chupi


We already have a tulpaforcing survey, so I decided that it would be fun and educational to have a survey for fluently speaking tulpa (whether imposed or not).


This survey will deal with aspects of the tulpaforcing process and life after various completed steps. I think that it would benefit the community greatly if any fluently speaking tulpa filled out this survey as much as is feasible. I have tried to include a wide variety of questions that I've seen discussed and agonized over on these forums, and am willing to edit this post to add more if anybody has an important question. My goal is to make a comprehensive survey. Because the survey seems to contain banned words, I am putting it on Pastebin:




It's long, so I don't necessarily expect anyone to fill it out entirely without breaks. If you could answer even a few questions and then go back to it later, it would be helpful. Please don't feel offended by any questions that are too personal, and ignore any questions that don't apply to you. Thank you for any time offered.


Completed surveys: (v3 unless otherwise specified)


Aarix's Samantha-Alley - http://pastebin.com/6cgZt0hJ

Avalanche's Flora & Eva - http://pastebin.com/Piwi3ftE

Bainbow and Lapis - http://pastebin.com/uwS3wMQt

bila bila's Sora - http://pastebin.com/VqLV5fnw (v2) + http://pastebin.com/q1PTYxaU (v3)

Bin's  Scarlet - http://pastebin.com/pF26gcU2

Biotechnology's Lyra - http://pastebin.com/gYB17kJV

Cacao's Cassie - http://pastebin.com/nj96LU6d

Cawffle's Lia - http://pastebin.com/CntWrEWv

Chaos' Nouvel - http://pastebin.com/Re5xwRya

Charles' Linda -  http://pastebin.com/5tQxpJ2X

ClianthaMiura's Desmond - http://pastebin.com/vqQcFnDP

ClianthaMiura's L - http://pastebin.com/ukF8CYCH

Couguhl's Sierra - http://pastebin.com/U0pERzTC

cozmopolitan's Fancyboy - http://pastebin.com/pmR4xL0w

cupcaketreat's Aria - http://pastebin.com/mdy5H1YN

Daf's Xiao Lu - http://pastebin.com/dLi5PZgP

DDDowney's Rayne - http://pastebin.com/Rn6zrXfj

Derp's Absol - http://pastebin.com/MHzQQp7q

DeviUnmei's Devilynn - http://pastebin.com/d3x62Dp4

Dialogues' Mena - http://pastebin.com/2Kke5E53

DJ Deadlock's 16-Volte - http://pastebin.com/ru88bDk2

EDPVincent's Tyler - https://pastebin.com/H0iZpjM3

Ethan35's Rainbow - http://pastebin.com/u5tzbNiD

fennecgirl's Keyleigh, Alex & Link - (redacted per request until they update it)

FigN01's Uzo - http://pastebin.com/AyqRNrDd

Fillyfooler's Holly - http://pastebin.com/gvvu60ZS

Fuliam's Serena - http://pastebin.com/UR4geG9u

G's Joal - http://pastebin.com/huB9YC7n

GhostWriter's Lexi and Tori - http://pastebin.com/VBGGSjUD

glitchthe3rd's Luna, Saria, Elise and Naomi - http://pastebin.com/wFqcR5VW (updated with Naomi! - 1/14/2013)

Goldsmith's Lia - http://pastebin.com/X6MaHFji

Grissess's Snakey - http://pastebin.com/JhW5Mznr

G|d30n's Lauren - http://pastebin.com/d6Fmfsme

HisEvilTwin's Myka - http://pastebin.com/bBR20v9M

InfernoEngine (is a tulpa) - http://pastebin.com/cr22UaqD

Ithilia's Isley - http://pastebin.com/dZueQ1H4

itsblah's Tabbil - http://pastebin.com/BXxRtxcW

Jakob's Lyra - http://pastebin.com/hxGiETQL

Jay's Allison - http://pastebin.com/Vthittjt

Josh's Glass - http://pastebin.com/7YA9cs69

KenzieK's Yuki - http://community.tulpa.info/thread-survey-and-stylometric-test-for-fluently-speaking-tulpa?pid=88661#pid88661

Kevin's Donna Nobillis McCaw - http://pastebin.com/LkCiS5F0

Kevin's kerin - http://pastebin.com/SCNvVBz0

khagata's A. - http://khagata-expert.tumblr.com/post/28695400308/survey1 (partially completed v3)

koomer's Oguigi - http://pastebin.com/0NQDithd

Kurisu's Kurisu - http://pastebin.com/4d5emBQP

magentaMarrow's Alecto - http://pastebin.com/mKXnCTrj

mirbill22's Twilight - http://pastebin.com/71BJzHkB

Miss' Lee http://pastebin.com/rkJtBFMy

Missy's Melody - http://pastebin.com/XHCHqZNM

MisterTelecaster's Khoja - http://pastebin.com/QM4GGEm2

mogwaimon's Twilight - http://pastebin.com/ittfCnRA

MrMCgrady's Scratch - https://pastebin.com/8BwxpBhw

NED's Silverspeed - http://pastebin.com/cFsJvFWJ

NesterBones' Espeon and Kass - http://pastebin.com/wawABWfE (v2)

NesterBones' Kaylee - http://pastebin.com/RLeCEseV

omegaAnubis' Aura & Nova - http://pastebin.com/MghY8rn8

Onicron's Shai - http://pastebin.com/gacprSCS

PiebeatsCake's Caster - http://pastebin.com/aXHVyczu

Plus's Jenny - http://pastebin.com/FXtadG4r

The Process' Hjördi - http://pastebin.com/32xASa57

Pronas' Kate - http://pastebin.com/BSuurc6V

M's Mary/QContrary - http://pastebin.com/jC638Jd9

Phaneron's Quilten - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pK5Q4S8yzWarwaXfo71Qnvw2QUz1M1y4QYefxhBA0dU/edit?usp=sharing

PsychoticDoc's Amelia and Mitsuki - http://pastebin.com/TJ8EV083

Raistlin's Emilie - http://pastebin.com/fBibNM2M

Sands' Roswell - http://pastebin.com/KHJD73ht

Sock's Midori and Ellenore - http://pastebin.com/ZD4Fze1R

Starsong's Sariah - http://pastebin.com/C1WKjWjd

Stevie's Chris - http://pastebin.com/RigH9UmU

sushi's Fench - http://pastebin.com/hpd2jDVs - updated http://pastebin.com/BEcnMerU - updated http://pastebin.com/uWnFu3p7

Tesseract's Morgan - http://pastebin.com/NKh2utMw

ThatOneGuy's Clair - http://pastebin.com/Pi3P8riB

TulpaCouple/Kate's Giselle - http://pastebin.com/AR6PFKkT

TulpaCouple/Kate's Jaden -  http://pastebin.com/Y8tQXyjk

TulpaCouple/Nate's Luke - http://pastebin.com/q5F7cFic

turbosandwich's Alsa - http://pastebin.com/scSAsKpc

Tyrane's Kiara - http://pastebin.com/pTQ96Tbc

Violation's Selena - http://pastebin.com/jszA4vh7

Vitalpae's Xaine - http://pastebin.com/xwUs7i4X

Voltian's Starfire - http://pastebin.com/rCiZyS3z

waffles' Syrup - http://pastebin.com/9ps9b4y2

War's Tulpa - http://pastebin.com/p2X9Rg5a

Yoko's Azazel - http://pastebin.com/2PQ9uakR

Zylq's Velf - http://pastebin.com/mRaJY5qR

[last add: Bainbow] - putting this here so I can more easily tell whether I need to add someone new


I encourage anyone who completes this survey to put it on Pastebin, or somewhere else where anybody can access it. For the sake of legibility, please put line breaks between the questions and your answer(s).




v1 - Published 6/28/12

v2 - Published 6/29/12 - http://pastebin.com/c0n4S3DF - 14 questions were added.

v3 - Published 6/30/12 - http://pastebin.com/Fm8QNBWQ - 6 questions, edits to existing questions, and an appendix featuring a stylometric test were added.

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Warning before clicking the link: there are 92 questions.


Definitely decent and thorough, however. I applaud you for your effort.


Thank you.


If anybody has anything to add or change, including spelling and grammar corrections, then please alert me.

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Oh yeah, the quiz. Why didn't I think of that?


Winter, go steal the questions from the aforementioned quiz and put them in your pastebin so we have a central survey with all the questions.

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Oh yeah, the quiz. Why didn't I think of that?


Winter, go steal the questions from the aforementioned quiz and put them in your pastebin so we have a central survey with all the questions.


The Pastebin link has been updated with new questions from the other quiz.

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If you guys reply to this, please just post a pastebin link to it or something; don't answer all of these as a reply.

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If you guys reply to this, please just post a pastebin link to it or something; don't answer all of these as a reply.


Ok boss.



>responding to all these fucking questions



"Science isn't about why, science is about why not?" -Cave Johnson

Tulpae: Luna, Elise, Naomi

My progress report


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