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6/18/17: My phone made a lot of duplicates of a search result. Dash placed bets on what the exact number was. Nina imposed herself outside my bedroom door (okay, I kinda prompted her to), and walked downstairs with me.

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6/20/17: I accidentally typed "6/31" instead of "6/21" in my dream journal, and Dash wondered if June even has a 31st. I wondered what to have for dinner, and Nina wanted to have nachos.

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6/21/17: I didn't do much with my tulpas today.

6/22/17: I mainly just made small-talk with my tulpas today. Dash liked how I calmed myself down after mistakenly thinking my flowers were dying.

6/23/17: Nina offered to lay on top of me while I tried WILD, so that it'd be her on my chest and not an ugly monster if I went into sleep paralysis.

6/24/17: I relaxed so Dash could possess me, and felt what I would call an "intense" sadness (like the T_T face); she didn't like that I was kinda sad/down in response to what I semi-felt was a criticism from my dad.

6/25/17: I didn't do much with my tulpas today. I started over in Skyrim, and asked their opinions on when/if I should introduce them into the RP. I wondered if "should introduce" was more fitting than "could introduce", and Dash said it was.

6/26/17: I tried switching with Fluttershy, or at least possession. She pretended to be offended when I accidentally typed "Flutterdhy" and my phone couldn't find any replacements.

6/27/17: I briefly had a walk-in after watching United States of Tara (

Shoshana Shoenbaum

). I ate some juicy cantaloupe and got a flash of Dash as a batpony (batponies like fruit in MLP fanon).

6/28/17: Reflecting on a time I'd taken a self-defense class just to put my mom at ease about me going to a convention, I wondered if I'd unconsciously taken it to put myself at ease. Dash said this was unlikely.

6/29/17: I reviewed a half-written song, and Keystroke agreed with me that a line I'd written for him didn't sound natural/authentic. I did on-and-off work on the DIY project. Lust wondered if that was a good way to conceptualize it.

6/30/17: I asked the guys what they'd do if they had their own bodies for a day. Shou and Nina would protest controversial stuff as a form of "father-daughter bonding".

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7/1/17: I didn't do much with my tulpas.

7/2/17: I tried to do a switching experiment with Dash: if I black out and the bowl of graham crackers in front of me is empty, it means that Dash took control and ate them. We didn't switch, but she did possess me. She figured I didn't have the trust required for switching. The possession started out at her dictating my movements, but there was a point where I was consciously talking to her, while eating a graham cracker on autopilot. I ascribed this to her, but I'm not sure.

7/3/17: I banged my knee on a table leg and asked my tulpas to impose it away (via "cold" injection, or Lust healing/regenerating it).

7/4/17: Nina imposed herself for a few seconds. Dash hypnotized me for a bit.

7/5/17: Nina danced to a parody of a Taylor Swift song, and we agreed this meant she'd taken on aspects of T (one of the characters from United States of Tara, but a bit younger.

7/6/17: Shou imposed himself over me in the mirror, because he wanted to possess me. I wasn't sure about that, since we're estimating he's a head taller than me.

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7/7/17: I briefly heard some United States of Tara walk-ins after watching an episode and taking notes on it for an assignment. Nina imposed herself and climbed up onto the couch. She helped me figure out where to position my hand to scratch behind her ear.

7/8/17: We practiced possession in front of a mirror. Sarah said that she wanted to possess me to work on the DIY project.

7/9/17: I noticed that my dog seemed bored, and Nina wanted me to play with them.

7/10/17: I had/let (or both) Fluttershy possess me. I had the mental sensation that I was really present, but that she was "pulling the strings", which I'm not sure is possession. I had the urge to tear scratch paper (a fidget habit of mine), but also a feeling like "doing that wouldn't feel right".

7/11/17: I asked Fluttershy if she was interested in a volunteer thing I applied for. She said she'd have preferred to volunteer taking care of people after they donate blood, but could understand that we didn't have the medical knowledge for that position. I figured she'd be good at customer service that requires you to be smiling and upbeat and not treat the customer like they're annoying.

7/12/17: I didn't do much with my tulpas. Dash asked what we'd do on her birthday.

7/13/17: Dash and I chatted about stuff.

7/14/17: I listened to a "Rainbow Dash sings Rainbow Factory" vid, and Dash didn't like it. She liked a PurpleRoselyn song.

7/15/17: Nina said she wanted to do stuff together. When I asked her, she said she felt kinda neglected. I practiced drawing figures, and she critiqued one.

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