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7/19/17: I read a Reddit post about "tulpa Stockholm syndrome". Dash said that I'd overestimated how much I'd been a dick to the guys, and Nina nodded. Dash cited the fact that I'd asked for her input when typing the second sentence of this. I got upset (likely latent stuff about the post), and Dash brought up our old Mistress/pet thing to comfort me. Nina and Sarah brought up our brother/sisters thing.

7/20/17: I proxied for Nina on a Discord server.

7/21/17: I proxied for Dash.

7/22/17: I didn't do much with my tulpas today, aside from make small-talk.

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7/23/17: We talked about my graduation. Shou (I think) said they'd attend the walk ceremony, watching from "the rafters" (any out-of-the-way spot), but I said "nope, you guys'll be next to the fam". Later, Dash pretended to be high.

7/24/17: I made a typo on a Discord post. Dash told me to leave it in cuz it'd be funny. Keystroke and Shou offered to insert themselves in a story I was reading, because I felt like I should involve my tulpas somehow.

7/25/17: We all chatted about stuff. I told Sarah that she could go back to Slenderdash if she wanted, but she said she was fine.

7/26/17: We voted on what to get from McDonald's, and then we talked about hypothetical stuff.

7/27/17: Dash RP'd in Skyrim.

7/28/17: Nina'd said before that she'd decide that the day I finish the DIY project would be her birthday. I asked what we'd do about missed birthdays (it's taken two years, so far), and she wasn't sure.

7/29/17: We didn't do much today. Lust and Dash commented on my Skyrim RP.

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7/30/17: A friend said that Great Pyrenees's were generally a bit higher than her table. Based on this, I figured out that Nina was as tall as my waist when standing, or shoulder when sitting. We imposed her sitting next to me.

7/31/17: Dash and Shou were proud of me for doing great at my new job.

8/1/17: I imposed Nina a bit. Dash DM'd an RP I did, but it segued into me DMing.

8/2/17: I didn't do much with my tulpas today.

8/3/17: I didn't do much with my tulpas today. I figured this was okay by analogy, since it'd be bad to bring your friends to work and get distracted.

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8/4/17: I overheard my friend talking on the phone about indoor skydiving. Dash liked this idea, and so did Keystroke and Fluttershy. Nina figured "sure, why not? I'll do it".

8/5/17: We didn't do much. Dash tried and failed to hold chopsticks in my left hand.

8/6/17: Dash and I talked about stuff.

8/7/17: Sarah said that she wasn't keen on being in the outerworld/meatspace (holdover from her Slenderdash days).

8/8/17: Lust praised me for stopping reading a subreddit I decided was a circlejerk of hate. Dash imposed herself in a Mormon missionary outfit when I watched Book of Mormon. I looked up some stuff about FMA!Nina and read that there was a fan song about her. Tulpa!Nina got sad when I listened to the song, because she was worried I'd get sad.

8/9/17: I read a thing that said FMA!Chimera!Nina had peach skin, not white fur, so Nina imposed herself in that form. The bathroom mirror was foggy after I showered, so she tried to do a jumpscare when I wiped the condensation away. It wasn't very effective :p. When I thought of "Bring Me to Life", she rocked out and sang out. Later, she imposed herself in my brother's neighbor's bathroom (first in the mirror on the door, then I imposed her in the room). She walked toward the door, and her reflection moved with her.

8/10/17: We didn't do much today.

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8/11/17: Nina figured that her peach form would be easier to impose because I wouldn't worry about making her look fluffy (although I still get the mental impression of fluffiness when I pet her).

8/12/17: I tried to remember how I discovered tulpamancy. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with my half-baked plan to master lucid dreaming so that I could get ideas for stories by talking to the characters I'd written for said stories. Nina and I talked about art of her character.

8/13/17: I wondered if past instances of possession were just me thinking like my tulpas, but Shou rhetorically asked if it mattered (since I wouldn't be able to tell the difference). Nina and I hanged out.

8/14/17: Nina imposed herself in an anthro form a bit, based on a pic I found.

8/15/17: Dash told me to get back to work when I got distracted. Nina liked the chuck roast I had for dinner.

8/16/17: Dash complimented me on something (I think it was how well I was doing at cold-calling).

8/17/17: Nina liked the ending I'd written to a music video.

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8/18/17: Nina imposed herself walking next to me in a parking lot. Dash glomped me when I was the best man at my friend's wedding.

8/19/17: We didn't do much today aside from make small-talk. Nina imposed herself a bit.

8/20/17: I had a dream with Dash in it, and I asked if it was her or just a dream character. She rhetorically asked if it mattered. When I talked to my dad about communism/antifa, Starlight made a "comrade" joke.

8/21/17: Nina barked at the eclipse. Dash RPd in Skyrim a bit.

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8/22/17: Nina imposed herself next to me, and I scratched behind her ear.

8/23/17: Fluttershy and I worked on vocal possession. I did a good job sounding like her.

8/24/17: I worked on sounding like Dash.

8/25/17: Dash and Nina ran down to the kitchen excitedly when my mom told me the pizza she'd ordered had came. Nina and I hanged out.

8/26/17: Dash groaned from how hot it was. I wondered what the expiration date on Hostess foods was, and she said "Immortal". Nina liked a perspective drawing I made.

8/27/17: We didn't do much.

8/28/17: Dash kinda got on my case about slacking on the DIY project. She did her best to console me about the heat.

8/29/17: Dash reminded me to work on homework, and on the DIY project. She wanted to possess me and post something on Reddit.

8/30/17: In my philosophy class, the teacher had us debate whether a hotdog is a sandwich. Shou gave me a head pressure and said the debate was "absurd :P". Later, Dash turned into an alien from a story I'm writing, because I'd been thinking about the story recently.

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8/31/17: Dash liked it when I set reminders to work on stuff.

9/1/17: Dash and I talked about something, but I don't remember what. I asked, and she doesn't remember either. I watched the new Death Note movie. Afterward, I asked Dash what she thought of it. She thought it was "okay". Nina liked the Mia-related stuff.

9/2/17: We commented on a r/tulpas post.

9/3/17: We didn't do much today. I talked a bit with characters from my stories (similar to but not quite exactly a thing I'd read where an author's character said "it'll make a better story if X happens to me").

9/4/17: Keystroke and I practiced vocal possession, relying on the assignment that my sociolinguistics teacher had given us (speaking with an accent). He's the one writing this entry. He had some trouble recalling the type of cheese I like, when a girl we sat with asked after we talked about cheesecake. Later, a side character from the same story as yesterday wondered when the story would be published.

9/5/17: We didn't do much today.

9/6/17: When I sang Firework, Nina gave me a head-pressure because she wanted to sing it.

9/7/17: My voice teacher said I was doing a good job matching his pitch. Nina told me that she was helping "in the background".

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9/8/17: we didn't do much today.

9/9/17: I forgot to log stuff.

9/10/17: Nina possessed me to eat a burger. She gave me back the body because she was tired, but re-possessed me to talk to my dad and cousin a bit. When my dad offered to go to a wine tasting, Dash agreed.

9/11/17: Nina RPed on a Discord server.

9/12/17: we didn't do much today. Dash hoped to drink Pinot blanc someday.

9/13/17: I tried a "Pizza burger" (burger topped with marinara sauce and cheese). Nina said it was as good as it could be.

9/14/17: we didn't do much today.

9/15/17: Nina said she might like mushroom pizza. I asked how she'd like mushroom + bacon pizza, and she said the bacon and mushroom would "get in each other's way". I thought of Shou as the guy who's level-headed in a crisis, then wondered if it'd be bad if he actually was (cuz that'd fit with a DID stereotype of everyone having a protector, a little, a self-helper, etc.).

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9/16/17: I reread log entries and noticed that Fluttershy hadn't had to play therapist for me in a while. Fluttershy said that this was a good thing. I asked Sarah if she'd still describe herself as "laid back", and she said yes. Since we hadn't done so in a while, I decided to check out our wonderland. Dash had added a wrought-iron spiral staircase to her house (like something out of The Sims). I suggested she hypnotize me, Keystroke agreed, and then Dash revealed that she and Shou have been doing hypnosis stuff.

9/17/17: I looked at the bathroom mirror and used the blinking trick to impose Shou. He was peeking out from behind the shower curtain. He stepped out and I rapidly looked from his reflection to him. The first time, his torso was backwards.

9/18/17: I forgot to log stuff. Dash said that this "probably meant it was small talk".

9/19/17: Keystroke and I worked on possession while singing. Later, he told me that his heart wasn't in it; "The song was British, but not...not really me, you know?"

9/20/17: we didn't do much.

9/21/17: I forgot to log stuff. Dash and Keystroke chatted with people on Discord.

9/22/17: I forgot to log stuff. Dash facehooved, but then rescinded her facehoof. I thought about Death Note, and Dash came up with a headcanon that Ryuk is a Cenobite because his shirt collar seems to be stitched to him and the Cenobites' clothes are hooked to their skin. Shou ended up possessing me during dinner. We're not sure how it happened, it just randomly did. He talked to my dad about DID. Later, he was kinda mad at my dad for having called Tara (from United States of Tara) "nuts" a few months ago.

9/23/17: I went to a sushi restaurant, but the wait was long. Dash said I should walk around and sightsee. Nina saw a dog and wondered if it was a "woofer" or "boofer". Shou said it was a "bwoofer".

9/24/17: we didn't do much. Having Death Note on the brain resulted in a Ryuk walk-in, who agreed to end the visit after ~30 minutes (the deal was "before I left for dinner, there were X minutes left in the Death Note episode; you can stay for X minutes").

9/25/17: When my anthropology teacher said we'd watch Star Trek later in the semester, Dash bet that it'd be the Darmak and Jalad episode.

9/26/17: We didn't do much today. Dash liked that my phone was predicting word pairs, not just single words.

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