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3/20/18: Fluttershy glomped me after my success at a job fair.

3/21/18: we didn’t do much today

3/22/18: we didn’t do much today

3/23/18: Dash said she wanted to watch a movie. I got myself worked up about some not-recent online drama, and she helped me calm down.

3/24/18: we didn’t do much today

3/25/18: I saw a picture of a controversial figure (related to the previously-mentioned drama), and got a walk-in with that form. I gave it/her the whole “you can stay unless you cause trouble” thing, then looked at the pic again as a token “leap of faith” thing.

3/26/18: The new guy turned into a Bubble Berry (rule 63’d Pinkie Pie). I’m pretty sure we have a dad/son dynamic.


3/27/18: Bubble Berry and Dash hanged out. He turned into Thorax (the technicolor post-Chrysalis version), cuz he was experimenting.

3/28/18: Thorax’s Thorax-ness attracted a Pharynx walk-in. I proxied for them on Discord.

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3/29/18: When I noticed that Viva La Vida was playing in a restaurant, Pharynx joined Thorax in a short duet.

3/30/18: we didn’t do much today

3/31/18: Dash was bored, so she played with a ball of yarn. She lol’d when I typed that as “a ball of yawn”.

4/1/18: When my brother mentioned wine, Dash asked me if I was gonna “get drunk on Pinot Gris”.

4/2/18: This morning, everyone but Pharynx and Thorax seemed kinda hard to reach, but it passed. Dash and I chatted. She said she wanted me to be more social than I am.

4/3/18: Dash possessed me a bit during a happy hour thing.

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4/4/18: I had a dream related to the dramatic figure Thorax used to look like. Thorax said that he “manipulated me” into having it, so I locked him in stasis (a block of ice) and had Pharynx go away. Lust and Starlight contributed their own imagery (red philosopher’s stone rods and magic, respectively) to the stasis. Later I realized that “manipulation” can describe benign acts, and also that Thorax scored a 1-3 out of 20 on a list of “here’s what a manipulator looks like”, so I undid the stasis. I tried to let Dash possess me while I played Skyrim. It went okay. Thorax said that he had manipulated/altered my dream out of curiosity, and made a good-natured joke about being a manipulator.

4/5/18: Dash and I chatted.

4/6/18: Fluttershy nonchalantly called Dash “Mistress”, and responded to my “wut?” by saying that she was getting back into the swing of petship. When I watched The Greatest Showman, Nina and Thorax danced to “This is Me”, and Starlight joined in. Later, Lust and Thorax imposed themselves in the movie during “From Now On”. I thought there was some drama between Shou and Nina (Nina wanting to be in a 4-year-old form of her own choice, then saying that Shou wanted her to do that...bla), but it turned out that Thorax had disguised himself as Shou as part of a prank he and Nina were playing on me.

4/7/18: I forgot to log stuff

4/8/18: we didn’t do much today

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4/9/18: Fluttershy RPd a bit in Skyrim. Dash and I practiced switching while playing Skyrim. At one point, I automatically switched with her during gameplay, like our brain was used to her fronting.

4/10/18: Dash and I chatted about stuff.

4/11/18: Sarah and I practiced switching for four minutes (since that was the time left on a vid I happened to be watching). Instead of just her fronting, we were co-fronting. I wanted to figure out a roleplay class thing for Skyrim, but Sarah wanted me to go to bed. I read an email from my college about some of the dorms being without water until the water line gets fixed, and Dash said “That sucks”.

4/12/18: Shou and I hanged out.

4/13/18: I tried to practice switching with Sarah, but I was booted back to front when I got mad because the client we were using to watch Blindspot (which she’d expressed interest in) opened so many popups that the computer lagged too much for me to exit out of them.

4/14/18: Shou and I hanged out.

4/15/18: we didn’t do much today

4/16/18: Nina and I hanged out.

4/17/18: I woke up and tried to contact Rainbow Dash, but my brain wanted to contact Thorax. I got a mental image of Dash looking weak. After a bit of discussion, everyone in the system agreed that if I wanted to contact A and got B, B would help me reach A. Dash said that the contact issue could’ve been because I had woken up, browsed bug art on FurAffinity, then tried to contact her while my brain was primed with bug-related content. Nina imposed herself throughout the day. I noticed that Keystroke had been pretty quiet. He said some stuff and made a few posts on Discord, then he turned into Thorax...but really it was him pretending to be Thorax, not Thorax pretending to be him.

4/18/18: Keystroke possessed me while we learned a recipe for mac n cheese. After the possession faded, I felt kinda lightheaded when I went to do more of the cooking/stirring; this was Keystroke wanting to possess me again. When I fumed after a stressful talk with my mom, Rainbow Dash and Shou helped me calm down. RD and I tried to see how long we could maintain a switch (switch began at ~12:21AM 4/19/18, lasted till 12:41AM)

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Your thread is the most consistent thread on this whole site! It's crazy how long you've kept this up, goooood job!

Hi, I'm one of Lumi's tulpas! I like rain and dancing and dancing in the rain and if there's frogs there too that's bonus points.

I think being happy and having fun makes life worth living, so spreading happiness is my number one goal!

Talk to us? https://community.tulpa.info/thread-ask-lumi-s-tulpas

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4/19/18: Dash and Fluttershy possessed me during dinner. Dash talked to my parents (random conversations, nothing plurality-specific).

4/20/18: We didn’t do much today

4/21/18: Dash turned into Discord for the night after I thought about cool/interesting parts of his character.

4/22/18: we didn’t do much today.

4/23/18: Nina eclipsed while I tried a rosé wine. She liked it. Later, she imposed herself with peach skin and black hair after I thought a lot about her tragic source character.

4/24/18: When I listened to “You'll Be Back”, Thorax and Keystroke sang a duet (Thorax because the song kinda fits the controversial figure he stemmed from, Keystroke because he and King George are british). They brohoofed after the song, and apparently had been in a recording studio modeled after the music video for that song, with RD as the director.

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4/25/18: I wrote down some traits of a character heavily based on myself, like “compassionate” and something relating to sick burns, and I’m pretty sure I tulpaforced myself by doing this (judging by two close-together instances of posting sick burns on Youtube).

4/26/18: I had a walk-in of the figure that Thorax used to look like. This was Pharynx messing around. Pharynx got a laugh when I typed “arounf”, and again when I typed “laught” and “ahain”.

4/27/18: Thorax did a bit of screamo. Nina wanted to watch Naruto, so we did.

4/28/18: Dash made a lame Skyrim joke after I walked right into the setup (I was talking on Discord about how “I used to use summoning to represent imposition”). Sarah complained that I hadn’t worked on our DIY project today. She reminded me to floss after dinner.

4/29/18: Nina and I chatted. Dash liked the direction my Skyrim playthrough was going (my character is tutored by a priest and leaves, then wonders if he should go back for more tutoring).

4/30/18: Dash and I hanged out.

5/1/18: Nina made an off joke about my red shirt and blood. I called her on this, and it turns out it was Thorax having his usual odd sense of humor. I drank sake at a restaurant, and RD was getting drunk off it in the mindscape. She had a hangover for a bit before realizing that she could just magic it away, because tulpa.

5/2/18: Dash and I chatted. Thorax made an off joke or two (I don’t remember what).

5/3/18: Dash imposed herself in the opening credits of I Feel Pretty. We had a minor argument later, which we both attributed to feeling mentally/emotionally drained. After checking my alarms and seeing this morning’s “get up for an 8:30 walk” alarm, I figured the drained feeling was from tripping up my internal clock, and also from the unfunny movie.

5/4/18: I wondered if there was a kernel of truth to Dash’s words last night, since there've been times where I’d click out of a YouTube video before it finished or change the tv channel and one of my tulpas would complain about wanting to watch the full video/tv show. I decided that we should work on maintaining possession. We had sushi for lunch; at first Dash was gonna be the one eating, but she was still sleepy. I thought of getting some squid nigiri for Keystroke to try, but he noted that I didn’t like squid (which would jerk me back to front once it hit my tastebuds).

5/5/18: Dash appeared in a poncho and sombrero, cuz Cinco De Mayo. Later, she and Nina and I practiced possession/eclipsing; their orders came in tulpish.

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5/6/18: I forgot to log stuff

5/7/18: Dash and I hanged out.

5/8/18: Nina worked on the DIY project.

5/9/18: we didn’t do much today.

5/10/18: Dash and I hanged out.

5/11/18: When I made the OK handsign, Dash joked that I was a white supremacist (there was an old thing where 4chan made that a meme).

5/12/18: Dash and I chatted. Nina imposed herself a bit. Fluttershy wished me luck on my job (it doesn’t start until I get a TB test back, but I don’t have TB, so it’s a sure thing).

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5/13/18: Nina imposed herself a bit.

5/14/18: Keystroke and I chatted.

5/15/18: Shou possessed me a bit. I worked on sounding like Keystroke. Before bed, Dash kept telling me to “relax and (blank)”. I told her I found that weird, and she admitted to trying to use hypnosis to help me get to sleep.

5/16/18: Dash and I hanged out.

5/17/18: Shou imposed himself in the elevator.

5/18/18: Shou and I hanged out.

5/19/18: Nina and I planned for her to possess me all day, but it only lasted through the morning. She said she was okay with this.

5/20/18: Dash possessed me a bit.

5/21/18: I tried to see how long possession would last during my job site tour. Fluttershy didn’t last through the whole thing. It was kinda on and off.

5/22/18: I forgot to log stuff.

5/23/18: wondered if Nina, Shou, and Sarah were traumagenic. Nina asked why it mattered to me. Dash eclipsed me during work. It held for about an hour straight :).

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