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1/9/19: Nina possessed me and watched Death Note, which I’d promised to make time for.

1/10/19: I read a book about ADHD. One of the case studies triggered a memory of telling my therapist about Rainbow Dash. I remember that Dash had been sitting next to me in a cgi form, but in the memory, she was in a cartoon form. She showed up sitting on some papers on my work desk and booped me xP. When I watched The King and I, Fluttershy sent me an image of herself twirling happily during the “Getting to Know You” number. Lance Strongshy’s burnt-out house was on her right; the cloud house my brain puts Mr & Mrs Shy in was on her left. And then she and Lance were flying around clouds, and they both playfully turned into each other’s boss monsters.

1/11/19: Nina or Sarah said that my Skyrim blacksmith/house-builder roleplay should’ve used smithing to make money instead of chopping wood. I let Nina possess me for a bit.

1/12/19: I forgot to log stuff.

1/13/19: We didn’t do much today. It seemed like everyone was kinda bored, me included. There was a bit of drama between Nina and I. I figured that we should have some time apart.

1/14/19: I let Sarah possess during a medical appointment (internal pump refill). She got nauseous, and I saw a brief scene of her seizing when (we thought) the pump was being refilled. She’s okay though :).

1/15/19: I thought I had a sudden walk-in of my boss, saying something I’d expect from Rainbow Dash, but it was just RD playing around.

1/16/19: I noticed that Nina seemed kinda down. She said that she didn’t like how long a DIY project was taking.

1/17/19: I looked in the mirror, and saw Fluttershy beside me :). On my way out of the office, I could tell that she was flying next to me.

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1/18/19: I forgot to log stuff.

1/19/19: I forgot to log stuff.

1/20/19: I asked if anyone wanted to try some Chinese, and Kurama volunteered. When predictive text suggested “volleyball” instead of “volunteered”, Kurama sent me an image of himself playing beach volleyball XD.

1/21/19: Today was a pretty lazy day.

1/22/19: Kurama teared up at two Naruto episodes, so I gave him a hug. A few minutes later, he remarked that those were two of the episodes that I’d watched before he showed up in my mind.

1/23/19: Nina was irritated, cuz I’d been not watching FMA (I figured certain FMA 03 scenes would get to me). We compromised with Brotherhood.

1/24/19: Dash and Vinnie hanged out. I got a big smile on my face when they showed up in the bowling/arcade place I was at. I played a practice game, and it ended up with almost everyone taking a turn.

1/25/19: I forgot to log stuff.

1/26/19: While I was watching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Sarah lip-synced some funny Winry dialogue.

1/27/19: Kurama speculated that my plan to eat ramen while watching Boruto would lead to a Boruto walk-in. Dash and I expressed skepticism.

1/28/19: Nina imposed herself on my bed. We chatted, and I booped her :3.

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1/29/19: Nina seemed upset last night and this morning, but she got better when I checked in later. She didn’t like that I got kinda triggered by the name “Jade”. When “Creep” came on at work, she breakdanced to it :). I reread this thread from page 1, and OMG things were awesome back then! I decided to try some of that stuff out again (reading The Code of Harmony to/with Dash, doing snarky movie reviews, etc), and redesigning the mindscape to put the ‘wonder’ back in ‘wonderland’.

1/30/19: Dash and I hanged out.

1/31/19: Nina possessed me while cooking dinner (a quesadilla). We took turns cutting it.

2/1/19: I forgot to log stuff. I checked in with some of my walk-ins to see how they were doing. Keystroke said he wanted to watch Dr Whooves as a “top off”, but then reframed it as a show he liked.

2/2/19: I watched the first episode of Many Sides of Jane. I was planning to do a team commentary on it, like how Dash and I kinda did a team commentary on Inkubus waaaay back when, but the episode was too close to home (even though our plurality isn’t DID like Jane’s).

2/3/19: Kurama wanted to watch the super bowl. Partway through, he said that live games were better.

2/4/19: We chatted about stuff.

2/5/19: We didn’t do much today.

2/6/19: I know that stuff happened, but I can’t remember what

2/7/19: I asked RD if she wanted to do the Walter Mitty Routine with Glass (impose herself in the movie) when I see it with a friend. She said her skill with that’s kinda rusty. I felt kinda nauseous, so she rubbed my shoulders. I kinda felt the weight of her hooves.

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2/8/19: Dash imposed herself in the office, and then Fluttershy showed up and hugged her. I thought that was cool :).

2/9/19: Dash roleplayed a bit online. Fluttershy didn’t like how much I was focusing on my crime story.

2/10/19: There was a bit of emotional stuff today, cuz I had a sad song stuck in my head.

2/11/19: The stags and I chatted a bit, after I’d read part of a story by the same guy who wrote the story they’re from.

2/12/19: I got a bad headache in my left temple. I associate this spot with Shou, so I asked if he sent it. He said that it was like using a muscle that wasn’t used to being used.

2/13/19: Fluttershy and I chatted. Dash and I talked a little about Valentine’s Day plans.

2/14/19: Fluttershy gave her opinions on the current roadblock in my crime story. Dash and I revised our Valentine’s Day plans a bit after deciding to come over to my family’s Valentine’s dinner. I ate several chocolate hearts, and she said to watch my weight.

2/15/19: Dash and I hanged out.

2/16/19: A couple times, I got swept up thinking about things I’d put in unpublished stories. Dash got me back on track to the first one. She popped up in Glass a few times :). Shou popped up in one of the pre-movie shots.

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2/17/19: We didn’t do that much today.

2/18/19: Nina and I chatted, and figured that we both have problems keeping our day-to-day interactions in a frame of reference (so it seems like I’m ignoring her more than I am).

2/19/19: There was a bit of drama with Lance, so I banned him, then rescinded the ban because I’d forgotten to ask his side of the story.

2/20/19: I forgot to log stuff

2/21/19: Nina briefly turned into a Borg for lols. Dash and I RPd.

2/22/19: Nina and I chatted.

2/23/19: Dash possessed me a bit at Comic Con.

2/24/19: We didn’t do much today. I think at least one of us was really bored from being inside so much.

2/25/19: We chatted about stuff.

2/26/19: Pharynx spent the day as a Quilava, but nothing big happened besides that. I noticed that his voice was clearest out of everyone’s.

2/27/19: Dash was in a dream I had, where she intentionally keeps her face in a “:D” expression. I had an idea for a character quirk (therapist keeps trophies of successful clients). Dash thought it was neat.

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2/28/19: Dash imposed herself. Nice surprise :). Nina was scared by the monster in a Samurai Jack episode, so I snuggled her.

3/1/19: We chatted about stuff. Fluttershy didn’t like when I focused on a song (in one of my stories, the song is the theme of a sadistic psycho).

3/2/19: There was drama with Lance. Things were clarified/cleared up. Kurama snuggled me on the couch while we watched Boruto.

3/3/19: Fluttershy and I chatted a bit.

3/4/19: Nina and I chatted a bit. Dash RPd in Skyrim. Fluttershy popped up on my bed and asked me to rub her wings. She said they were sore from exercising.

3/5/19: Gallus popped up, so I hanged out with him.

3/6/19: I read about Dead by Daylight (multiplayer horror game), and Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy made themselves look bloody :p.

3/7/19: we didn’t do much today.

3/8/19: we didn’t do much today.

3/9/19: Dash was jelly that a guy was bowling, so she added a bowling alley to our wonderland.

3/10/19: Fluttershy and Lance and I chatted.

3/11/19: I kinda wanted to reread Silent Ponyville 2, to see if there was anything I could use as inspiration. I decided to try listening to a reading, assuming that the reader wouldn’t perfectly nail Fluttershy’s voice, which I figured would keep me from getting so immersed that it affects Fluttershy and Lance.

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3/12/19: I forgot to log stuff.

3/13/19: I forgot to log stuff

3/14/19: I forgot to log stuff

3/15/19: I saw Rainbow Dash at the bottom of the stairs this morning. Shou highfived me when I decided to exercise :). Dash jokingly told me to do 200 reps :P.

3/16/19: I cut my toe, and pretty calmly pressed a washcloth to it. Dash said I was handling it “like a champ”. I thought about texting my dad about that (since I’d been texting him about the bleeding cut anyway). Kurama liked this week’s Boruto episode, and someone teared up at it.

3/17/19: I forgot to log stuff. Dash said “no you’re not” as a joking response to something I said.

3/18/19: Nina and I hanged out.

3/19/19: The problem with having a lot of headmates is that you don’t have time for all of them. Thorax and I agreed to switch from a parent/child relationship to a friend/friend relationship. A couple of the guys have said I’m obsessed with my stories, so I thought of a list of all the other stuff I like.

3/20/19: I forgot to log stuff.

3/21/19: Dash got excited when my friend suggested playing Sorry. We ended up playing something else.

3/22/19: Nina possessed me to play a game.

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