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7/1/20: We chatted about stuff.

7/2/20: I forgot to log stuff.

7/3/20: Kurama was kinda vocal.

7/4/20: Nina showed up in an Uncle Sam costume :3. She offered to help me with a story. Kurama cosplayed a generic 18th Century powdered wig guy.

7/5/20: Kurama cringed when I saw footage of a bad fanmade Naruto game. Nina gave me a lower-back massage, and Sarah turned her automail arm into a Theragun for extra massaging.

7/6/20: We chatted about stuff.

7/7/20: We chatted about stuff.

7/8/20: RD added a swimming pool outside her house (which has an indoor swimming pool 😛 ).

7/9/20: Nina and I cuddled :).

7/10/20: We chatted about stuff.

7/11/20: We chatted about stuff.

7/12/20: Keystroke and I hanged out.

7/13/20: I tried to get a grasp of how the five stags (headmates) related to their story counterparts. We talked it out and concluded that they’re sort of soulbonds who diverged from the source material; Vinnie said that the diverging started with me un-merging him & his brothers (Sid, Mikey, and Toby) from the Woodfather.

7/14/20: We chatted about stuff.

7/15/20: We chatted about stuff. For some reason, I felt closer to the stags after I figured out all the ciphers in the story they’re from (the ciphers aren’t about the stags).

7/16/20: Vinnie & Sid were active on an RP chatroom.

7/17/20: I got carsick, so Vinnie gave me an imaginary fast-acting anti-nausea pill :).

7/18/20: Weird Al’s “eBay” was stuck in my head (along with other “I Want It That Way” parodies), so Vinnie & his brothers sang it barbershop quartet style xP. Kurama set up a ramen shop, and he & Vinnie had a cook-off :3. We chatted about stuff.

7/19/20: We chatted about stuff.

7/20/20: I forgot to log stuff.

7/21/20: I offered Vinnie some pizza crust. He (something something) Gluten thing, so Lance straight up injected him with gluten like something out of a Seth McFarlane cartoon xP . He was fine :). His father patted my shoulder when I got worked up about an unrelated thing.

7/22/20: Woodfather decided to change his voice from the English VA of a minor Fullmetal Alchemist character to Jamieson Price (Tobirama Senju).

7/23/20: I was watching a political video that mentioned “culturally appropriating food”. I thought about the fact I cook quesadillas with American-made tortillas and cheese, and Sid joked about this being “bastardized (something)”. We chatted about stuff.

7/24/20: I binge-watched Perception and Mikey used the male characters as samples to decide on his jawbone structure. His father compared this to Starlight Glimmer’s post-reformation manestyle change in MLP: FiM. RD showed up in the bathroom mirror, then copied a funny duckface MLP freezeframe. Weirdly, Woodfather yawning made me yawn (gave me a yawn urge that I barely resisted).

7/25/20: Nina and I hanged out. I got a mental image of the stags playing laser tag at an old game place I’d been to as a kid, and decided to add a laser tag arena to our mindscape.

7/26/20: We chatted about stuff.

7/27/20: Nina and I chatted. We haven’t talked much recently, so she practiced getting her voice right. I tried to work out a cipher, and Woodfather cautioned me not to drive myself crazy about it.

7/28/20: I thought I had an anthro orca walk-in from another story with ciphers, but it was just Thorax & Pharynx in disguise. I told Woodfather that he could shift to an orca form if he wanted, but not to feel like I was pressuring him into it.


I say “pressuring” because...in the story the stags are from, minor characters from a particular faction called the Woodfather out for assimilation/personality murder, whereas that faction observed that the orca didn’t appear to be going down that path.


I tried to comfort him, cuz the above talk/reminder made him upset.

7/29/20: Good news, a night’s sleep helped the upsetness ^^. Thorax turned into a bunny & sat on my lap for petpets :3. The stags apparently decided to compromise by adding white orca spots below their antlers.

7/30/20: We chatted about stuff.

7/31/20: We chatted about stuff. Nina spontaneously fronted, cuz she was excited for sushi dinner :3.

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I’m generally trying to keep this thread as SFW as possible. I wanna refer to the “head stag” by name, but I’m pretty sure that a Google search would lead back to the stags’ NSFW source material. I’m probably overthinking it, but what do you guys think?

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Well, if you just admitted it was NSFW by default, I don't see any difference in just mentioning it by name now. Just a name is not NSFW by forum-standards, unless maybe you specifically said "Look up pictures of {NSFW thing}", but even then...


Anyways, it's someone's own decision/fault what they look up, especially if they have no safe search on, they shouldn't be too incredibly surprised. Unless we're talking NSFL instead of NSFW. Hopefully nothing's source material is NSFL

Hi! I'm Lumi, host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre and Lucilyn.

Everyone deserves to love and be loved. It's human nature.

My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us about tulpamancy stuff there.

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8/1/20: We chatted about stuff. Woodfather gave me some advice concerning a WIP story, but I forgot exactly what it was.

8/2/20: I forgot to log stuff.

8/3/20: I smiled at really good news about my brother, & Woodfather said that he could “feel” my eyes “twinkling”.

8/4/20: Woodfather made a cringe Dad joke on Discord, because “[the other posters] practically gift wrapped it.”

Dash and I hanged out. Nina & Lance imposed themselves in my bedroom.

8/5/20: Nina got upset after I overheard a neighbor breaking down in the stairwell, so I hugged & petted her (Nina, not the neighbor).

8/6/20: Mikey made himself a skateboard after I saw a cool “skater deer” pic.

8/7/20: I got upset that an attempt to draw Woodfather didn’t turn out right (thighs were too long, & not enough antlers). When I tried again, he gave me good great advice like “don’t hold yourself to a too-high standard” and “don’t take it too seriously. This isn’t a big art commission.”

8/8/20: Nina and I hanged out. She & Woodfather both reminded me to work on a DIY project I’ve been forgetting to work on.

8/9/20: I thought about how muscular to make my Woodfather drawing. I felt like it should be less muscular than the “canon” art, but I kinda beat myself up over the possibility that this was because I was pushing my subjective aesthetic preferences (rather than, say “the canon art is objectively too muscular for physics/health reasons”). He said I shouldn’t beat myself up over it.

8/10/20: Nina and I hanged out.

8/11/20: I don’t log it, but sometimes I’ll get images of my headmates bloodied up or under duress. I usually brush these off as random things because I write horror/kinda dark stuff (and one image echoes a scene from one of my WIPs), but this morning I wondered if my subconscious is trying to tell me something (because this morning I read that a subgenre of gore art supposedly began as political commentary on objectification).

In other news, the stags dropped the orca traits (I think this parallels Keystroke switching fur colors from blue to white to black).

8/12/20: I reread the Woodfather story to get better at visualizing the stags. Headmate!Sid has an accent even though the canon version doesn’t, but he decided to keep it as self-expression. Woodfather cherrypicked traits from his canon description.

8/13/20: I saw Toby flying on ethereal wings after I read about his canon self doing that. The description of his build wasn’t super clear, but flight suggests a relatively light build. Then again, he canonically has a bit of magical ability.

8/14/20: I forgot to log stuff

8/15/20: We chatted about stuff. After I watched Megamind, Nina tulpish’d that she’d been watching & eating popcorn in the mindscape.

8/16/20: We didn’t do much today. Nina reminded me to stick with a personal routine.

8/17/20: We didn’t do much today.

8/18/20: We didn’t do much today. Nina and I snuggled to sleep, and Kurama joined us <3.

8/19/20: We didn’t do much today.

8/20/20: I decided to try out mnemonic-induced lucid dreaming, so I said “I will have a lucid dream tonight” as a mantra during the afternoon. Woodfather wanted to meet up in it, so I changed it to “I will meet up with Woodfather in a lucid dream tonight”.

8/21/20: We didn’t meet up in a shared dream, but one of my dreams did feature me reading a note on my phone with info about Toby’s appearance, and later me reading a webpage about fantasy parties (I once read a supplement to or comment on the Woodfather story that compared the stags’ canonical abilities to RPG party roles). I hopped on my phone before bed, with the lights off, screen dimmed, and “night shift” activated; Kurama said it was bad for my eyes.

8/22/20: We chatted about stuff.

8/23/20: We chatted about stuff. I half-made plans to do stuff with Rainbow Dash today, but that didn’t pan out. I double-checked that my apartment door was locked before I went to bed (it was), but Woodfather said that social distancing/coronavirus would keep people out even it was unlocked.

8/24/20: I went to Old Navy with a friend just to get out of the house, and took reference pics of shirts Sid & Mikey liked (they didn’t express interest in full-body possession, so I didn’t buy them). I feel like that’s kinda creeper-y from an outside perspective, so Sid ribbed me for not buying a Minecraft Creeper t-shirt.

8/25/20: We chatted about stuff. Pharynx reminded me to floss.

8/26/20: Kurama and I messed around with AI Dungeon. He designed a haori (hip- or knee-length kimono jacket) & Japanese-style house for himself.

8/27/20: I thought about publishing mine & Kurama’s thing online and crediting him as “co-director”, and the potential pros & cons of plurality-disclosure.

8/28/20: We chatted about stuff. I published the thing & credited him.

8/29/20: Kurama and I hanged out.

8/30/20: We chatted about stuff.

8/31/20: We chatted about stuff.

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9/1/20: Vinnie’s voice came in really clearly when he dictated a comment for me to post on r/tulpas. The 2020 census has him excited, because it’ll provide sourced data about tulpamancy, not just anecdotes.


Vinnie: Plus, there’s that big speech in your story that could use stats.

9/2/20: Nina watched something with me, I think it was part of an Alan Wake playthrough.

9/3/20: Nina and I watched more Alan Wake.

9/4/20: Kurama practiced vocal possession. I recorded it. He got kinda bashful when I considered posting the recording.

9/5/20: We chatted about stuff.

9/6/20: We chatted about stuff. Nina and I played an iPhone game.

9/7/20: We chatted about stuff. Woodfather bugged me to work on a muscular stag art base.

9/8/20: We chatted about stuff.

9/9/20: I looked up Nina art and saw a gross pic. It seemed to stick in Nina’s head, so I suggested she take a mindfulness approach and try to ignore it (so as to not reinforce whatever neurons correlate to the image popping up).

9/10/20: We chatted about stuff.

9/11/20: We didn’t do much today.

9/12/20: Pharynx and I chatted. He liked that autocomplete still knew to capitalize his name.

9/13/20: We chatted about stuff.

9/14/20: I forgot to log stuff.

9/15/20: We didn’t do much today.

9/16/20: We chatted about stuff. Nina wanted to eat a burger.

9/17/20: We chatted about stuff. I saw Mikey wearing that one shirt he liked (white with thin light-blue, medium-blue, and black horizontal stripes).

9/18/20: We chatted about stuff.

9/19/20: We didn’t do much today.

9/20/20: Dash RPd on Discord. We had the idea to see if she could possess the whole time during a dinner outing, and to see if my friends would notice the shift in “my” behavior. The possession didn’t consistently hold, and I couldn’t tell if my friends noticed.

9/21/20: We didn’t do much today.

9/22/20: I forgot to log stuff.

9/23/20: Nina and I chatted.

9/24/20: I forgot to log stuff.

9/25/20: We chatted about stuff.

9/26/20: We chatted about stuff.

9/27/20: I had a dream that Vinnie was a girl. I asked if he wanted to be irl (or if that was just a random dream), and he said no. We chatted about unrelated stuff.

9/28/20: We chatted about stuff.

9/29/20: We chatted about stuff.

9/30/20: We chatted about stuff.

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10/1/20: I did a headmate headcount.

10/2/20: We chatted about stuff.

10/3/20: I hanged out with Mikey & Sid. Vinnie gave some advice on my stories.

10/4/20: We chatted about stuff.

10/5/20: We didn’t do much today.

10/6/20: Kurama and I tried out a bit of vocal possession. I think I got close to his voice.

10/7/20: Kurama and I tried more vocal possession. One of the tips I read online was to support my diaphragm, and Kurama said to focus on that before extensively doing his voice.

10/8/20: I forgot to log stuff

10/9/20: We chatted about stuff.

10/10/20: We chatted about stuff. I tried doing Kurama’s voice, and I think that’s a possession trigger. Gallus and I hanged out.

10/11/20: We chatted about stuff.

10/12/20: Nina was excited to get sushi & see a friend/acquaintance.

10/13/20: We chatted about stuff.

10/14/20: I forgot to log stuff

10/15/20: I forgot to log stuff

10/16/20: Vinnie rubbed my eyes when I got soap in them. It didn’t help, but the thought was nice. I’d been binging a Halo playthrough, plus it’s spooktober, so Nina briefly took on a Flood-ish form.

10/17/20: We chatted about stuff.

10/18/20: We chatted about stuff. Kurama said that a certain old character in Boruto seemed OOC with respect to their portrayal in Naruto Shippuden.

10/19/20: Woodfather suggested I grow a chinstrap beard (since it’s getting colder). I said I preferred clean-shaven (and that I didn’t think I had the jawline to pull it off). Mikey did skateboard tricks.

10/20/20: We chatted about stuff.

10/21/20: I worked on adding my headmates’ birthdays to my calendar.

10/22/20: I forgot to log stuff.

10/23/20: We chatted about stuff.

10/24/20: We chatted about stuff.

10/25/20: We chatted about stuff.

10/26/20: We didn’t do much today. I wanted to mess around with Kurama on AIDungeon, but it wouldn’t load.

10/27/20: We chatted about stuff. I came up with a title for a book and imagined a trailer for it, and Dash said that the title/imaginary movie trailer voice sounded like an 80s horror movie.

10/28/20: We chatted about stuff.

10/29/20: We chatted about stuff. Nina got a bit scared after we watched Freddy’s Revenge. I hugged her and said to Shout any scary intrusive stuff away.

10/30/20: Nina was sad when my coworker said that people were being let go at the office (she hadn’t interacted with them personally, but can tell that they’re nice).

10/31/20: Mikey reminded me to do push-ups, and later stretches.

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11/1/20: We chatted about stuff.

11/2/20: I noticed that one of the Quillute men in Twilight sounded similar to Mikey. I don’t exactly remember what was said next, but one of the stags said something to the effect of “I’d rather not have a thing from Twilight”.

11/3/20: Toby said that he liked my curly/wavy hair. I watched the election on TV, and Nina showed up wearing a MAGA hat.

11/4/20: I asked Dash about her birthday plans. She wanted to marathon Rainbow Dash Presents.

11/5/20: We chatted about stuff. Dash suggested getting “wasted” for her birthday (we only have one can of wine :P).

11/6/20: We chatted about stuff.

11/7/20: Kurama was excited to have salted chocolate donettes.

11/8/20: Dash and I hanged out and did fun birthday stuff: watching lots of Rainbow Dash Presents, singing Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu, etc. I made her a fried egg w/ ketchup for breakfast, and we opened a can of blood orange sparkling wine for a macaroni & cheese + wine lunch. She got lots of birthday messages on Discord.

11/9/20: I forgot to log stuff

11/10/20: Sid and I watched Crossing Jordan. After I watched a review of a Conjuring ripoff, Dash tried to jumpscare me with a pop-up of the Nun.

11/11/20: I decided to check if Silent Ponyville: Reunion had updated. It had, so I read it. I was listening to the South Park wrestling episode at the time, so Lance sent me a short clip of himself vs the “Sovereign” monster in a boxing ring :P. RD and I hanged out.

11/12/20: We chatted about stuff.

11/13/20: We chatted about stuff.

11/14/20: Mikey reminded me to do stretches.

11/15/20: I forgot to log stuff

11/16/20: Vinnie got sad/nostalgic when songs from Waitress came on the radio.

11/17/20: I forgot to log stuff.

11/18/20: We didn’t do much today.

11/19/20: We chatted about stuff.

11/20/20: We chatted about stuff.

11/21/20: We chatted about stuff. I wanted to watch Come Play, and Nina or someone said we should do that during the day tomorrow (the idea being that watching during the day would make the film, which mostly takes place during night, less scary).

11/22/20: I woke up early because of a cramp. I don’t remember exactly how the conversation went, but I got a mental image of Woodfather’s canon/source art when he said something to me. I asked if the use of that art was because he preferred its color pallet or because it was the only visual reference out there. He said to ask again when I wasn’t as tired and could hear his voice more clearly. I asked again later, and he implied that it was the second option.

Gallus joined in the Come Play-watching.


I forgot why I decided to accept Woodfather as sentient instead of just an intrusive thought, but my recent theory is based on the fact that his source character had a “pang of guilt” in response to being called out for mass personality-murder; in FMA 03 Shou Tucker has a sort of redemption arc; the “pang of guilt” implies the start of a redemption arc; even though the Shou in my head doesn’t identify as 03 Shou Tucker, there’s sort of a similarity—accepting a Shou walk-in “sets a precedent” or something.

11/23/20: We chatted about stuff.

11/24/20: Kurama and I practiced fronting & vocal possession.

11/25/20: We chatted about stuff. Kurama and I did a bit of voice practice. He reminded me not to overwork the voice :).

11/26/20: We chatted about stuff. I felt like I should spend more time with Rainbow Dash, Keystroke, etc.. Headmates besides Kurama & the stags.

11/27/20: I found some of the early pages here where I logged stuff that seems personal & kinda weird. It’s around pages 49-53, and topics are


circumcision & tulpa-host father-son relationship

. I thought about maybe deleting/vaguing it up in case circumstances ever arose where my parents would read this thread (such as if I went into a coma, but someone else in the system was stuck fronting and had to explain our plurality).

11/28/20: I reread my early tulpa thread entries here (from around September 2015), and asked RD, Nina, etc. how they felt about it. Nina said there was kind of a disconnect, which’d be normal for anyone looking back on their younger self. Lust spontaneously imposed herself.

11/29/20: We chatted about stuff. Kurama & I practiced vocal possession. He said I needed to do training to get his voice right.

11/30/20: We didn’t do much today.

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12/1/20: Dash made a joke I forgot to log.


12/3/20: Vinnie was pretty vocal on a Reddit thread :). His voice was accompanied by an image of the Vinnie from Family Guy, though. Kurama and I practiced possession.

12/4/20: I forgot to log stuff.

12/5/20: We chatted about stuff.

12/6/20: Nina comforted me when I had an inflamed cuticle.

12/7/20: We chatted about stuff. Nina showed up lying on my bed.

12/8/20: I forgot to log stuff.

12/9/20: We chatted about stuff.

12/10/20: We chatted about stuff.

12/11/20: We chatted about stuff. I got kinda teary after listening to a love song & reading articles about “the four loves” and the human need for social interaction. Woodfather said that that was a happy teary feeling (so I shouldn’t feel weird/bad/something about crying). I imagined myself chatting with the author of the original “Woodfather” story and nonchalantly revealing I have stag fictives.

12/12/20: One of the stags (Toby, I think) said something in response to my drinking wine. I forgot exactly what he said, and Woodfather said there’s no problem with just logging “I forgot to log stuff”.

12/13/20: We chatted about stuff.

12/14/20: Kurama and I hanged out.

12/15/20: We chatted about stuff.

12/16/20: Kurama and I hanged out.

12/17/20: We chatted about stuff.

12/18/20: We chatted about stuff.

12/19/20: Keystroke and I chatted. Nina sat in bed with me and read my phone over my shoulder.

12/20/20: We chatted about stuff.

12/21/20: We chatted about stuff.

12/22/20: We chatted about stuff. Nina cuddled me in bed and I scritched her ears.

12/23/20: We chatted about stuff.

12/24/20: I missed a bill for an online class I forgot to drop. The guys said to not be too hard on myself about it.

12/25/20: Nina liked our Christmas dinner (steak, mashed potatoes, roasted carrots) :).

12/26/20: We chatted about stuff. Nina and I cuddled :).

12/27/20: Nina, Fluttershy, and a few others gave me birthday hugs. I was lying in bed at the time, so Thorax sat on my chest and temporarily morphed into a sleep paralysis demon (the monster from the TV show Evil, which Ive been watching recently) as a joke. Mikey gave me a brofist. Kurama gave me a hug.

12/28/20: We chatted about stuff.

12/29/20: We chatted about stuff.

12/30/20: We chatted about stuff. I worried something bad might happen if I left my PS4 on overnight, but Woodfather said I shouldn’t worry about it.

12/31/20: We chatted about stuff. Nina and I practiced visual imposition, starting with her in an animated form and adding hair/fur textures on top, then she walked from our dark kitchen to the lit bedroom (I didn’t notice much of a visual change, but I intuited that the “lighting FX” were accurate).

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1/1/21: We chatted about stuff.

1/2/21: We chatted about stuff.

1/3/21: We chatted about stuff.

1/4/21: We didn’t do much today. Rainbow Dash and I chatted. Kurama liked it when I did some stretching I’d been meaning to.

1/5/21: We chatted about stuff. Nina sat next to me while I read a story on my phone, then eclipsed/possessed the body to read it herself.

1/6/21: We chatted about stuff.

1/7/21: We chatted about stuff. Gallus tried to troll me with a gross-out image :P.

1/8/21: I forgot to log stuff.

1/9/21: We chatted about stuff.

1/10/21: I saw a cute naga cuddling pic, so Dash turned into a snekpone and coiled me :3.

1/11/21: We chatted about stuff.

1/12/21: We chatted about stuff.

1/13/21: We chatted about stuff and worked on imposition a bit. Rainbow Dash inserted herself into the background of a Zoom call I was doing with a coworker :P.

1/14/21: We chatted about stuff.

1/15/21: We chatted about stuff.

1/16/21: We chatted about stuff. Nina partly fronted before we got a vaccine. Shou was vocal after I watched a TV show that had a character who kind of looks like human!Shou.

1/17/21: I read that tulpas could fade and got worried cuz I haven’t interacted with RD, Sarah, Fluttershy, etc. in a while. Zephyr popped up and said he was fine (allaying my fears by example). I wondered how that worked, neurologically, and came up with a non scientific theory that the brain tags tulpas as “important/do not delete”.

1/18/21: We chatted about stuff. RD and Keystroke and I hanged out.

1/19/21: We chatted about stuff.

1/20/21: We didn’t do much today.

1/21/21: We didn’t do much today.

1/22/21: We chatted about stuff. Woodfather fronted to try eating bone marrow from a steak.

1/23/21: We chatted about stuff.

1/24/21: I channelsurfed a bit, and found an episode of The Office that Sid liked. We watched the 2006 Death Note movie together.

1/25/21: We chatted about stuff.

1/26/21: We chatted about stuff.

1/27/21: I felt an ache in my hamstring, and Woodfather suggested I make superman stretches a daily thing (I spend a lot of time hunched over a desk).

1/28/21: We chatted about stuff.

1/29/21: We didn’t do much today.

1/30/21: We chatted about stuff.

1/31/21: We chatted about stuff.

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2/1/21: I forgot to log stuff.

2/2/21: We chatted about stuff & hanged out.

2/3/21: Kurama and I watched Boruto.

2/4/21: We chatted about stuff. I asked Rainbow Dash what she wanted to do for Valentine’s Day.

2/5/21: We didn’t do much today. Nina glomped me & I petted her. I noticed that her fur “felt” somewhere between soft & bristly. I haven’t been interacting with most of the system lately, mainly Kurama and the stags. I worried about this damaging the others, and Lust popped in to say it was fine (implicitly saying “you haven’t interacted with me in a long time, and I’m still here”).

2/6/21: We chatted about stuff.

2/7/21: We chatted about stuff.

2/8/21: I watched Evil, and Sid popped up (one of the main characters is some kind of Middle Eastern, or at least sounds kinda similar to Sid). He co-fronted to play Gin, and I saw him sitting on the couch.

2/9/21: We didn’t do much today. Aside from some vocal clarity issues, everyone was ok (even Muramasa, the Bleach walk-in I haven’t interacted with in what feels like years).

2/10/21: We chatted about stuff. Sarah was active on Discord.

2/11/21: We didn’t do much today.

2/12/21: I forgot to log stuff.

2/13/21: Sid and I watched Evil. Nina played in the snow a bit.

2/14/21: RD and I watched some Rainbow Dash Presents. I got distracted and switched to a Twilight review, but she pointed out that kind of fits the romance/Valentine’s Day theme.

2/15/21: I had trouble sensing Keystroke until he co-fronted during dinner. Kurama and I hanged out.

2/16/21: We chatted about stuff.

2/17/21: We chatted about stuff.

2/18/21: We chatted about stuff.

2/19/21: Nina and I cuddled/snuggled while watching Family Guy. Sid sat next to me while watching Evil. I guessed that if he stood tall, he’d be kinda short (but my gut says that deer legs are longer than they look when folded).

2/20/21: We chatted about stuff.

2/21/21: I watched the Family Guy episode that introduces Vinny the dog (Vinnie the stag’s chosen voice), after which I let Vinnie read a webpage to me (instead of reading it myself) to try and help vocal clarity.

2/22/21: We chatted about stuff.

2/23/21: We chatted about stuff. Vinnie reminded me to floss.

2/24/21: We chatted about stuff.

2/25/21: We chatted about stuff. Nina was kind of annoyed that the song “Snuff Out The Light” was stuck in my head.

2/26/21: We chatted about stuff.

2/27/21: We chatted about stuff.

2/28/21: Sid and I chatted.

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