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1/1/24: Dash wished me a happy New Year. We chatted about stuff.

1/2/24: We chatted about stuff.

1/3/24: We chatted about stuff.

1/4/24: We chatted about stuff.

1/5/24: We didn’t do much today.

1/6/24: We chatted about stuff.

1/7/24: We chatted about stuff.

1/8/24: Keystroke was more vocal after I watched several TMNT 2012 episodes today (he sounds kinda like David Tennant, who voices the Fugitoid in the show).

1/9/24: We chatted about stuff.

1/10/24: We chatted about stuff.

1/11/24: We chatted about stuff

1/12/24: Dash fronted a bit during Comic Con.

1/13/24: We chatted about stuff.

1/14/24: We chatted about stuff. 

1/15/24: Nina and I chatted.

1/16/24: Dash and I hanged out. Fluttershy liked the Sims storyline I had planned.

1/17/24: We chatted about stuff.

1/18/24: Nina said she wanted to listen to music next time we showered.

1/19/24: We chatted about stuff.

1/20/24: We chatted about stuff.

1/21/24: Dash complimented me on fighting OCD.

1/22/24: I saw/sensed Mikey next to me while working out at the gym.

1/23/24: I forgot to log stuff.

1/24/24: Dash complimented me on speaking loudly at a job fair.

1/25/24: Mikey and I chatted. I saw Sid in the hallway. We watched Criminal Minds; he said he liked Agent Walker. Dash complimented my conversation skills. While listening to Going Under, I got a spooky image in my head of Nina under dark water. I asked if she felt neglected and invited her to cuddle with me in bed. We had a sweet brother-sister moment :).

1/26/24: We chatted about stuff.

1/27/24: I sensed/saw Kurama out of the corner of my eye during a therapy session. The therapist said I was crushing it at I-CBT, and Kurama proudly put a paw/hand on my shoulder :).

1/28/24: We chatted about stuff.

1/29/24: Mikey & Sid worked out a bit with me.

1/30/24: We chatted about stuff.

1/31/24: Pharynx and I chatted.

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2/1/24: Nina got in bed with me. I hugged her. When she wagged her tail, I felt it imposed from my spine (weird).

2/2/24: I wondered about writing my story character who has OCD with low/absent insight; Thorax said that’d be a bad headspace to get into.

2/3/24: Dash hugged me cuz we were proud of my fighting OCD :).

2/4/24: We chatted about stuff

2/5/24: Woodfather was my workout buddy :). Nina danced to Try Everything (someone at the gym has good taste :P).

2/6/24: I saw Lust and Muramasa in the bathroom mirror. He was debating between purple eyeliner or a stripe across his eyes.

2/7/24: We didn’t do much today.

2/8/24: We didn’t do much today.

2/9/24: I apologized for the lack of interaction. Nina & Kurama fronted during sushi dinner & told me their orders.

2/10/24: We chatted about stuff. 

2/11/24: Dash commanded me to do a compulsion. I was like “yo, wtf?” And she said it was a training exercise.

2/12/24: We chatted about stuff. Nina suggested a particular shirt this morning.

2/13/24: We chatted about stuff.

2/14/24: I forgot to log stuff

2/15/24: We chatted about stuff.

2/16/24: Gallus hugged me in bed ^^.

2/17/24: Vinnie bear-hugged me after doing good vs OCD (not being rigid).

2/18/24: We chatted about stuff.

2/19/24: I’d binged some TMNT today, so Woodfather turned into an antler’d Splinter while I was at the gym.

2/20/24: We chatted about stuff. Some imposition happened.

2/21/24: Gallus and I chatted.

2/22/24: We chatted about stuff

2/23/24: We chatted about stuff

2/24/24: We chatted about stuff

2/25/24: I forgot to log stuff

2/26/24: we chatted about stuff

2/27/24: We chatted about stuff

2/28/24: I forgot to log stuff.

2/29/24: We chatted about stuff. I vaguely saw/sensed everyone sitting with me for breakfast (Nina, Shou, Gallus, Lust, Muramasa, etc.).

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3/1/24: I forgot to log stuff

3/2/24: We chatted about stuff. Woodfather turned into Splinter for a bit (I’ve been binging TMNT 03)

3/3/24: We watched the Waitress movie. The stags and I had some feels :). Vinnie and Mikey hugged me. We hugged/teared/cried it out during “She Used to be Mine” :’). And omg, they sent me the same mental image of them dancing w/ finger-wags as when we first saw the musical, ‘cept updated to reflect the changes to their forms. Woodfather used a Splinter form some more; we chatted about stuff.

3/4/24: I was reading an article on sublimation in art. One of the recommended articles at the end was “What to Do When your Partner Shuts You Out?” It made me check in with my headmates—“Do you guys feel neglected?” I’ve asked that before; I wondered if this was excessive reassurance-seeking about our relationships. Dash was leaning toward yes. Splinter!Woodfather offered tulpish “words” of comfort.

3/5/24: We chatted about stuff

3/6/24: We chatted about stuff. Dash reminded me to work on my stories.

3/7/24: We chatted about stuff.

3/8/24: We chatted about stuff.

3/9/24: I forgot to log stuff.

3/10/24: I’ve been watching Bakugan; Thorax played around with a toy Drago form.

3/11/24: Dash called me out when washing a certain way in the shower was nearing the line between preference & compulsion ^.^ .

3/12/24: We chatted about stuff

3/13/24: We chatted about stuff

3/14/24: We chatted about stuff

3/15/24: We chatted about stuff. Some imposition happened. Dash hugged me after a big moment (only had 1 OCD worry today). Gallus tacklehugged me ^_^.

3/16/24:  Thorax took a Drago (ball toy) form a bit. Woodfather was a Splinter :P .

3/17/24: We chatted about stuff.

3/18/24: Nina & I went back & forth a bit on what to watch during breakfast (TMNT or Bakugan). I kinda saw Dash in the bathroom mirror. Kurama congratulated me on showering sans compulsions.

3/19/24: We chatted about stuff

3/20/24: We chatted about stuff

3/21/24: I forgot to log stuff

3/22/24: I forgot to log stuff

3/23/24: We chatted about stuff. We went out for dinner with friends, which Nina said was fun. Dash complimented me on socializing.

3/24/24: I saw Dash in our bedroom.

3/25/24: I forgot to log stuff

3/26/24: I forgot to log stuff

3/27/24: We chatted about stuff. Some imposition happened.

3/28/24: I forgot to log stuff

3/29/24: Kurama was proud of me for doing a good workout, and later for standing/speaking up for myself.

3/30/24: Gallus and I chatted. I saw him in our bedroom; there wasn’t much lighting at the time, and his form was “shaded” to reflect that.

3/31/24: We chatted about stuff.

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4/1/24: We chatted about stuff. Some imposition happened.

4/2/24: We chatted about stuff. Some imposition happened.

4/3/24: We chatted about stuff. Some imposition happened. 

4/4/24: Thorax and I chatted.

4/5/24: Shou and I chatted a bit. I saw him in the doctor’s office.

4/6/24: We chatted about stuff

4/7/24: We chatted about stuff 

4/8/24: We chatted about stuff. I apologized for the recent lack of doing stuff together. Nina wanted to watch TMNT 03 during breakfast tomorrow.

4/9/24: We chatted about stuff

4/10/24: Nina was ok with watching something else than TMNT 03, cuz my heart wasn’t in it

4/11/24: We chatted about stuff

4/12/24: Kurama and I chatted. I don’t remember who, but one of us thanked the other for being a good team.

4/13/24: We chatted about stuff

4/14/24: Kurama thanked me for staying positive.

4/15/24: We chatted about stuff

4/16/24: We chatted about stuff 

4/17/24: We chatted about stuff 

4/18/24: We chatted about stuff

4/19/24: We chatted about stuff. Kurama gave voice to a compulsion. I told him he didn’t have to bear symptoms for me. He felt bad about that (crying a bit); I said his heart was in the right place & we hugged it out :’).

4/20/24: we chatted about stuff.

4/21/24: Kurama tested my OCD-fighting skizzles by invoking a worry/doubt.

4/22/24: We chatted about stuff. Some imposition happened.

4/23/24: We chatted a bit.

4/24/24: We chatted a bit. I saw Gallus in the mirror, then on the bed. I apologized for what felt like a lack of much interaction.

4/25/24: We chatted about stuff

4/26/24: I forgot to log stuff

4/27/24: I saw Mikey in my/our bedroom. I complimented him on his realistic form. Dash’s voice “sounded” kinda muffled/far away; she said it was cuz I was tired. We did some tactile imposition practice by having her massage a sore spot on my neck.

4/28/24: We chatted about stuff

4/29/24: We chatted about stuff

4/30/24: We chatted about stuff

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