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7/1/22: I thought about how fun a bath would be (haven’t had a bathtub for over a year, just a shower) and got a mental image of Nina relaxing in a bubble bath :).

7/2/22: We chatted about stuff. Dash said The Magicians was interesting so far.

7/3/22: We chatted about stuff.

7/4/22: We didn’t do much today.

7/5/22: We chatted about stuff and played Watch_Dogs 2. Toby decided to change his voice & frame/physique to Hale Appleman (the guy who played Elliot on The Magicians).

7/6/22: We chatted about stuff. Sarah said she felt “a little” abandoned; I asked if there was anything she wanted to do together, and she wanted to coauthor a NovelAI thing I’ve got in the works.

7/7/22: I read an article that briefly mentioned that some tulpamancers have neglected their tulpas, resulting in persecutory behavior, and told everyone that if I was ever neglectful, coercive, abusive, etc. to call me out on it upfront. Dash something’d (reminded? Tulpish’d? Idk) me to get water when I had a headache. I saw a cute deer; Mikey liked her white spots so gave himself white spots on his shoulders & outer thighs.

7/8/22: We chatted about stuff. Nina reminded me to not aggravate a bruised area.

7/9/22: We chatted about stuff. Dash & Gallus offered to help me worldbuild for a fantasy story.

7/10/22: Dash imposed herself a couple times. I feel like we should work on that (getting kinda rusty).

7/11/22: I saw Thorax at the movies. Dash was excited to see The Black Phone.

7/12/22: We chatted about stuff. I wondered if I was ever coercive/abusive to my headmates; we did a hand-stack promise where they’d call me out on any such behavior. I wondered if maybe my subconscious would purge that fear through a dream (given that the “abuser” figures that first came to mind were Jade and the villain from Tusk, it might be closer to a nightmare—Ryuk said he’d show and use his Death Note to kill any nightmare figures that appeared). I think Nina said she kinda related to the walrus because of the characters’ backstories (man forced into walrus, little girl forcibly merged with dog), but I said the difference was that she looked prettier (clean fusion rather than slapped-together Frankenstein-ness). Re: possible nightmare, Woodfather said he’d show up and portal me out of any scary locales.

7/13/22: There wasn’t any scary stuff in my dreams last night (there was a scene that blended Watch_Dogs 2 and Control, which was cool and kind of thematic/symbolic I think). I asked if anyone had suggestions for a modern/storybook-sorta house in Sims, and Nina had some good ideas.

7/14/22: I forgot to log stuff.

7/15/22: We didn’t do much today.

7/16/22: We chatted about stuff. I saw a building that I thought wouldn’t look out of place in Watch_Dogs 2, then saw Rainbow Dash riding a motorcycle on its roof.

7/17/22: We chatted about stuff.

7/18/22: We chatted about stuff. Nina said she was up for watching The Magicians.

7/19/22: We chatted about stuff.

7/20/22: I had to get my eyes dilated today. Iirc, Dash said that (logic fill in letters on eye chart), but I thought that would’ve been cheating. Nina imposed herself walking in front of me (“seeing eye dog” joke :3).

7/21/22: We chatted about stuff & used a mirror for imposition practice.

7/22/22: We chatted about stuff. I briefly saw RD as a smol plushie on my bookshelf XD. I bought Soul Calibur VI but was disappointed that Ivy didn’t have separate whip/sword stances; Fluttershy suggested Voldo as a good stance-having character.

7/23/22: I forgot to log stuff.

7/24/22: We chatted about stuff.

7/25/22: We chatted about stuff.

7/26/22: We chatted about stuff.

7/27/22: We didn’t do much today.

7/28/22: Nina & I chatted about Sims. Fluttershy reminded me to get back to work when I got distracted. I sang showtunes; the stags (some positive/sentimental thing I don’t remember the word for) during a Waitress song, and Dash possessed during I Believe.

7/29/22: We chatted about stuff.

7/30/22: We chatted about stuff.

7/31/22: We chatted about stuff. Toby said my Sims build should have a place to socialize.

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8/1/22: We chatted about stuff.

8/2/22: We didn’t do much today.

8/3/22: We chatted about stuff. Fluttershy reminded me to look up gaming PC parts.

8/4/22: We chatted about stuff. Kurama reminded me to get back to work when I got distracted.

8/5/22: Kurama reminded me to stay hydrated. We binged the Naruto fanfic Of Harrowed Hearts (well, I binged, he watched via co-consciousness); I’m pretty sure we’re bonding over it. He described the chapter “Fallen, Honored” as “haunting.” It made me a bit emotional (what I called “underlying sadness” for lack of a better term), and I’m pretty sure that was bleedover/leakage/whatevs from him.

8/6/22: I saw Gallus while making lunch. He suggested that my Sims motorhome build could be a little bit smaller (or else have more stuff to fill the empty spaces). Fluttershy countered that it was a starter home (cuz starter homes IRL might not have tons of stuff).

8/7/22: We saw Bullet Train; Kurama and some of the others did a short dance party during the “I Need a Hero” scene (it’s a dance party-y song :3). We chatted about stuff & kinda binged Of Harrowed Hearts. Kurama surprise-quizzed me on the OCs names, which I thought was weird (my predominant reference for “Kurama giving quizzes” is a conditioning/mind control obedience story I read once). He apologized for the weird vibe. I think it’s something we picked up from the fanfic—iirc, there’s a part where Kurama’s earned Naruto’s obedience, like a student-teacher thing.

8/8/22: We chatted about stuff.

8/9/22: We chatted about stuff.

8/10/22: Kurama got kinda teary-eyed at a heartwarming Naruto fic. Nina and I chatted.

8/11/22: We chatted about stuff.

8/12/22: I forgot to log stuff.

8/13/22: Nina laid her head on my lap. I saw Shou while lying in bed & held his hand; his fur was soft.

8/14/22: We chatted about stuff.

8/15/22: We chatted about stuff & watched The Magicians. Dash turned into Queen Margo for a bit (she liked her voice & outfit, and told me their personalities were kinda similar).

8/16/22: We chatted about stuff.

8/17/22: We chatted about stuff. I saw the Tusk walrus (thankfully not in 4k detail) & did my best to focus on other stuff (same strat as with other intrusive stuff). Kurama put up an anti-intrusive thought barrier jutsu.

8/18/22: We chatted about stuff. Nina imposed herself a couple times. Gallus & I chatted before bed.

8/19/22: Sid & I chatted & watched Evil.

8/20/22: We chatted about stuff.

8/21/22: We chatted about stuff.

8/22/22: We chatted about stuff. Sid and I watched Evil. I wondered about trying automatic writing for novels, and Fluttershy suggested maybe try it out.

8/23/22: We chatted about stuff.

8/24/22: We chatted about stuff.

8/25/22: We chatted about stuff. I saw Nina a couple times. She and Kurama RPd on Discord a little.

8/26/22: We chatted about stuff & watched Naruto.

8/27/22: We didn’t do much today.

8/28/22: I haven’t done stuff with Keystroke in a while, so I checked in with him. He said he was doing gud.

8/29/22: We chatted about stuff.

8/30/22: We chatted about stuff.

8/31/22: Sarah & I chatted a bit. Nina imposed herself a couple times.

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