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3/1/21: We chatted about stuff.

3/2/21: We didn’t do much today.

3/3/21: I forgot to log stuff.

3/4/21: Nina and I chatted. She imposed herself next to me, and I looked up Great Pyrenees images to help visualization.

3/5/21: Nina hugged me. I petted her, and I could (mentally) hear her foot thumping.

3/6/21: We chatted about stuff.

3/7/21: I forgot to log stuff.

3/8/21: We didn’t do much today.

3/9/21: We chatted about stuff.

3/10/21: We chatted about stuff.

3/11/21: I forgot to log stuff.

3/12/21: The stags and I chatted about stuff.

3/13/21: I noticed I haven’t been interacting with RD as much. She said she was okay (not at risk of fading, dissipating, dying, etc.). We went on a road trip, and I got some photos of my headmates lying around. Dash made a Pokémon Snap joke about this. Nina and Sarah seemed tired. I asked if this was “normal” tiredness or “lack of attention” tiredness. Nina said it was the first one.

3/14/21: We chatted about stuff. I practiced doing Kurama’s voice. He said he has faith I can get it down :).

3/15/21: We chatted about stuff.

3/16/21: I forgot to log stuff.

3/17/21: Dash and I chatted. She made a joke about how autocomplete suggested “Dashboard”.

3/18/21: We chatted about stuff.

3/19/21: I wondered if it was weird to have an “omg” reaction to the depth of a writer friend’s lore when my own lore is deep(er than I think). Woodfather said it was a “human” reaction.

3/20/21: Dash warned me not to fill up on cheeses and meats at a friend’s dinner. She fronted a bit.

3/21/21: We chatted about stuff.

3/22/21: I forgot to log stuff.

3/23/21: We chatted about stuff.

3/24/21: We chatted about stuff.

3/25/21: I had an idea for a Thalmor RP in Skyrim. Nina didn’t like the Thalmor racism, and I foresaw trouble getting into that mindset, so I changed it. It spun out into a whole made-up faction trying to change the Aldmeri Dominion from within.

3/26/21: I heard that a certain bad person was back on the ‘Net. Dash told me to not let them have mental real estate.

3/27/21: I forgot to log stuff.

3/28/21: We chatted about stuff.

3/29/21: We chatted about stuff. Fluttershy laughed at the quirk I came up with for my Skyrim character (a vampire who doesn’t feed from just anyone, but turns blood-drinking into something of a culinary art).

3/30/21: I accidentally called Thorax by his old name, several times. His response? “There is no (old name), there is only Thorax.” xP.

3/31/21: We chatted about stuff. Yesterday’s issue continued somewhat.

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4/1/21: I checked in with Thorax right after waking up. He said he was okay, but tired cuz he’d just woken up.

4/2/21: I forgot to log stuff. Gallus sat next to me in the car, and Nina was excited to have pizza for dinner.

4/3/21: We chatted about stuff.

4/4/21: We chatted about stuff.

4/5/21: We chatted about stuff.

4/6/21: Nina and I hanged out.

4/7/21: I asked everyone how our relationships were doing (because I feel like we haven’t been doing much stuff recently). Dash said that was okay. I reread old entries from 2015 and contemplated deleting the “Shou as father figure” stuff (it was this whole thing that I think is weird from an outside perspective. There was some RL personal conflict weaved in). We haven’t done possession in a while. Dash and I got back into that during dinner (lobster & calamari at a seafood place). The way we did it was I relaxed and she had me stretch (using “obeying an order” to segue into possession). Afterwards, she said...something date-related (I don’t remember exactly what); I said that dinner hadn’t felt like a date, and she said that the possession was intimate.

4/8/21: I did a bit of exercise. Mikey told me not to overdo it.

4/9/21: I forgot to log stuff.

4/10/21: We chatted about stuff,

4/11/21: We chatted about stuff.

4/12/21: We chatted about stuff.

4/13/21: We chatted about stuff.

4/14/21: We didn’t do much today. Nina and I cuddled.

4/15/21: I dreamt about Nina. I asked if that was her in the dream, and she said no. I saw RD sitting in a chair by a table, only the real chair was pushed in (she was sitting on an imposes copy of the chair). I saw a Boruto(?) pic of Kurama and Naruto hugging, with a subtitle saying “I don’t want to lose you, Naruto”. It looked like a fan-colored thing, but Kurama said he could see that being a scene in the show.

4/16/21: We chatted about stuff. Dash imposed herself a few times.

4/17/21: I forgot to log stuff.

4/18/21: We went through my old school stuff and picked out a few papers that reminded me of my tulpas (a song Keystroke had sort-of sang; a story about RD, Keystroke, me, Fluttershy and Lust; etc.). It randomly started snowing outside. After the snow piled up, I looked outside and saw Nina playing in it :). I turned a light off and on and saw Shou sitting at my computer. I complimented him on the imposition, and he said that his form was easy to...something (like “it’s not very detailed, so it’s easy to recall”, but I didn’t actively recall it).

4/19/21: We went out to eat at an Italian restaurant. Vinnie made an “I’m Italian” joke when I saw spaghetti & meatballs on the menu. I briefly considered the veal cotoletta, but Toby pointed out that that was baby cow. 

4/20/21: We chatted about stuff. Nina and I snuggled.

4/21/21: We chatted about stuff. I tried looking up fantasy movies to get inspiration for worldbuilding, and Dash said not to ape whatever movie I found.

4/22/21: We chatted about stuff.

4/23/21: We chatted about stuff.

4/24/21: We chatted about stuff. Kurama liked a pair of half-moon specs I’d thought of (I’d once read a Reddit thread about Kurama studying physics w/ glasses).

4/25/21: We chatted about stuff.

4/26/21: We chatted about stuff. 

4/27/21: We chatted about stuff.

4/28/21: We chatted about stuff. Gallus’s voice came through pretty clearly.

4/29/21: We chatted about stuff. Dash tried some salad w/ blue cheese dressing.

4/30/21: I randomly wondered if relish (the food) was etymologically related to relish (the verb). Dash said it was probably a coincidence.

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5/1/21: We chatted about stuff. While playing cards with family, I asked the system who wanted to shuffle the deck. Woodfather possessed the body to shuffle, and asked my dad how tall I was. I noticed that the body’s voice automatically deepened a bit. He intimated that I shouldn’t floss directly after eating. My dog was stressed out for some reason. Nina was worried for her. Sarah comforted Nina.

5/2/21: We chatted about stuff.

5/3/21: We chatted about stuff.

5/4/21: We chatted about stuff. Woodfather cautioned me not to overdo a workout. We got some imposition practice in (Shou, Nina & Gallus).

5/5/21: We chatted about stuff. I was surprised at how clear Nina’s voice was. The name issue with Thorax came up again; he suggested I take a zen approach and not acknowledge those if they happen.

5/6/21: I saw a cute pic of a huggable pegasus pony, prompting RD to hug me from behind.

5/7/21: We didn’t do much today.

5/8/21: Dash sat across from me during breakfast, wearing a red fez for some reason xP. We went on a flight, & I saw her flying below the plane’s wing. I went out to a restaurant for dinner, and she suggested making it a date—we ordered a lobster sammich w/ fries, calamari & mac n cheese. I found a whole squid in the calamari; Dash said that those were good for dares, but not for eating. The mac n cheese “[wasn’t] really [her] thing.”

5/9/21: After playing with my friend’s cat, Nina suggested getting one in our mindscape. Pharynx said “I could be a cat.” I looked up physics- & biology-type stuff so we could decide Woodfather’s antler size. He picked 8”, and Mikey picked 6”.

5/10/21: I practiced a Rainbow Dash voice (weirdly, I think my filter is turned off during that) for possession.

5/11/21: We didn’t do much today.

5/12/21: We chatted about stuff.

5/13/21: We chatted about stuff. Nina and I both got creeped out by the ending of The Alienist’s second episode.

5/14/21: We chatted about stuff. I accidentally called Kurama “Venom,” cuz I’d been thinking about the Venom 2 trailer. Dash convinced me to turn an outing to Solitas (Mexican restaurant) into a dinner date (cuz there was a woman playing soft acoustic songs Dash & I vibed to). There were a couple times where I worried I was puppeting her. She said “If you can’t tell, then it most likely isn’t puppeting.” (in a “moral of the story” voice from the MLP episode where the Mane 6 reread their old friendship journal entries). It went kind of south when I bit into a shrimp dish that turned out to be spicy, but dessert was good. Overall, we shared a lot of lovey feels, 💞/10. It was late after, so Nina told me to go to bed soon.

5/15/21: We chatted about stuff, watched Fullmetal Abridged & officially finished reading the FimFic “Of the Hive”. Dash liked it.

5/16/21: We chatted about stuff.

5/17/21: We chatted about stuff. I wondered at what point “passive forcing” changes to just chilling. Nina had some good vocal clarity. We tried to work on tactile imposition; I saw RD’s hoof on my knee and felt a slight chill up my leg (which I thought a hoof-touch-through-fabric would feel like), but the visually-imposed hoof didn’t move.

5/18/21: We chatted about stuff.

5/19/21: Fluttershy bugged me to get back to work when I got distracted.

5/20/21: We chatted about stuff.

5/21/21: Dash dared me to put chick-fil-a sauce on the salad I had for dinner.

5/22/21: We chatted about stuff.

5/23/21: We chatted about stuff.

5/24/21: I read that “having executive control at times is useful” for tulpas’ development, so I let Nina play around with a puzzle game on our phone.

5/25/21: I got worried I was parroting/puppeting my headmates, so I watched/listened to Rainbow Dash videos on YouTube and checked in with everyone. Nina reminded me to work on a thing I needed to work on, but it felt like urge-implanting/mind control rather than just a reminder.

5/26/21: I felt a couple headpressures shortly after getting off planes; the first in my left & right temples (after reading into a contentious political topic), the second in the left (Shou commenting on being back in my previous hometown). Thorax flew beside me & offered to take my tote bag/satchel. When I rode on rode on a shuttle bus, he sat in the luggage holder xP.

5/27/21: We chatted about stuff. Dash...something about laying on my chest while I had a filling replaced, but I declined because that’s how sleep paralysis feels (even though we don’t really have tactile imposition).

I had Keystroke do some vocal/emotion exercises (talking in different emotions), & his mindvoice came through super-clearly after.

5/28/21: We chatted about stuff.

5/29/21: We chatted about stuff.

5/30/21: We chatted about stuff.

5/31/21: We didn’t do much today.

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6/1/21: I caught myself mixing up “Thorax” and “Jade” a bit, so did a bit of mantra-ing to fix that. Thorax put a hoof around my arm when I climbed into a shuttle bus, then sat on the bus’s luggage rack.

6/2/21: We chatted about stuff.

6/3/21: We chatted about stuff

6/4/21: There was some surprisingly clear vocality this morning (though RD’s voice wasn’t as clear when she didn’t quote FiM). We chatted about stuff. Nina said she liked the sides we had with lunch (fried cheese curds, onion rings, marinara sauce).

We checked out a racing thing; Dash thought it was ok, but said that the thunder may be coloring her recollection, and that “the vrooms were cool.” She made a joke about robot overlords after I noticed my phone autosuggesting the names of characters from Law-Abiding Pony’s Hive stories despite me never having typed those names.

6/5/21: Nina fronted and sipped some root beer. We noticed that the fronting was accompanied by the mental impression of something like a hypercube shifting forward (the inside bulging through the outside). I ordered mac n cheese at a restaurant, but Nina said the sauce seemed watered down.

6/6/21: I forgot to log stuff.

6/7/21: We didn’t do much today.

6/8/21: We didn’t do much today. Gallus and I chatted.

6/9/21: We chatted about stuff.

6/10/21: I checked in with everyone, after getting to a chapter in a story where two characters started merging into one mind. Keystroke spoke up with very little prompting on my part; Gallus reassured me we’re okay. Keystroke spontaneously imposed himself in a chair when I went out to eat, followed by Gallus in the same chair.

6/11/21: Since Keystroke sounds like Dr Whooves, I tried to do a Dr Whooves impression. The improved lines came pretty automatically, so I think that was possession (Keystroke wasn’t sure).

6/12/21: I got tons of pics of sunset at a lake. When I reviewed the album, Dash said it was fun (unprompted 😀, but not 100% vocally clear 😕).

6/13/21: Nina and I chatted. I went to see Raya and the Last Dragon and figured the whole system was basically tagging along. We decided to do the Walter Mitty Routine (headmates imposes in a movie) to celebrate going to a theater for the first time in over a year, but it didn’t happen much. Dash brohoofed me. I put an arm around her, and she put a wing around me 🙂.

6/14/21: We chatted about stuff.

6/15/21: Nina and I chatted. Gallus said something unprompted, but I forgot what.

6/16/21: We chatted about stuff. My dog was really sick (had to be put down 😢) and there were a couple times where I saw Nina or Sarah in her place (they’re ok though).

6/17/21: I forgot to log stuff.

6/18/21: We chatted about stuff.

6/19/21: We chatted about stuff.

6/20/21: We chatted about stuff.

6/21/21: Kurama and I hanged out.

6/22/21: I forgot to log stuff.

6/23/21: I forgot to log stuff.

6/24/21: We didn’t do much today.

6/25/21: I saw Thorax sitting on my bed. I thought we’d do a lot together today, but I ended up mostly working on a story-related Photoshop project.

6/26/21: Nina and I chatted.

6/27/21: We chatted about stuff.

6/28/21: I forgot to log stuff.

6/29/21: We chatted about stuff.

6/30/21: I watched an episode of Perception to see if it was a good fit for a media review, and took some time to chat with Sid and Mikey since their physiques are taken from two characters in the episode (army guy and firefighter, respectively).


Mikey: Heh, guess what, we finally found out the firefighter guy was played by Jeff Branson.

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7/1/21: We watched the original Top Gun. RD popped up in the background a few times. She showed up between two planes, roughly the same size as them; when I called her out on this, she said that she was closer to the camera than the planes were during that shot. Before bed, Gallus expresses interest in playing a hacker game on our phone. He wore Neo-ish shades.

7/2/21: We chatted about stuff.

7/3/21: We chatted about stuff. I saw Nina rolling around on a lawn.

7/4/21: I went on a pontoon boat. Nina stood on the bow.

7/5/21: We chatted about stuff.

7/6/21: I forgot to log stuff.

7/7/21: Dash recommended I stop checking out cringy stuff I found today, for the sake of my blood pressure. Thorax and I chatted.

7/8/21: Dash and I chatted. She complimented me on catching myself when I almost tripped. We watched Fear of Rain. Dash said it was “intense”. Iirc, Nina was mad about some bad habit of mine earlier today. She shrugged and said “eh” (as in no longer mad) when I asked about it later. 

7/9/21: I got a head pressure from RD, cuz she was looking forward to my dad’s chili dinner.

7/10/21: I checked the fridge for milk for cereal; I found what I thought was milk, but was actually chicken broth, and Dash suggested I use it anyway xP. I had a spaghetti dinner; Kurama said to not eat too fast since it was hot.

7/11/21: We chatted about stuff.

7/12/21: We chatted about stuff.

7/13/21: We chatted about stuff.

7/14/21: I practiced asking my headmates questions, then thinking about other stuff while they formulated responses.

7/15/21: We chatted about stuff.

7/16/21: We chatted about stuff.

7/17/21: We chatted about stuff. Nina reminded me to work on a thing I needed to.

7/18/21: We didn’t do much today.

7/19/21: We chatted about stuff.

7/20/21: We chatted about stuff.

7/21/21: We chatted about stuff.

7/22/21: Gallus and I chatted. He briefly turned into a horse when autocorrect turned “Gallus” into “Gallup’s” :3.

7/23/21: We chatted about stuff.

7/24/21: Sid & I chatted. When he visually imposed himself, his fur was a light or medium shade of green (close to the outer color of Sam’s catsuit on Totally Spies!).

7/25/21: Sid and I watched Evil. RD made a funny face in the background of a scene in the main character’s house. She munched popcorn after a scary scene in an elevator.

7/26/21: Dash was pumped to see Escape Room: Tournament of Champions.

7/27/21: We chatted about stuff.

7/28/21: We chatted about stuff.

7/29/21: I forgot to log stuff.

7/30/21: I did a headmate headcount. Nina sat on the bow while I paddle boarded. Aside from that, we didn’t do much today.

7/31/21: We chatted about stuff.

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8/1/21: We chatted about stuff.

8/2/21: I forgot to log stuff.

8/3/21: I looked up SFM models of Rainbow Dash, Thorax and Pharynx. Kurama and I chatted. We watched the Digimon Tri: Reunion movie, and Thorax turned into Agumon for a bit (but said “I might keep it, cuz you like the character.”). I said I’d get used to it, but he said that “get used to it” isn’t a good thing for relationships.

8/4/21: Thorax had changed back to a changeling this morning, then decided to change to Agumon again. I got a cute pic of him lying on the bed with my cat.

8/5/21: We chatted about stuff.

8/6/21: We chatted about stuff.

8/7/21: I watched the third Digimon Tri movie, and Thorax/Agumon suggested cheers-ing with Snapple after the sixth/final one.

8/8/21: We chatted about stuff.

8/9/21: We chatted about stuff. I thought we had a Tentomon walk-in, but it was just Pharynx messing around :3.

8/10/21: We chatted about stuff.

8/11/21: We chatted about stuff.

8/12/21: We didn’t do much today.

8/13/21: We chatted about stuff. Gallus and I brofisted at my friend’s White Coat ceremony. I noticed that Shou’s voice came through clearly when I was tired at night. I saw Nina sitting on a bench.

8/14/21: I had a heat rash, couldn’t sense my headmates during it (I think that was due to stress) “blocking the connection”).

8/15/21: We chatted about stuff.

8/16/21: We chatted about stuff.

8/17/21: We chatted about stuff.

8/18/21: We chatted about stuff. Fluttershy reminded me to get back to work a couple times.

8/19/21: Mikey liked my new haircut. Nina was excited when I realized we had wagyu hot dogs in the fridge.

8/20/21: We chatted about stuff. I noticed that Thorax’s and Rainbow Dash’s voices were pretty clear soon after I woke up this morning, and suggested trying to maintain that throughout the day. Thorax and Pharynx and I cheers’d after the Kaddish prayer at a friend’s house. Gallus popped up to chat.

8/21/21: We chatted about stuff.

8/22/21: We chatted about stuff.

8/23/21: We didn’t do much today.

8/24/21: We didn’t do much today. Thorax was excited to watch the next Digimon Tri when we had the chance.

8/25/21: We chatted about stuff.

8/26/21: We chatted about stuff.

8/27/21: We chatted about stuff.

8/28/21: Rainbow Dash suggested doing the Walter Mitty Routine when we saw Don’t Breathe 2. She didn’t impose herself onto many scenes though.

8/29/21: We chatted about stuff. 

8/30/21: I forgot to log stuff.

8/31/21: We didn’t do much today.

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9/1/21: We chatted about stuff.

9/2/21: We talked about imposition a bit, and Gallus popped up on my bed. He did a good job matching the room’s lighting.

9/3/21: We chatted about stuff.

9/4/21: I asked how everyone was doing. The general response was that they’re ok; RD said her arcade has Splatoon (which we’ve never played, but I’ve seen ads for). Nina sounded sad, but she said it was probably just an innate quality of the Brina-Palencia-pitched-down voice. We chatted about stuff. Nina didn’t like that a song was stuck in my head.

9/5/21: We chatted about stuff. Dash did a good female Khajiit voice. We got McDonald’s; Gallus suggested chicken nuggets, and I wondered if that was technically cannibalism :P.

9/6/21: We saw Free Guy. RD scatted (vocalized?) the 20th Century music, Zephyr flew in the background of an outdoor morning scene, and Nina showed up as a plushie on Guy’s bed.

9/7/21: We chatted about stuff.

9/8/21: We didn’t do much today.

9/9/21: Thorax turned into an Agumon with Thorax-themed fan gear (shirt, hat & foam finger) because I was planning to watch the final Digimon Tri movie tonight. Nina and I chatted about stuff.

9/10/21: I realized that we hadn’t done possession in a while; Dash said there hasn’t been much interesting possession-worthy (my words) stuff recently.

9/11/21: We chatted about stuff.

9/12/21: We chatted about stuff and watched Digimon 02. There was a brief instant where Rainbow Dash and Gallus imposed themselves in my family room.

9/13/21: We chatted about stuff.

9/14/21: I forgot to log stuff.

9/15/21: Nina seems more active on Discord than irl. I told her to give me a punch if she felt like I was “suppressing” her (I couldn’t think of a better word); she gave me a light tap (2/100 on a “you dun effed up” scale).

9/16/21: Sid & I watched Evil. Sid imposed himself on the stairs (two feet flat on a stair landing that was “longer” at the time than it actually is, similar to a if a headmate were to lie next to you on a single-person bed).

9/17/21: We chatted about stuff & roleplayed in Skyrim (Shou’s character drank after an intense quest).

9/18/21: We chatted about stuff. Nina and I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark and the original Ghostbusters.

9/19/21: We chatted about stuff.

9/20/21: I checked in on everyone to make sure they were ok. Lust asked why my check-ins “always pair” her and Muramasa. Idk why, that’s just the order I do. Sarah briefly turned into Slenderdash, as a Tulpish way of saying she wasn’t in danger of dissipating or otherwise going away. I watched Dark Waters; Dash surprised me by showing up as a chalk drawing in a parking lot. Nina and Sarah showed up in an outdoor plaza scene. I could kind of see Lust in a blurry background.

Everyone did a “stack hands cheer” thing (the whole system, even if I didn’t get the mental impression of their hand being in the stack) promising to call each other out on any BS (I’m kinda worried about accidentally being neglectful or coercive, but RD says that’s likely just anxiety talking).


9/21/21: I forgot to log stuff

9/22/21: We chatted about stuff.

9/23/21: We chatted about stuff.

9/24/21: We chatted about stuff.

9/25/21: We chatted about stuff (I wondered if I had any bad stuff in common with Jade, RD said I wasn’t her). I saw Nina at a dog park :).

9/26/21: I said “no impulse buys” when we went to the grocery store, then Nina called me out when I impulse-bought two candy bars :P.

9/27/21: We chatted about stuff. Dash was interested in watching Malignant.

9/28/21: I had a few pseudohallucinations of the backwards-face character from Malignant. Since I’d been watching Digimon today, Nina sent me an image of the character, but with Gomamon’s cartoony face instead :P.

9/29/21: We chatted about stuff.

9/30/21: We chatted about stuff.

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10/1/21: RD and I hanged out. I saw her sitting in the windowsill like a cat at a restaurant :3. She was excited to nom enchiladas & Mexican soda. Shou said not to fill up on chips & salsa.

10/2/21: I forgot to log stuff.

10/3/21: We chatted about stuff. Sid and I watched Evil. He imposed himself in the bathtub when I went to brush my teeth.

10/4/21: We chatted about stuff.

10/5/21: We chatted about stuff.

10/6/21: We chatted about stuff. Kurama cosplayed as the Malignant character a couple times.

10/7/21: We chatted about stuff. I saw a drawing of Gallus with a black hoodie with white “2K” on it (the drawing was someone’s 2k follower art thing), and Gallus copied it over to the mindscape.

10/8/21: We chatted about stuff.

10/9/21: I decided to practice presence imposition/co-consciousness (aiming for as long as possible). I was watching Boruto at the time, so started with Kurama. About right after I thought that, he imposed himself in a grassy park scene. In his words, he was “about the size of a large dog, a little smaller than Part II Akamaru.” And then he imposed himself in the episode’s end credits, but with wings xD. Presence imposition didn’t last as long as I’d hoped, but we got some vocal possession practice in.

10/10/21: We chatted about stuff.

10/11/21: We chatted about stuff. Dash said that Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was a fun movie.

10/12/21: I had a dream about a Naruto anime scene, which turned into me drawing pages for a Naruto manga; in the dream, I asked or had Kurama front to draw a different page (with a different art style). After waking up, I asked if that was him in the dream, and he said it was if I thought it was.

10/13/21: We chatted about stuff.

10/14/21: We chatted about stuff.

10/15/21: We chatted about stuff.

10/16/21: Kurama suggested practicing co-consciousness with multiple headmates at once (him, Nina and I watching the Code Geass movie), but Nina said it’d be better to start with just one headmate. We chatted about stuff.

10/17/21: We chatted about stuff.

10/18/21: We chatted about stuff.

10/19/21: We chatted about stuff.

10/20/21: We chatted about stuff.

10/21/21: We chatted about stuff.

10/22/21: We chatted about stuff, like not second-guessing when I proxy on Discord & the FX in Stargate SG1. Kurama made a San Francisco joke when I typo’d “SF1”. Rainbow said I was making good progress on the proxying thing.

10/23/21: We chatted about stuff. I had some trouble with mindvoice clarity till I googled a couple of my headmates; Zephyr’s voice came through mostly-clear after I googled his name. Keystroke came through clearer than that when I looked at image results for Doctor Whooves (the closest result to him). RD reminded me to get enough sleep. We had some heart-to-heart talks and all promised to look out for each other.

10/24/21: We chatted about stuff.

10/25/21: Dash suggested doing the Walter Mitty Routine in Dune (2021). There ended up not being much imposition in it.

10/26/21: We chatted about stuff.

10/27/21: We didn’t do much today. Nina, Kurama and I slept together in a big pile of presence-imposed fluff :3.

10/28/21: Rainbow Dash and I chatted a bit about vocal possession, then slipped into it in like a second despite not doing it in a while xP.

10/29/21: We chatted about stuff.

10/30/21: I forgot to log stuff.

10/31/21: Nina and I hanged out a bit.

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